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Monday, 7 May 2012

On Location In Croatia For 2012 Miss Tuning Calendar

I came across this one by accident, while doing yesterdays Barbie post. A series of pics done for the 2012 Miss Tuning Calendar.  Complete with some awesome pics of various places in Croatia. (And Miss Tuning 2011, Mandy Lange, of course) I added a cool behind the scenes making of the calender video as well. (I really dig the music in the video too, reminds me of some of the music from the film 'Killing Zoe', also, in case you were wondering what's the deal with February? THIS, THIS and THIS previous post helps explain) Anyway, this post was very fun to do, and brought back great memories, so looking forward to going again. I'm really surprised I didn't come across this story before, better late than never.  Click onto the links for lots more stuff......

*Note -(People around here ask me sometimes, "Why do you do posts like that if you don't live there, or don't get paid from these people"?  The answer to that is simple...It's a recently taken up hobby, you know, sort of like puzzles, coin or stamp collecting, Victorian figurines or Elvis lawn ornaments.  Also, It's my background, if my parents didn't leave from there during the Tito years, I would probably be living there. (That's why most cities have a China Town)  But most importantly, I've come across some people who didn't know where Croatia was, or thought it was all rubble from the 90's, or think all we do is eat cabbage rolls, play soccer and dance in folk costumes and a whole bunch of other stuff involving farms. (Sort of like how some people think Frenchmen all wear berets, Germans always just wear lederhosen while eating schnitzel, Russians sit around all day drinking homemade thousand proof vodka, borscht on the table, Stalin pictures on the wall and AK-47's on their lap, or even Jewish chicks are all accountants or comedians)  Some of my posts are humanitarian in nature, most of them take me just a few minutes to do, while doing other stuff.  While on speaker phone (Frikin amazing invention)  or watching soccer, waiting for my clothes in the dryer, while downloading/uploading stuff or while making a pot of coffee, etc. (Tabs rule!)  In the end I'm just putting to rest opinions and views about what Croatia is and isn't, and like I mentioned a few posts ago, I'm not really a video gamer or mall foodcourt junkie.  On that note, that's about it...enjoy the calendar......)



Miss Tuning Calendar 2012 – December

Location: St. Mark’s Square, Zagreb. Background Information: In no other place are past, present and future are so closely connected as Zagreb’s St. Mark’s Square. The Church of St. Mark is considered the most-visited address in Zagreb Car: Opel Rekord, winner of the EUROPEAN DOWN TUNING SHOW 2011

Miss Tuning Calendar 2012 – November

Location: Miramar Hotel, Opatija. Background Info: Also very directly from the Monarchy period embossed luxury hotel with great pool by the sea

Miss Tuning Calendar 2012 – October

Location: Croatian National Theatre, Zagreb Background Information: Over 150 years ago founded, clearly embossed emblem of the monarchy period Zagreb Car: Golf 2

Miss Tuning Calendar 2012 – September

Location: Motor yacht Orion, Punat. Background Info: Mandy posing on a 30m luxury yacht from Benetti shipyard

Miss Tuning Calendar 2012 – August

Location: ACI marina in Icici, Icici Background info: Jet-Set Marina near Opatija with a Riva 85 Opera in the background of Car: BMW M3

Miss Tuning Calendar 2012 – July

Location: Old Town of Rab, Rab Background Information: The Rab Crossbowmen are world famous and stars of the year in July held medieval festivals Rabske Fjera

Behind the scenes footage of the photoshoot with some nice images of the various Croatian locations, oh and of course Miss Tuning 2012, Mandy Lange. (I really dig the music in this video)

Miss Tuning Calendar 2012 – June

Location: Villa Rustica, Island Krk. Background Information: Typical Croatian stone villa, built luxurious interior with a fantastic pool and sea view car: Opel Tigra (The photoshoot camera crew made no plans to include Serbian locations)

Miss Tuning Calendar 2012 – May

Location: Strossmartre, Zagreb. Background Info: Artist mile in Croatia’s capital, Mandy Long painted by artist Nina Beslic Car: Audi TT Quattro

Geeez, image uploader problem again. This is some other kind of photoshoot, it's that dam annoying "Girls of Ratko Mladic and Radovan Karadzic" calendar photoshoot featuring Jill Starr. Strange, I'll have to rectify this asap.

Miss Tuning Calendar 2012 – April

Location: Strand Medveja, Medveja Background Info: Der weiße Kiesstrand gilt als einer der schönsten im Golf von Kvarner Auto: Opel Astra (Besitzer: Robert Klinger)

Miss Tuning Calendar 2012 – March

Location: Draga di Lovrana, Lovran. Background Info: Multi-Gault Millau with hoods excellent restaurant with breathtaking views of the Kvarner bay

Miss Tuning Calendar 2012 – February

Location: Hartera, Rijeka. Background Information: The abandoned paper mill is now used for cultural events. In the photo is Mandy Long, together with the bell-ringers of Halubje, one of the oldest carnival groups staged Croatia Car: VW Lupo “the White Wolf”

Dang! What the faaa? Dagnabit. Some other kind of Serbian calender again, seems I still have an image uploader issue, I'm working on it, bear with me peeps.

Miss Tuning Calendar 2012 – January

Location: Marina in Rabac, Krk Background Information: Earliest and repeatedly elected to the best marina in Croatia Marina on the island of Krk Car: Nissan 200SX

Miss Tuning Calendar 2012 – Cover page

Location: Island Cres. Background Info: Original island of unspoiled nature, crystal clear water and beautiful beaches cars: 4 Top tuning cars from Europe, Golf 2 by Ralf Kuntzsch, “the White Wolf” by Stefan Kalläne, Opel Astra by Robert Klinger and Opel Rekord from Dirk Hattenhauer, winner of the EUROPEAN DOWN TUNING SHOW 2011

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