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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Photos Of The Day - Lana Jurčević Poses For Coppertone

A bunch of really sick shit happening all over the news lately, and especially wacked out stuff locally around here. (Decapitated body parts anyone?....Yum)  On that note, something sexy and a little history about suntan lotion as well. (This one's not bad and is actually one of the better Coppertone add parodies I've come across, I came across some very subpar and ridiculous looking parodies from over the years) Anyway..Izvolite.

Lana and Charlie during the photoshoot.



Lana Jurčević poses in sexy bikini for Coppertone

27-year-old Croatian singer Lana Jurčević was featured on posters and billboards advertising the popular sunscreen brand of Coppertone. The proud brunette from Zagreb posed in a sexy white bikini and was decorated with only red lipstick and nail polish in the same color.

The advertising was done in the style of the cult campaign from the 50's of last century.  Lana posed in the company of a small dog named Charlie, who unsuccessfully tried to remove her panties, just like the original Coppertone girl advertising campaign.

Behind the scenes from the photoshoot.


Coppertone is an American brand of sunscreen company owned by Merck. It was founded in 1944 when the pilot and future pharmacist from Miami Beach, Fla, Benjamin Green, invented it for sun protection for soldiers.  He then called it Coppertone. He cooked cocoa butter and other ingredients in a granite coffeepot on the stove in the kitchen, testing each batch on his bald head. The Coppertone brand became especially popular and well known in 1953 when they introduced the Coppertone Girl during their add campaign. The Coppertone brand is the most well known brand of suntan lotions in the world and the portrayal has been frequently parodied, often using older female models duplicating the pose for a pin-up effect

A couple versions of the finished product found on store posters and billboards. (Doesn't it make you want to go out and get some Coppertone lotion and head to the beach, do some surfing, frolic in the water?) Images:

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