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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Rimac Concept_One EV Supercar Shown In Monaco

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I already posted about Croatia's new Rimac Concept_One electric supercar previously. Last week the car was shown at the Monaco auto show to let people see some tweeks and improvements that were made before it goes into production. World renown Bulgarian leathercrafters Vilner were given the job of outfitting the interiors and Vredestein Ultrac Vorti tires were added to the design of the car for ultimate handling and performance. The sound system, display, security, camera system and more have also been improved.

 This car is totally mindlblowing and would make Batman or Iron Man envious. Some Saudi oil types have already placed their orders and talk about this jet plane on wheels is buzzing all over the internet.   Rimac is taking more orders and the car will be seen on the roads, driven by those lucky few who can afford the sticker price, in the next few years as production is gearing up. (You won't see this car pulling up to your local drive-thru, barngrill or 7-11 anytime soon, so if you spot one try to get a photo with it, it's probably as close as you'll get to the 1% of the 1%, some sport car aficionado's have gone so far as to say that supercar doesn't do it justice, instead preferring to use hypercar, even Uberride, Monstermotor and similar descriptions). You can read my previous posts when the car was first shown at the Frankurt auto show last year HERE and HERE, as well as about Croatia's other more affordable urban hybrid eco-friendly car, the XD Concept as well)

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Rimac Concept_One EV now a reality: cash in those stock options


Croatian electric super car Rimac Concept One was one of the stars of this year's Top Marques Monaco, where the company finally announced how much it would cost each of the 88 incredibly wealthy customers to get one. 

First of all, it's quite a looker, that much has been established since it was first revealed at 2011 IAA. Second, it's an electric super car with a advanced powertrain that can generate Veyron kind of power using nothing but electricity. It's both sexy and geeky all at the same time, and fast, very fast. These numbers have not been verified yet, but Rimac claims Concept One makes 1074 hp and a staggering 3800 Nm of torque. Together those figures propel the car from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds and on to a top speed of 305 km/h. They also claim a range of 600 km, which is truly astonishing. What kind of batteries they've used that last that long while feeding a 1000 hungry horses we have no idea. If this car was a Ferrari or a Lamborghini or a Pagani, it'd been sold out by now even at that price. Every claim about the car was difficult to digest: 2,800 lb-ft (3,500 Nm) of torque, 1,088-hp, 0-to-62 mph (100 km/h) in 2.8 seconds, 372 miles (600 km) of range, all from a fully electric car. That just doesn't happen in today's world. It looks like Rimac is determined to prove all naysayers wrong. The company brought the Concept One to the Top Marques Monaco event earlier this week, where it officially opened its books for reservations and deposits. It didn't specify how much of their life savings buyers of the world's most outrageous electric supercar will have to part with, but media reports have had the price hovering around the US$1 million mark.

The company has just announced at the Top Marques in Monaco that it will start production soon with prices starting around 742,000 (or $980,000 USD). The company announced that the production Rimac Concept_One will be fitted with Vredestein tires, which showcased their Ultract Vorti high performance tire for the electric supercar. Now, on the occassion of the Top Marques auto show in Monaco, Rimac announced the electric powered supercar would cost $980,000 (€742,000). Apparently that was high enough to get the attention of His Royal Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco who visited the Rimac stand at the supercar show. Rimac also announced a cooperation with Vredestein tires who showcased their Ultract Vorti ultimate high performance tire for the world's first electric hypercar.

Footage from last years Frankfurt Auto Show

Croatian firm Rimac Automobili used the recent Top Marques Monaco 2012 event to unveil the latest version of its Concept One electric supercar, which has been upgraded with tires from Dutch firm Vredestein. While the addition of new tires, even those designed by Italdesign Giugiaro, isn't all that exciting on its own, the big news is that Rimac's concept one is available for sale, though anyone interested will have to fork over $980,000. The Croatian automaker will produce only 88 units of the Concept One, which utilizes a slim curb weight (relatively speaking, of course) of 3,637lbs to travel from 0 to 62 mph in 2.8 seconds and to a claimed top speed of 195mph. On a single charge, the supercar can travel a distance of roughly 373 miles.The Rimac Automobili Concept One is currently on display at the Top Marques show in Monaco and the company is hoping that they can move some units in the principality.

Interview for Vidi TV which sheds more light on what exactly this car is made of and what it can do.

Rimac may be a brand new entry in the supercar segment but the Croatian startup is sure aiming for the top at least when it comes to power and pricing. Following the world premiere of its first creation named the Concept_One at last year's Frankfurt Motor Show, Rimac displayed the electric-powered coupe at Top Marques Monaco where it announced pricing.

At the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, Croatian company Rimac unveiled something it called the Concept_One, an electric supercar that it said it will produce only 88 examples of. It takes a lot to stand apart at an exposition as jam-packed with glitzy treasure as the Frankfurt Motor Show and impress the hordes of automotive journalists there assembled, but we were suitably impressed when we laid eyes upon the Rimac Concept_One at the Messe this past September. The Croatian upstart put together a supercar of (figurative, if not literal) Bugatti proportions, but instead of building it around a fossil-guzzling conventional powerplant, Rimac designed its hypercar with the equivalent of 1,088-horsepower worth of electric motors.

Just what kind of performance figures does the beast of a super exotic known as the Rimac Concept_One deliver? We are talking about up to 1,088 horsepower worth of electric motors, a 92-kWh battery that will be able to send the Rimac Concept_One to touch 62mph from a standstill in a matter of 2.8 seconds. It is no sweat, too, if you plan to travel far with the Rimac Concept_One, considering it has a range of approximately 372 miles on a single full charge. It is not all beauty on the outside, as the inside, too, is worth looking at, thanks to Bulgarian leathercrafters extraordinaires at Vilner working on the interior. With a 92kW battery powering the electric motors at each wheel, the Rimac is said to be capable of rocketing to 62 from a standstill in just 2.8 seconds while traveling as far as 372 miles on a single charge.

The team of former Pininfarina designers penned an attractive shape to go with it, the Bulgarian leathercrafters extraordinaires at Vilner were brought in to craft the interior, HRE developed a unique set of monoblock alloys and Vredestein debuted its new Ultrac Vorti tires designed by Giugiaro all for the Concept_One. Impressive specs, all, but what's most impressive is that the Concept_One is no mere concept - you can actually buy it, assuming you've got the scratch. The Croation-built electric two-seater boasts a range of up to 372 miles and a stunning top speed of 185 miles per hour. The Concept_One rips from 0 to 62 mph in 2.8 seconds thanks to its abundant torque (1,180 pound-feet). The Concept_One features a revolutionary drivetrain that mounts one liquid-cooled permanent-magnet electric motor in each of its four wheels. The in-wheel motors get their power from a massive 92-kWh LiFePO4 battery module. The 3,638-pound curb weight of the Concept_One is reasonable given its sizable battery pack and four electric motors.

Prince Albert of Monaco, who is a big  eco-friendly car enthusiast, was very impressed after speaking with Mate and sliding behind the wheel.  He was reportedly heard saying that he felt like he was going to "zoom back to the future in this baby".

The tire was designed by Giugiaro and was developed for high-performance sports cars. The Rimac Concept_One is powered by four electric-motors helping it make 1,074-hp with a maximum torque of 2,802 lb-ft of torque. 0 to 62 mph comes in just 2.8 seconds with a top speed of 190 mph. An electric vehicle to compete with a Veyron? Balderdash, you say! Then consider the fact that the Rimac Concept_One makes 1088HP, hits 0-62 in a staggering 2.8 seconds and has a 190MPH top speed.

Rimac is currently taking reservations and deposits for a production version of the Concept One, which the company says will be limited to just 88 units in total and enter production next year. For its staggering asking price, Rimac will deliver an electric supercar immersed in luxury and capable of 0-60 mph acceleration in just 2.8 seconds and top speeds of 190 mph. Upon showcasing the electric supercar at Top Marques in Monaco, Rimac announced a limited run of 88 examples will be built, each fetching $980,000 - a price as princely as the regent who was on hand to check it out in Monte Carlo. Price is at $980,000 while there are only 88 models in existence. One of these 88 models is currently on display at the Top Marques Show in Monaco. The red carpet treatment was definitely called for as top car models made their presence felt at the 9th annual Top Marques Show held in Monaco from April 19 to 22, 2012. TVS Motors, the fourth largest two wheeler manufacturer in India, has launched their all new Apache RTR Motorcycle series in India. Earlier today in Baramati, Piaggio inaugurated their brand new Vespa scooter manufacturing plant with an initial capacity to manufacture 150,000 scooters annually. Even though it is named the Rimac Concept-One, it is not a concept car and can actually be bought. At the Top Marques show in Monaco, Rimac announced that they will be making 88 of the cars.

Rimac officially started taking reservations and deposits for the production version of the Concept_One on the opening day of the Top Marques Monaco.

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