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Monday, 28 May 2012

Russian & Croatian Designers Debut At MAX-A-PORTER

I had a choice between quickly adding this, or going to the local Starbucks.  Lately it's just people sitting around pixelcounting, not very inspirational at all. (Then when Serbs come around trying to get me to go to some Serb Seslej-fest or some Karadzic-pajama fashion show, it gets really lame. They've really come to hate this blog ever since the beginning when I refused to do a post about the famous Serbian pointy-toe opanci. I like doing posts like this once in a while though, doing strictly sports or serious related pieces would be really boring.

Anyway, I like quite a few of the designs that I came across while getting some images for this one. Creative, edgy, good use of colours, alternative, hip..all that.  Seeing a woman wear a dress around here is rare beyond belief.  (About as rare as finding spicy mortadella, or any spicy version of deli meats actually, in the grocery stores......which is  rare, darn tootin' rare I'll tellya what  Based on footage of just the one fashion show from 2009 in the video below, this is something that I would most definitely check out.  Seems pretty interesting and fun.  I like eccentric and creative people and designs, just not into hats made out of bananas and stuff like that.  I'm pretty hard to pigeonhole as to what my fashion sense is. Basically, if it looks cool to me, then I like it.  That just about sums it up.

Croatian designers have been really coming up with some cool stuff over the years, and developing a name for themselves in the fashion industry world, not only in Croatia. I've come across articles and such, about Croatian designs being shown on the catwalks of Milan, Rome, Paris, Germany..all over the place.  Overall, good exposure for the Croatian (and Russian, cold war is over and some of the designs look like something t.A.T.u. would wear) fashion industry. Check out some more related pieces by hitting the "Croatian Fashion Designers" label at the bottom ...

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Provocative, Bold & Whimsical that is Eastern European Fashion by renowned designers from Croatia & Russia. Imported Luxury Clothing, Dresses and Accessories for Women along with Trend-setting Men's Designer Fashion. Slated to be the fortress of fashion where women can select high end "one of a kind" dresses. No longer just for Muscovites & Croatian Celebrities now Russian and Croatian Designers are available in the U.S. on MAX-A-PORTER

Whether going to the Oscars or the Met Ball you will truly want an ensemble from one of these designers. Stylists are taking note of these truly unique designers to dress their celebrity clients and socialites.

 Up & Coming Designers in Eastern Europe:

Go BOLD or go BOLD from Juraj Zigman (ZIGMAN) Croatian Designer from Rijeka! Like The Most Interesting Man in the World ZIGMAN is the most interesting FASHION DESIGNER in the world! Juraj's  Evening and Cocktail Dress Collections are unmistakable. They seduce you like a Rock concert to a Luxe photo shoot.

Croatian Designer Matija Vuica creates Glamorous Evening Dresses and presents them every season at Cro A Porter Fashion Show in Zagreb. Every Croatian Celebrity wears Matija to any social event where fashion and champagne mingle.

Russian Designer Ella of Eleonor Fashion House presents her collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Russia every season. Inspired by the designs of Cristobal Balenciaga & Christian Dior from the 50's her collections are sophisticated and romantic.


 Luxury Designer Accessories by KITSCH ACCESSORIES from Split, Croatia. Each piece is handmade by the designer, Sonja, with Italian materials. Kitsch Accessories are featured every season in Cro A Porter fashion show along with Croatian Designer Matija Vuica's collections. For a luxurious look compliment a Matija Vuica evening dress with a designer bracelet or necklace from Kitsch.

Old Gold Shimmer fabric, Italian silken nets and provocative fuchsia feathers provide the lust for Eastern European Fashion. Dramatic designers raised in castles and trained in Milan create noteworthy celeb style clothing.

My associates and I are traveling to fashion shows in Eastern Europe such as Cro A Porter and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia exposing designers from Moscow to Zagreb. Our philosophy is to showcase exquisite original pieces from the Runway for elegant discerning women.

We live by the motto “A life less Ordinary”! So don't be Ordinary and trust myself and my team to deliver the Star Power in Fashion. MAX-A-PORTER


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