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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Basic Training Battalion for Special Operations: Only The Top 12 Move On

Special Operations Battalion, an elite unit of the Croatian army on the island of Žirje recently held their basic training. 87 soldiers took part, but after today only 12 remain, the rest gave up after completing about 1/2 of the grueling exercise. Only after two years of strenuous training and conditioning can they officially join a hardened elite club known as the "Croatian Commandos" (Here's some easy listening yet adrenaline filled background "Commando music" to listen to while browsing through the pics and links HERE, or a more face-fucking, hot molten lead spikes up the scrotum and anus and daisies and polka dot posies version HERE or pick just about any KMFDM tune HERE)

"Commandos" featured on the cover of a Croatian monthly military magazine "Hrvatski Vojnik."

The training and exercises require tremendous physical strength and endurance as well as psychological training and endurance.  They will also at times be used for search and rescue operations if needed. Pictured here is just some of the today's day training that was permissible to be photographed, involving jumping from helicopters, swimming in full battle gear, running up to 50 km in a day, scaling a thousand obstacles, etc. There is also night time training involved, all under the ever present factor of sleep deprivation, where the soldiers are kept in complete isolation. More photos at the source link:

"Nos Veniamus In Tenebris"...


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It's never a bad time for a quick stroll down memory lane to 1995, just after the defeat of Serb terrorists and extremists and the liberation of previously ethnically cleansed and occupied Croatia.

A new updated version.

An interesting collage themed around the Croatian Military and Special Forces.

Some updated video footage.

This photo added here below wasn't in the source article, but it shows similar visuals of what would in all probability be the end result for members of any sort of threat from Middle-Eastern or from African terrorists or pirates, Serbian chetnik/taliban groups, contraband or illegal immigrant smugglers or just about any undesired armed foreign national presence/activity anywhere on Croatian soil or waters. (That would even include Americans believe it or not, lots of wacky religious and nutso political groups come from there too, all kinds, yep, remember this and this? Even something local from just the other day here)

Not a pretty sight ladies and gents of the peanut gallery, is it?, but that's the way it goes. Commandos don't play around and hang around to post selfies to Twitter and Instagram afterwards for your viewing pleasure, do they? An accurate and precise hit with a muzzle velocity of about 715 m/s (that's meters per second) can make you look not pretty at all, pretty quick. 600 rounds per second can make you look even much worse. But then again, when going up against various terrorists and extremists, you're not going there to give them flowers, a card and bottle of wine are you? Photo source: Warning, the blog source I came across contains very graphic images and video footage that is real and very graphic, as well as strange hairstyles and fashion choices. Not for the squeamish or for those who are afraid of walking into a pork/chicken processing plant or who faint at the sight of squished bugs, birds and squirrels on the road etc. (there's footage at of real life simular events also, as in real people and blood and body parts not just ketchup, rubber sharp things and Hollywood CGI)

Lastly, this short video below also graphically portrays what would be end the result after some possible hand to hand combat, (as in without a firearm) or aka "special ops", where stealth and surprise are tantamount. Even though the end result may be the same, this video below is more in the style of videotaping the gutting of a pig, intended primarily to send a message to others who may decide to fall out of line or possibly rat on former co-workers, or who are just plain useless trash who just cause trouble and nobody will miss them anyway. (Back in my military days, some of the guys were really into this kind of stuff, they also liked to watch movies on weekends like this, this and this hoping someday to become a commando, wear a special patch and smoke wine tipped cigars etc)

I'm quite sure the Croatian Commandos would be much more efficient and faster in a split second decision making type of scenario, as in sneaking up from behind, and again, being much, much quicker. (It's all about the quickness ladies and gents). There will be absolutely no filming involved in those situations I'm sure. (I actually guarantee it, no Youtube videos either). It's all about the elements of surprise, silence, distraction, subterfuge, quickness and lethal efficiency all rolled into one intensely focused professional killing/eradication machine entity, their very molecules change and transform them into shapeshifting angels of death, not barefooted angels playing harps or blowing trumpets in the clouds, to get the job done right the first time before the weekend beers. Absolutely no gurgling sounds, snot spraying sounds, choking/gorgling/shnorfling/krshflorfling sounds or odors of feces as the intended target/suspect starts defecating his pantalones. It would all be over before the target even had a chance to think about what's that prickly feeling on his adams apple, or where did that sudden light soundless breeze come from? let alone thinking about reaching for his grenade or weapon or toilet paper. It's actually a very humane way to go if you're a terrorist and extremist bent on mass murdering. Do not, I repeat DO NOT try this at home even on your old stuffed dolls. (Audio is low quality unfortunately, my humblest apologies)

This last one I decided to add just to give as an afterthought visual representation, showing again that an efficient commando would make sure there was a lot less gurgling sounds and whining/crying/begging from the suspect, which could then warn the other suspects/targets in the vicinity to make their escape. Make of it what you will. This stuff you won't find on the local news tucked in between the story about that dagnabit new controversial stop sign on the corner or that local crackhead who won the lottery and then spent it all within 6 months on floozies and fast food. (Very grainy film footage and non-high definition sound).

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