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Friday, 1 June 2012

On Location In Croatia: Get Cheeky With Lisca Swimwear

This one was fun to do, lots of fun actually. Didn't mind at all.  I also sort of felt like doing this one because of a remark from a non-bikini/swimwear type lady recently.... (There's tons and tons of those kinds of people around here, they're scary. I'm temporarily located in cowboy country where there really are no cowboys, except for 1 week in July)..... at the Safeway supermarket. She took a look at my tattoos, my sunglasses pulled up over my head, looked at my non-Levi's/non-Wrangler jacket in the cart, and smugly told me me that "You're not gonna get a job here"..(She thought I was going to ask for an application because I had a pen in my hand too) lifelong dream was immediately crushed and I haven't eaten or slept since, my dream of also becoming a rodeo clown and beef jerky taste tester were gone in a flash...and I only came for some hot n spicy deli meat, which nobody has heard of.  (Even just mortadela is very hard to find in these parts, I couldn't even find a real good quality horseradish to go with my roast beef, instead it's some kind of horseradishy cream sauce that has a strange taste that reminds me of a sweet cream with a donughty horseradish aftertaste) and some real European style bread. lol  I was so looking forward to wearing those name tags and aprons though, chuckling with my new groceteria pals, going to the next door always womanless bar n grill to talk about that new powerdrill, rumored new chip dip flavor coming out and about the upcoming Calgary Stampeder's football game against the wimpy gas-less, oil-less and cowboy hat-less B.C Lions....and of course pointing out to people which aisle the laxatives or beef jerky are at. (I don't think this blog post will interest her or her crowd at all) Geez, if all the serb women coming around on purpose to ignore me by coming in with those downtown grubby drug dealers, and with the those slobs with stained tees and snot running out of their nose wasn't a joy enough, traveling to the different places to chat and talk on purpose in front of me with the most obese, dirty and disheveled hair person they could find. (Ok, I get it, you prefer smegma and doritos stained underwear and breath oh well. I'll not wash my dick for 3 weeks just to make you happy next time. Word had gotten out that I was the guy who walked into a couple of downtown Starbucks coffee shops with a couple souvenir Croatia stickers on my laptop. Once even wore a Croatia soccer jersey, the hubris of it all that it was not any other jersey or a Vojelsav Seselj tee) Little did I know until later, that it was the pissing grounds of the local serboid fuckos. It was their serbo-turf you see. It was their coffee shop to go and do whatever it is that they flap their lips about, it was their place to go to the washroom and to wipe their fat and hairy ass. How dare I show up in their turf coffee shop and sit there at a table with my laptop, right there in a chair in public in downtown Calgary. How dare I walk in their all thin-like with my Diesel jeans and hip looking collared shirt and a ponytail, smelling like Hugo Boss and beer belly-less. "Who the fuck does this guy think he is?..walking in here without a suit and tie on a Saturday and sitting there drinking his coffee with some Croatia soccer stickers on his laptop? This means war. (although I wore a suit and tie Mon-Fri for my job at that time on the other side of town)

Anyway, I had no problem sifting and checking out all the images and videos related to this fashion line and purveyor of lingerie, bikinis, nightwear etc, that was shot in Croatia. I'm not going to translate any articles on this one. Just putting some text from the Sisca website and a few videos. (Too many hot pics to choose from too, my eyes were going blurry) I noticed also that I've done quite a few fashion related additions over the last little while, more than I had planned.  Oh well, If it's Croatia related and I find it interesting..... But from what I read, the "Sisca" brand is quite well known and popular in that part of Europe, and has been featured in numerous designer and fashion events, and of course those fashion shows, catwalks...all that. They also have a men's and  kids lineI noticed.

The vids I added from the photoshoots were shot on location in Croatia and have some nice local scenery in the background,  and from the looks of it some of the photos too. Bonus. Like I said, I had no problem checking out the links related to this one.  Can you imagine working for places like this.  "Quick, grab your stuff, I need you to go to Krk and  interview the models at the Sisca bikini photoshoot!" or "Quick! Grab an extra large cappuccino! I need you to sift through all these lingerie pics and bla bla bla!"...How simply terrible. Anyway, here's an intro to the Sisca brand. Even if you live in a non-swimwear city such as myself, it still might be a good idea to grab one of these cool designs and keep it in the closet, it might come in handy sometime., or you can just stand there and admire it hanging there in the closet, take photos of them in the closet and upload them to Facebook and Twitter.  Show all your friends. Tell them how great it looked on you in the mirror. You can click on the links or visit their webiste HERE for way more stuff...

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Official Sisca website:

Playfulness of Sun and Sea!

What is the swimsuit style to wear this summer? 

This year’s fashion is curve-friendly, as its summer hits include not only the trendy triangle and bandeau bras but also a tankini that turns into a mini dress in a few simple moves, and a bandeau bra with a skirted bottom. Tiny imperfections will be discreetly concealed, your summer apparel oozing sophistication, style and elegance with rich draping and warm colours.

Lisca Fashion summer 2012 swimwear comes in the warm orange-brown tones of the setting sun, refreshing green turquoise shades and soothing blue colour of the sea. Ethnic motifs in fresh tropical shades will be a must-have for those who wish to hit the beach with a breathtaking cleavage, as this particular colour combination features a Wow push-up bra designed to enhance the bust by up to two cup sizes.

Cheek by Lisca Swimwear 2010 with Natalija Osolnik

Making of Lisca Swimwear 2012 Collection

Those who swear by classic elegance will be drawn to the series with clean lines and simple graphic patterns in navy ice-cream colours, the latter being, without a doubt, this summer’s winning combination, even when it comes to discreet body shaping. Attractive animal prints are once again in vogue, as are the hot colours of volcanic stones. Tops and bottoms will be available separately as part of the elegant separate series in red, light blue and black, which will include the impressive light gel push-up bra giving magical cleavage.

Maja Ratajc - designer for Cheek talks about trendy colours and fashion trends in Autumn/Winter Collection Cheek by Lisca.

Looking for more glamour and splendour?

Lisca Selection summer 2012 swimwear offers just the thing. Gaudy colours and glitter, daring cuts and silver ornaments or a sophisticated combination of draping and gold shades will shine in mundane seaside resorts. Minimalist triangle bras, light gel push-up bras, monokinis with unusual cutouts or elegant bandeau bras – the bold, radiant Lisca Selection swimsuit styles will not go unnoticed at the beach.

Making of Lisca Fashion Swimwear 2012

Lisca fashion show

The Cheek by Lisca summer 2012 swimwear collection is marked by the action and unstoppable energy of comic-book superheroines.

Vivid colours loaded with vitality will bring action to the beach; modern heroines that never lack energy will enthuse over the trendy designs in blue, yellow, orange or pink, perfectly suited for relaxed and unrestrained action at the beach and in the water.

Have we managed to satisfy your taste and thirst for a new swimsuit?

CHEEK BY LISCA Lingerie Spring/Summer 2011 Collection. Model Natalia Osolnik.


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