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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Croatian Duo "2 Cellos" Play At Queen Elizabeth II 60th Jubilee

I heard and knew about award winning and reknown Croatian cellist Stjepan Hauser a few years ago. However, not about Luka Šulić until just recently, when they both started teaming up for projects, playing different kinds of contemporary music using the cello. Similar to the musical outfit Apocalyptica. They're just part of a long list of accomplished Croatian classical musicians who have been winning awards all over the world. I recently did a post about another cello artist, Ana Rucner.   I'm not going to add much more. Lots more media and information is at the links below, or Stjepan's official website at and of course you can also check out




Croatia's famous cello duo Stjepan Hauser and Luka Sulic were among the biggest British and world music stars who played at a concert to honour Queen Elizabeth II 60th Jubilee on the throne.

The 86-year-old Queen, wearing a gilded dress stitched Swarovski crystals, brought along ear plugs for her ears to the concert.

 Luka and Stjepan pictured with some guy named Johnny Depp. (...who's also supposed to be some kind of actor or magikal wizard guitarist for Marilyn Manson, or some kind of shaman with some very strange tastes or something). I'll have to look into who this strange looking so-called "Depp" character is for my readers. Very suspicious looking and unholy sounding if you ask me, is it really even a name or a real person, perhaps just a phantasm? Sounds to me like some kind of hellishly menacing black magik code word for something hideous, awful and creepy. According to my sources he could very well be part of a Varangian sect that worships the underworld Scythian Hell Lord from Cimmeria, and the diabolical Carpathian Devil-Prince of Pannonia....Hjorvarth Cronus the Danubian Hell-Gatekeeper. Surely he usurps and tears asunder the musical chords to worship the behemoth of Bohemia, as the virgin maidens of the Danube praise the foggy moon during the ghoulish spectacle.

"It was a massive honour to be part of the spectacular. It was an undescribable pleasure to play with our idols," said Hauser, adding that he was sorry that he never got a chance to personally meet the Queen.

Elton John, whom the Croatian cello duo will again go on tour with shortly, Kylie Minogue, Grace Jones and others performed at the concert. More than 250,000 fans gathered in front of Buckingham Palace.

"We were not nervous, it has became normal to play every day for thousands of fans. When it happens that one day we dont play, we miss the adrenaline. For us its like an extreme sport," concluded Hauser.

A couple examples of their more modern music/cello work, playing Nirvana and AC-DC.  Live in Lisinski Concert Hall, Zagreb 2011. More videos at

 Stjepan travelled the world for a time as part of  the multiple award winning Greenwich Village Trio

2 CELLOS - With or Without You (Live at iTunes Festival 2011)

2 CELLOS (Sulic & Hauser) - "Welcome To The Jungle" filmed on location in Croatia.

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