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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Superbowl Champion David Diehl In Automobile Accident

This isn't one of my typical interesting Croatia related posts, but I decided to add this anyway, for a few reasons and add a couple opinions of my own.  For those who follow this blog, or Croatia related stuff in general, this news is probably already known to you.  It's been all over the sports news world for a few days now. However, I just want to put this in an overall perspective, from my point of view.  Basically, it's an unfortunate series of events, but in the end thankfully no one got hurt. Nobody died. No illegal loaded weapons in the trunk. Cars are just stuff. (It was also a positive that when they opened his car doors, that lots of squished empty beer cans didn't start flowing out onto the street)

David was celebrating the Croatia win at the Euro's with a bunch of friends earlier in the day, and looking back in hindsight, calling a cab would have been a god idea.  However, It's not like he stabbed someone, beat up some old lady for quarters, sold crack to some kids or robbed a liquor store or something.  The NFL takes these kinds of situations seriously.  Working for professional sports leagues is like that the world over, it isn't like working at Wal-mart, or Taco Bell, 7-11, or some small plumbing company or a factory. They have very stringent rules and conduct guidelines, almost like the military in a lot of ways actually. ( But then again, they sometimes frown upon ones hair touching their ears, or lint on the pillow...first hand experience)  However, I've read about people with a way higher blood alcohol level after a breathalyzer test, and then even crack or turpentine, engine coolant or all kinds of zany multicolored pills in their system too. Why, I've even read about people leading cops on freeway chases, through residential neighborhoods, smashing up their vehicles into people and buildings, shitfaced, then stomping all over flowerbeds, newly planted gardens, knocking over lawn ornaments, (those really cute hard to find ones like this and this) ...and that's even "after" beating their wife and smashing the aquarium, having fish gasping and dying all over the living room floor, or throwing their TV against the wall before going to get the butcher knife in the kitchen. Real messy stuff like that.

Also, I can relate because something similar happened to me in the past, about 14 years ago. I had a Pontiac Sunbird GT back then, (They don't make those anymore btw)  The car for about about a couple of months was acting erratic once in a blue moon. Every few weeks or so for a split second, the steering wheel would suddenly jerk hard to the right inexplicably, and then quickly straighten back to normal again like nothing happened. I was working 5 positions at my company job at the time (pfff, some promotion that was.)...along with mega overtime and working weekends, so I didn't have the free time to take the car into a shop to get it checked out. I was actually going to take the following Saturday off and bring it to the mechanics then. But Lo and Behold, shit happens. Coming home the following Saturday evening, just a block from my place, and even turning right on the last corner before reaching the parking lot and arriving home, and the car suddenly swiveled to the right again, but this time the steering wheel jerked hard and locked to the right. Because the street was so narrow it was over before I knew it...Smash.....right into some parked vehicles, just like the pic below.  Luckily again, nobody got hurt, except for some stitches to my nose, which very nicely was split into 3 pieces. (The scar is very faint now, healed very well eventually)...I guess it was one of those things they classify as an "Act of God", sort of like lightning strikes, suddenly blown tires, spontaneously exploding batteries or engines, or meteors and things falling from airplanes onto your roof, all that. But then again, if the steering would have done the same thing while going down the highways that I drove on quite often, and it was instead an oncoming semi-trailer truck at 100 km/hr....Well, I don't even want to surmise what that scene could have looked like I'll yell you.

Actually, when you really think about it though, this kind of stuff happens in Hollywood all the time, a regular occurrence practically. Why, if you go 3 days without a celebrity getting into vehicle and other accidents or situations there, then somethings just not right in Tinseltown.  Like I said, he was having a good time celebrating the Croatia Euro win, and probably should have called a cab to be on the safe side, or maybe someone could have taken the keys from him.  At least it's not like he was at some kook-fest holding photos of wrinkly old men, ethnic cleansers, genocidal maniacoids and war criminals hours earlier, like these wackjobs.   At the end of the day, live, you  learn, you brush the dust off your shirt and you move on.

Lastly, I just wanted make people aware of the various charity events that David has been a part of over the years that people may not know about.  There are lots of them actually. I put some links below to show just a few:

An image uploaded to his Twitter account, seen celebrating with friends while watching Euro2012 shortly before his car accident. (It's a very good thing his last Tweet didn't look something like this on his timeline, otherwise he would be really screwed)


EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (AP) – Remorseful, embarrassed and bitterly disappointed in himself, Giants guard David Diehl stood in front of his locker Tuesday and apologized for "a bad decision" that resulted in his being arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

The leader of the Super Bowl champions' offensive line addressed a media throng and said he hoped people would not judge him by this one mistake.

"I'm accountable. I take full responsibility," the 10-year veteran said. "This is the last thing I want anyone to do is judge me on one incident in my life.

"If anyone understands the magnitude of this situation, it's me. I never make an excuse for anything; I never have …

"This one decision does not reflect who I am as a person."

Police say they received calls about a car accident in Queens around 8:45 p.m. ET Sunday. When they got there, they found a BMW had struck several parked cars, and that Diehl was the driver.

He failed a breath test, was arraigned on two counts of impaired driving, and must return to court on July 26, when the Giants are opening training camp in Albany. His license has been suspended.

"Every decision you make, you have to make the right decision," Diehl added. "Obviously I didn't."

 A photo was uploaded on the internet shortly after the accident. Somebody circled the vehicles involved in the smash up with red.  Some nearby boy scouts who were at the scene of the accident were indcredulous and out of rolling papers.

Diehl expects to hear from the NFL about the arrest, but he is not likely to be suspended. DUIs fall under the NFL's substance abuse policy, which states that a first DUI, absent any aggravating circumstances, generally results in a fine of one game check up to a maximum of $50,000 — pending a resolution in court that establishes an alcohol-related violation of the law.

Subsequent violations, or aggravating circumstances in an initial DUI, would result in increased discipline, including possible suspension.

Diehl will be subject to a mandatory evaluation by league substance abuse program clinicians to determine whether he should be entered into the program for treatment and counseling.

Diehl noted that in 10 years with the Giants, he has always reflected the high standards set by the organization, but that now he recognizes how "people will question who I am as a person and question my character."

"All I can do is take this head-on, be accountable, face up to this," he said. "I'm not running, not hiding."

Coach Tom Coughlin spoke with Diehl, who he considers one of the Giants' "exemplary citizens."

"He is a very proud young man, as you know," Coughlin said. "He is very sorry for what happened. I think that he understands it completely and … he is going to be a very, very good spokesperson for trying to help young people understand that his mistake could be avoided in whatever way possible. He is a guy who we have always been able to count on and he will learn from his error."

Few Giants have been more involved in the community or with charity work than Diehl, and he emphasized Tuesday that he has always been "a positive role model."

"I am going to show the people who are behind me that I am not going to make mistakes," he said. "I've worked extremely hard for people to see me as a positive role model. I will make sure everyone will see the kind of character person I am."

Notes: Tight end Jake Ballard, who was waived injured by the Giants on Monday, was claimed by New England on Tuesday. But he will miss the 2012 season after tearing up his left knee in New York's Super Bowl win over the Patriots. … Rookie WR Rueben Randle, the team's second-round draft pick, had a strong mini-camp practice. Randle could be a starter this season if Hakeem Nicks is slow to recover from a broken right foot. … Several veterans barely practiced or did not take the field at all, including defensive linemen Osi Umenyiora and Shaun Rogers.

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