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Thursday, 5 July 2012

66th Anniversary Of The Bikini...(But Not Really)

 Photo of Croatian model Ljupka Gojić in half a bikini anyway.  

I just came across an amusing fact regarding the history of the bikini. I was checking out various stuff happening along the coast in Croatia. (It's hitting mid to high 30's over there right now btw, tons of happenings)...Then I discovered that today is being celebrated as the 66th anniversary of the bikini. I found articles all over the place talking about it, on Croatian sites too. But it's not quite correct at all. It seems we had it right about 1700 years ago, then fucked it up for many centuries in the beach fashion swimsuit scene, and then finally got it right again just recently in the 1940's-1950's...

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Swimsuits at a Zagreb swimming area on the Sava river in 1890.

 Swimsuits in 1903 in the coastal city of Opatija.

Swimsuits in 1920's Zagreb on the river Sava.

Swimsuits at the Sava river bridge in 1930.

Coastal town of Kraljevica between Opatija and Rijeka in 1913.

Mirela Delić in a Croatian National Volleyball Team member calendar shoot from a few years ago.  A good example of a bikini. Photo gallery source:

Today is Actually the 1700th Anniversary of the Bikini, not the 66th

 Bikini-clad women adorn a mural in the Villa Roma de Cesale. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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July 5th, 1946 is classically regarded as the birth date of what we now call the bikini. Designed by Jacques Heim, the two-piece suit was given its name just a year later by another frenchman, Louis Réard. But that version of history misses the long view. From A History of Women’s Suits, the true story of the bikini,

…begins in the 4th century when the Villa Roma de Casale in Sicily was decorated with the first known representation of women wearing bathing suits. As the Roman mosaic-makers would have it, those early Sicilian women were portrayed exercising in what appears to be bikini-like suits, bandeau top and all.


I was going to add some bikini video footage from Croatia, but there's too many to choose from, so I just added a short highlight vid of various Croatian models for bikini examples.

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