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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Cycling From Zagreb To London For 2012 Summer Olympic Games

I was just going to put this short vid here about a group of cyclists treking their way from Croatia to London for the Olympic games, then thought I'd add the other two as well. The historic town of Varazdin is known more for their annual summer "Spancirfest", but this just gives a behind the scenes look at what else goes on in the summer there.  As for the cyclists, I'm sure they're going to have some cool pics and stories to tell after travelling through the various countries during their trip, a pretty cool idea...


This first video is short footage of a group of 20 cyclists who are currently biking their way all the way from Croatia's capital of Zagreb to London for the 2012 Summer Olympic games. The footage is of the cyclists  brief stop in the historic town of Varaždin during the 35 day trek.

This is some footage from earlier this month of competitors of all ages taking part in the town of Varaždin's annual triathlon. 

Footage of the annual Plitvički marathon  This is the 27th edition of the race which takes place in and around the Plitvice Lakes National Park.  Marathons, triathlons and cycling racing events are common in Croatia, as different communities set up their own racing events every summer. Events also take place on Croatia's larger islands, such as the Hvar marathon.

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