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Saturday, 7 July 2012

A Dummies Guide On How To 'Like Croatia'

 Evening view of the waterfront in the town of Trogir

There's already tons of websites out there devoted to tourism in Croatia, with the official Croatia tourism site being, but this one that just started up recently is a little different, and probably better for people who have absolutely no clue as how to cope traveling in a foreign country, what to expect, costs etc. There's tons of books and manuals out there, sort of like these "...For Dummies Manuals", so I figured the topic of Croatian tourism needed a post about this also. This one has a mix of the new and old. Like where to see the historical and cultural hotspots, art galleries, events, museums, etc...but all mixed with more modern events and  festivals, the inside scoop on where to get the best deals on shopping, designer wear, which of the various beaches and islands along the Dalmation coast to visit, where you can learn to scuba dive, surf, take sailing lessons, best deals on renting cars, yachts...and links to a whole lot more.....

...From award winning wines and wine tours to try, best restaurants found in all the regions along with background info, restaurant of the week picks, accommodations, transportation tips and shortcuts, maps, what to see and how to get there, less known facts, tips, secrets and stuff maybe just the locals would know.  Lots of nice photos  if you click the link onto their facebook page too.  This one has everything  right there at your fingertips. Something for people of every age, wallet size and interest. Definitely worth checking out especially if you have absolutely no clue about Croatia at all.  It totally gets rid of any preconceived notions about what Croatia(ns) is and isn't.  (There's so much more than just soccer, beer and wine...way more.)  I added just a few topics from their website below. The 'Like Croatia' magazine starts up in a few days too. Their website is 


 First Issue Of 'Like Croatia' Magazine Just Days Away



Starting this week you’ll be able to pick up a copy of Like Croatia Magazine’s first ever issue – a special, summer edition – on newsstands, in bookstores and at INA gas stations. With exclusive reports by knowledgeable local gurus, this treasure-trove of hot tips has got every aspect of your vacation covered.

Statue of writer James Joyce on the terrace of the Uliks coffee bar in Pula.  He was a frequent visitor here while living in Pula in 1904-05.  Famous writers Agatha Christie and Vladimir Nabokov also spent time on the Croatian coast:

Discover the secrets behind a summer of luxury and leisure along the Adriatic with insider information on staying in lighthouses, sailing the coast, and buying local designer duds.

Exclusive information is revealed on the best places to surf, dive, camp and fish, what you must visit, why, and how to best get there, and where to spend the night, organized by county.

Garden Music Festival on the island of Murter

 There are a total of 5 stops through the year in Croatia on the ATP and WTA tours. (There were 7 stops until just a few years ago, so Croatians like their tennis) With Zagreb, Rijeka and Umag being the locations.  Each one involving plenty of events to attend during all the tournament tennis action. Above is a scene from the ATP Croatia Open in Umag:

With articles on cocktails, truffles, oysters and olive oil to whet your appetite, this special issue is replete with a list of Croatia’s top 20 restaurants as well as tips on where get the most delectable desserts and a must-read introduction to Croatian wine.

 Croatia has numerous lighthouses located all along the coast, and on the islands.  If you want to avoid the more busy touristy hotels/areas,  you can even rent suites in some of them for spectacular views and privacy. Bet you probably didn't know that.  Photogallery:

Don’t miss a beat of the multitude of music festivals this summer is bringing with the magazine’s brimming schedule of events. Find out where to go for celebrity sightings and be in the know on where to go to cut some serious rug.

Like Croatia Magazine has compiled for you all the best Croatia has to offer. Don’t hit the road without it.

Since the 1990's Croatian gastronomy has been a total hit as it's become more known on the world food scene. Croatian chefs have been winning prestigious awards for their creations for years now.  In Croatia there are many superlative restaurants to dine at, and surprisingly without putting a big dent in the wallet.  Besides the traditional oriented Croatian meals from the different regions, over the past few years Croatian chefs have been fusing Croatian gastronomy with French,  Italian and other styles to make eclectic and absolutely amazing award winning dishes.  Above is a creation from Bistro Apetit which is located in Zagreb, and was voted 'Best Restaurant of the Year' in Croatia.  Story:

Finishing off the day with the sunset and the Adriatic sea in the town of Makarska.

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