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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Ivano Balić Honored (And Stumped) With London's Kingsland Metro Tribute

As for this 2012 London Olympic Games piece, this is funny.  In a nutshell,  London's famous Dalston Kingsland metro station has been temporarily renamed in Ivano Balić's honor during the course of the Summer Olympic Games. (Ivano Balić was named "Best Handball Player of All-Time" in 2010. See previous post HERE) The video footage is of Ivano and some Handball team members on the metro going to visit the well known metro station after hearing the news.   He jokingly was stating to the television crew how shocked and honored he was and looking forward to see the station in person for the first time ever.

When reaching the station he tells the camera how excited and happy he is to finally be able to visit the famous London landmark in person, that his heart is jumping and that he'll never forget this moment. He truly feels lucky.  After taking a look around when he got there though, he humorously starts asking  "Where's my statue? Where is the big poster and photos of me?"  There's some other questions and answers with the television crew, but I'm not going to translate the whole video, believe me though, it's funny.....  (I kind of wish I would have had a television crew myself when I first came to (they call it the "Paris of the praries" for some strange fucked up reason) "cowtown, I had a similar hairstyle, just longer and usually tied back in a pony tail....lotsa stories, lotsa fuckos, lotsa stooges)   Regarding this, I heard somewhere they just missed out on bumping into some actual royalty, Kate Middleton and the Queen got off at Kingslanding shortly after this filming was done, they go there supposedly to some specialty store for homemade minstrels and best cucumber sandwiches in town. Now that could have been really interesting......


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Yes, that guy in the background on the metro is wearing a pink top and shorts.

Photo gallery from yesterdays entrance of the nations into the Olympic Stadium:

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