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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Croatian Film '7 seX 7' Wins Italian Festival Award

This independently produced film which was shown for the first time last year at the Pula Film Festival started creating a buzz almost right away. Well since then it has become just one of a few Croatian films that have been garnering attention at film festivals worldwide. I first mentioned this film on a previous post HERE.


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Croatian film "7 seX 7", written and directed by Irena Skoric, has won the award for best director in the feature film category at the San Gio International Film Festival in Verona, Italy, reports website

The jury made their decision "becasue of the power of the language of the film which tells of a woman's perception of eroticism," said a statement from the festival. It is not the first international award the Croatian film has won. "7 seX 7" won the silver award for debut feature films at the WorldFest in Houston.

The film is made up of seven erotic novels, five male and female couples, one female and female and one male and male, shot in one take. Actors were not arranged for the camera but the camera follows the erotic events of the actors, says director Skoric.

7 seX 7 trailer with English subtitles from Artizana film.

Interview Irena Skoric ('7 sex 7') at the FEST Espinho's Youth International Film Festival ( from Anexo 82 on Vimeo.

Interesting interview with director Irena Škorić (In Croatian)

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