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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Croatianicity Milestone - 200,000 Page Views

Just a quick, short milestone post. It's been about 3 years since this particular blog was started as just a hobby.  A medium to just put information out there about Croatian related topics that I find interesting, and that may interest others.   A whole range of topics and stories, stuff that probably a lot of people didn't know.  In a nutshell, after crunching the numbers, after 3 years daily page views have averaged out to almost 200 per day, but that's just the tip of the iceberg.

The first 6 months or so were naturally on the low side, but that's common with blogs of this sort.  However as you can see above,  for quite some time I've been averaging over 1000 views per day. (I even had some blog additions and topics over the last year that were getting well over 2000 views per day)  That tells me that I'm filling a niche and that people are searching for things that I put here, so that's good.  The main thing though, is that more people out there are getting informed about the subjects of Croatia and Croatians wherever they are to be found in the world.  Dispelling uninformed opinions or views, bringing to light the facts and real things happening, from the past  now and in the future.

Over this time I've even come into contact with and conversed with people I had no intention of knowing. Important people, (A few of them you could actually categorize as famous)...and we discussed very, very important and interesting things.  As I've promised though, they will remain nameless.  It's in the vault so to speak.

I've tried to keep this blog fresh and interesting, mentioning topics from sports, fashion, current events, music gastronomy and celebrities technology, tourism, politics, history, entertainment, culture and everything in between.  I've got other projects I do or am a part of, but as for this first initial hobby type blog, the above stats show that people are searching for the stuff I add here, so that means this blog is all systems go for another 3 years of interesting least.

This blog is not a slave to the corporate world, special interest groups or any burger/pizza joint or restaurant and my motto from the beginning has been something to the effect "Either do it right from the start, or don't do it at all".  Something like that. I post whatever I feel like and tell it like it is.

Why, with this blog and with the power of the magic of the internets,...I can explain, translate, expose, delineate, assemble, devise, construct, organize, comment, destroy, source reference, synthesize, forge, manufacture, fabricate, correlate and if I feel like it, even add photos or videos of bikini clad babes on a whim any time I feel like...sort of like right NOW.  So stay tuned for more interesting additions....In the meantime, feel free to enjoy some state of Florida mugshots at.,, or watch what hijinx Joao Joao Popsick  and "Prime Time Joao get into this week.

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