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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Abramovich Yacht "Eclipse" Anchors In Hvar

I'm putting this here not because I'm all hooo-haaa-yipeee that celebrities, (aka "celebs"), very rich celebrities at that, are holidaying in Croatia again. I touched upon this topic previously.  However, this is no ordinary yacht that recently anchored by the coastal city of Hvar, but the worlds largest and reportedly most expensive.(For now anyway). This mega super-yacht named "Eclipse" really does what the name implies. (Watch the video below for the stats) 

Also, I find it surreal how all these world celebrities and big money people are traveling to locations in Croatia, in this case the island of Hvar, to holiday and relax, but the unlucky townspeople and locals have to live and work in these surroundings all year round.  How terrible and dreadful, I'm going to have to do a future post about the shocking inhuman standards and surroundings they have to endure....

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Celebrity Croat: World's biggest private yacht arrives on Hvar

The view from Carpe Diem - Eclipse arrives in Hvar. Photo: Maria Svircevic



Hvar - Croatia's premier island's celebrity summer continues with the arrival of the world's biggest private yacht, as Roman Abramovich returns to Hvar.

The island of Hvar - this year's number five destination for Lonely Planet, and the sunniest island on the Adriatic - is enjoying another successful tourist season, with plenty of A-list celebrity action, and the arrival of the world's biggest private yacht on September 12, 2012, with Roman Abramovich on board, is the latest celebrity arrival in a very busy summer.

The awful view from Restaurant Gariful - Eclipse arrives in Hvar. Photo: Ivan Gospodnetic.

Hvar hit the headlines last year with the antics of Prince Harry in a nightclub swimming pool and the revelation of a Beyonce baby bump at Hula Hula Beach Club, but the 2012 celebrity line up has been at least equal to last year. As previously reported on Digital Journal, Hvar has recently hosted the likes of Eric Clapton, Yucko the Clown,  Michael Schumacher and Edward Norton, local celebrity watchers were thrilled by the arrival of Tom Cruise on August 31, who posed for several fans during his relaxed 48-hour stay on the island.

Abramovich, who has visited Hvar several times before, arrived on his yacht Eclipse, the world's largest, built at a cost of a reported one billion dollars (watch the video below for more information on the 169m yacht).

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