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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Google "Street View" Croatia Is Up & Running

I'm quickly throwing this one in because I think Google "Street View" is a great tool, and I've been using it quite often lately for different reasons. It can really save you time, money and energy, almost like having a drone anywhere in the world. Google started filming along Croatian streets last year, and has been spending months piecing and editing all the photos together. All the major cities, towns and popular tourist destinations are covered, but filming will still continue for some time to get even less populated and known avenues and areas. You can get a taste of the new 360 degree panoramic view tool HERE.  At the bottom I also decided to throw in some pics of what could be called "Google Fail Street View" scenes, (A few more Google Street View prostitute images if you like HERE).. and there's way plenty more where all these came from.....

A large segment of Croatia is now available on Google Street View.



Coastal city of Split


Translation by mRaZ

Google already on Tuesday allowed everyone to go on a virtual tour through the streets of Croatian towns and villages across their "Street View" service, but it won't be officially presented until Wednesday.

The Google cars started filming last summer in Croatia.

Town of Trogir

As seen on the map in the gallery, (At top of this page) Google's cameras covered a substantial part of Croatia, but the" Google Street View" camera's are still continuing to photograph the smallest streets, walkways and avenues. This way of viewing the map of Croatia will definitely help the tourism industry because foreigners and even domestic tourists will be able to find, have a better view of and orientate themselves in and around unfamiliar places, that's why even Croatian Tourism Minister Veljko Ostojic will be at the official presentation of  "Google Street View".


"Street View" is a tool where the map viewer can use the mouse and direction arrows to zoom in and out of locations, or drag the yellow man under the directions arrows to locations and take virtual tours on street level . The map can also be browsed on the Android application.

Ban Josip Jelacic Square in Zagreb

Google started filming last summer for Street View along Croatian streets, and after months of shooting all the photos had to be pieced together.  Photos are also linked to the "Panoramic view" option, which has  blurred the faces of people and registrations on vehicles.

If you notice your face on any of the Google photographs, you can contact Google and have them removed.

...And now for the other side of "Google Street View"...

This one and the previous one are just fails period.

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