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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Red Hot Chili Peppers Play First Concert In Croatia


RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, 2 CELLOS, – Zagreb, Hipodrom, 29.08.2012

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For the first time in their career, Red Hot Chili Peppers came to Croatia and offered the biggest music event of the season. Their career can be split into three parts: before John Frusciante, with John Frusciante, and periods in which he left the band that had to take another guitar player. The fact that the band achieved greatest success with John Frusciante shows how important he was for the band, while it simply did not sound so good with replacement guitar players. After the latest, pretty lukewarm and boring album, recorded after John Frusciante left, fans doubted whether Red Hot Chili Peppers could make a real show. In short, the answer is yes. Not only have RHCP done a great show, but even the support in the form of 2Cellos was an excellent choice and something that made this concert unique on the tour.

It wasn’t all perfect, which mostly refers to Josh Klingofer who simply cannot impose himself on stage with his playing, still sounding like a background guitar player even though he’s very talented and an excellent musician. In spite of that, he gives off an impression of not being a part of the band, which brings it to the point that he sometimes simply „drowns“ in the sound and becomes invisible. However, this did not influence the band negatively, but the lack of furious solos by John Frusciante and the synergy he had with the rest of the band is noticeable. Anthony Kiedis should be commended for cleaning his act up, not mixing his verses or fall out of tune like he used to do before. Flea and Chad Smith are impeccable as always and among the best in the world.

The show started at 7 p.m. with the tour support band, As Able As Kane, who do sound interesting, but their sound demands additional listenings in order to get a particular opinion on them. At 8 p.m., 2Cellos come on stage and raise the atmosphere in the audience, even get a few of those „Luka, take off your clothes“ shouts from female fans. 2Cellos deserved their performance here by covering  "Californication", which they will also perform. They performed for about 45 minutes and the show, as announced, started promptly at 9:30 p.m.


Estimates about how many people were on the Hipodrom venue go around the number of 35000, but it was hard to judge on the overall audience atmosphere from the spot where I was, so I will limit myself to the experience from the top of Hot Pit. The audience in this part was very young and came mostly for the newer stuff, but there was a group of about 10 fans from Italy and Croatia in front of Flea that started moshing, especially on older songs, so Flea even greeted them before they went for „Higher Ground“. The crowd was mostly split into older and newer fans, that really wanted to hear different songs, so I have to admit that the setlist they composed matched everyone’s taste. There were a couple of things from the new album, while the rest of the setlist was mostly songs from „Californication“ and „By the Way“, along with the greatest hits from „Blood Sugar Sex Magik“. In short, there was something for everyone.

Right from the start, Anthony could’ve easily given the audience to sing, since it outvoiced him from the pure thrill of them appearing on stage. The crowd enthusiastically greeted each new song, but then when Flea announced an easier song and started playing „Me & My Friends“, part of the audience exploded and made the best mosh pit on the show. Younger part of the crowd was surprised, but some of them joined the mosh pit characteristic for RHCP in their earlier career, and still for the songs from that period. RHCP is known as a band that plays a lot of covers, so they treated us today with several of them, most famous being Stevie Wonder’s „Higher Ground“. Among the best received songs were „Under the Bridge“, sung by the audience with Anthony, and „Suck My Kiss“, that elicited overall thrill. The regular part of the show ended with „By the Way“, after which calling for an encore started.

After coming back on stage, they performed „Californication“ with 2Cellos, which sounded amazing and Zagreb was really treated with a spectacular and unique performance, although I wouldn’t be surprised if they invite 2Cellos as support in the future. After that, they played „Factory of Faith“, which was a wish from a female fan that held a poster with the track title the entire show, which the band rewarded. Of course, they ended with „Give it Away“ which took last atoms of energy from the audience and closed the shows, clocking slightly under two hours. There were a lot of tiny details such as Chad throwing drumsticks, Flea walking on his hands and thanking the audience, the fact that Josh had to sit through the entire performance due to an injury and lots of little things that happened. This was an awesome show that had to please all fans. Those who bought the ticket surely didn’t regret it, while those who didn’t go to the show because of doubts can only regret missing one of the best live bands on Earth.


Monarchy of Roses

Around the World

Snow (Hey Oh)


Look Around

Throw Away Your Television

Can’t Stop

Emit Remmus

The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie

Me & My Friends

Universally Speaking

Red Hot Mama (Funkadelic)

Under the Bridge

Higher Ground (Stevie Wonder)

Cosmic Slop (Funkadelic)

Suck My Kiss

By the Way


Chad & Mauro Jam

Californication s 2Cellos

Factory of Faith

Give It Away

Final Jam

Images from before the concert:


Former Croatian National Soccer Team manager Miroslav "Ćiro" Blažević came by to greet fans in front of the Hotel Westin where the band was staying. It was reported the band cancelled their flight to spend more time exploring the city and trying out various Croatian specialty dishes at the hotel before leaving.

The Pope in Rome showed his excitement at news of the Red Hot Chili Pepper world tour making a stop in Croatia.

Croatian President Ivo Josipović was ready to fuck some shit up., this is a photo of a Bosnian-Serb Olympian from the Vancouver Olympics and his pal (at least I think they're pals or boyfriends or something) wearing those chick magnet tshirts of genocidal maniacs and ethnic cleansers Radovan Karadzic and Vojeslav Seselj after holy Serbian-Taliban church services ..LOL, why this picture-photogram of a Bosnian olympian doesn't belong here at all.  How embarrassing, those darn Blogger image uploader technical problems again, must have something to do with this Facebook page,  I'll have to rectify this later peeps.

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