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Friday, 14 September 2012

Visit Zagreb with Ruben Alonso.....(Not The Soccer Player)

(Who the Hell is Ruben Alonso? I bet you're thinking) ....I wasn't planning on doing an edition about those typically touristy type vids here, I've already done a few in the past. (And lately there's been plenty of them)  However this one was passed onto me and caught my attention because...A) It's independently produced by a Spanish guy in the Spanish language (English subtitles) ...and...B)  It was filmed after the busy peak summer tourist season. (Which can be a good thing sometimes, historic Tkalčićeva Street gets very busy in the summer, (example) and at night it's usually packed galore as the various pubs, bars, restaurants start up (example)   He was nice enough to visit and have good words to say about Zagreb, so I figure I'll return the favor and post this.  (Besides there's that unwritten rule that  if you wear a Ramones patch on your jacket you have to post their video. It's the law of the interwebs)  I prefer adding these spontaneous and unplanned types of video footage anyway, as opposed to those "offical" tourist board vids and polished stuff where they only eat at the expensive restaurants, best beaches etc.

Primarily filmed in the older, historic Gradec district of Zagreb, it gives a peak at the more normal, less hectic vibe of this part of the city. Typically touristy stuff and locations yeah, but interesting nonetheless, and done in a Spanish perspective. It's similar to what does, but in David's case he's been all over Croatia, especially along the entire Croatian coast in the summer. (I've used some of David's vids on this blog, they're pretty good.  I have to get myself a gig like these people for ***** sake)  Rick Steves  travel videos are those typically tourist videos, also seems more less scripted and not as polished and offical looking, giving more inside tips)  I've been to or seen all the places in the below videos, and it really is much less hectic in the tourist off-season like I said.  I'm also maybe putting this here because during my time in Zagreb last summer, I decided to have a quick beer downtown and rest before getting to my accommodations with my luggage, it was a long flight and hot day. I wasn't even officially in Zagreb from the airport a half hour yet.  However, before I knew it I was chatting with a Spanish girl seated next to me, and ended up having a blast that night at Klub Purgeraj (great place, great music)... with her and her Spanish friends until 4 am. (They were doing that Euro-tour thing, among the curious hipsters it's unnatural if you don't do some kind of a Euro-tour at least once. "Oh, you've never been...")  I ended up having a terrific night out planned for me and I didn't even finish a beer yet after arriving. I spent a whole week in Zagreb in total the last time and I'm not tell you the rest, because I'm not the bragging type. Being Euro-trash again and leaving the stooges and various specimens behind was awesome. 


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The videos aren't touristy or even filmed in the summer, they're more the informative type and to show that Croatia has paved roads.

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