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Thursday, 27 September 2012

WTF?....It's Ivana Paradžiković

This is just filed under amusing and tee's.  I totally by chance came across this pic of popular Croatian news anchor Ivana Paradžiković at a t-shirt website. It seems to be some new Croatian brand named "WTF" (Self-explanatory).  Some of the tee's actually look pretty cool, their website is at the photo source link.

I previously briefly touched upon her and fellow female news anchor Romina Knežić who both do the anchoring duties for Dnevnik (Daily Journal) at NovaTV on a much more serious, in-depth and thought provoking investigative report post HERE.  ( I never see anything even remotely similar to this at the grocery store around here....ewww...shivers)  If anything, quite a departure from her usual straight laced, no-nonsense and serious news reporting image, and just a cool looking tee and pic. Who'da thunk she was such a rebel?  (Perhaps a tattoo is in the works)

(I also decided to touch upon an interview from 2009 which sheds some light on her background.  Interestingly, it's not generally known that Ivana was born to a Croatian household in Vojvodina.  Also, that at the age of  8, as the Serbian aggression on Croatia was peaking and Serbian paramilitary crimes against minorities, (especially Croatian minorities) was intensifying, the lives of her family was directly effected. Even her father was abducted by Serb paramilitaries and tortured for10 days. Soon after her father being let go she and her whole family, (and many others) were then forced to flee and leave all their belongings and home behind. (Many were not so lucky) They escaped back to Croatia, eventually settling in Zagreb. From there she continued her studies and the rest is history. You learn something new everyday. Complete interview at

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WTF? no kava i keksi?

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