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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

18 & Counting....Greece Ratifies Croatian EU Accession, Hillary Clinton Pays State Visit To Zagreb

Greek parliament ratifies Croatia's EU accession treaty


The Greek parliament on Tuesday ratified Croatia's European Union accession treaty, the Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration said.

Greece was the 18th EU country to ratify the treaty. The Greek parliament, which has 300 deputies, ratified the document with 283 votes in favour.

The Greek Parliament declared this momentous act should increase the number of Greek bikini babes frequenting Croatian coastal areas in the summer, as well as increase souvlaki exports.








I'm just quickly touching upon US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's first visit to Croatia today. Not particularly super exciting or interesting news, just typical political handshaking, smiling for the cameras, trying out different snacks etc. I also think the situation of neighboring BIH is being downplayed and not given enough attention, particularly in my personal opinion, regarding the status of Croats still living there who are not only a constituent people, but also a founding people. Croats were living there and Bosnia was just a part of the medieval Croatian Kingdom long before anyone ever heard of a Mohamud or koran or the taliban or a mosque. Bosnia back then was a much smaller area and simply named after the Bosna river. There were Croatian Princes and Dukes (aka Bans/Viceroys) who directly oversaw administering it for the Croatian Kings, it was a small Croatian administrative region) There were no Bosnian tribes or peoples that migrated into the area at any time whatsoever. (See for more info about that) Croatians also quite simply will not pledge allegiance to a flag and accidental country that also consists of an extremist pariah Serb mini-statelet occupying within the state, a occupied statelet that was built on exterminations, murders, genocide and ethnic cleansing. The extremist and cleansed mini-Serb statelet part also means fuck all to Croats. It would actually be best for that region and all of Europe and civilization if the Muslims and Serbs killed each other off to the very last, then Bosnia would just become a region of Croatia again like it used to be and is, a place to go skiing and camping in mostly, maybe grow some crops and open a few more fast food joints here and there. Or at the very least send them both off to Tajikistan forever.

Sure, Sarajevo may have a McDonalds now, maybe more selection in sneakers, soft drinks and Gangnam Style/The Rejects cd's, heck maybe even more Jerry Springer reruns and video games, but that's only just Sarajevo, and Sarajevo means fuck all to the Serb cleansed and occupied half of the "entity [citation needed]", (Go ahead, ask them) ...and it has been meaning less and less to Croatians lately with the way things have been operating in the other half over the last 20 years. There Serb war criminals are heroes, ethnic cleansers and genocidal maniacs adorn dressers and songs are sung about them by Serb supporters and Serb church gurus.

The overall situation politically has not changed in over 20 years, it's same old status quo, lousy surfing and pathetic parties that don't interest Croatians one little bit and have nothing to do with us.  Even most Europeans don't know about the state of the politics in BIH these days. Like I said, most don't know that BIH was part of the medieval Croatian Kingdom for centuries and that it has been populated by Croats from the start, and that Croats living there were the catalyst and deciding factor in preventing Yugoslav army backed Serb forces from ravaging and ethnically cleansing the entire republic in the 90's, that's on top of defending Croatia.

If the indigenous Croats were able to stand up for their existence and historical rights against the Serb onslaughts, and against the Ottoman empire jihads for centuries previous to that as well, (and in the process putting a halt to further westward expansion of the Ottoman jihads that threatened to even reach western Europe, they even circumvented Croatian armies and reached the gates of Vienna for a time in the 16th century) What makes the Muslim nationalist politicians (which is a joke and makes me laugh, as in how is being Muslim suddenly turn into a nationality or ethnicity exactly? someone explain that magic to me because it would really make me laugh), and their agendas these days now think that Croats won't or should not stand up for themselves again and assume their historic and rightful place? How can any sort of country function or exist when half of it is occupied by people who don't give a shit about the country as a whole, burn its flags and who took part in and supported ethnic cleansing/raping/genocidal military campaigns against Non-Serbs in the republic for years in the 90's? I could go on an on, but basically BIH is one failed country the way it is today that is hanging on a string that is fraying daily, an accidental country in name only. See for more info.

Clinton visits Croatia, set to become newest EU member



U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told Croatia's leaders Wednesday that their country has great potential and that the United States is optimistic about its future in the European Union.

Croatia is set to join the 27-nation bloc in July of next year. It is already a member of NATO.

Clinton is visiting Croatia's capital, Zagreb, as part of her tour of the west Balkans. During a meeting with Croatian President Ivo Josipovic and Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic, she discussed bilateral relations, global economic situation and the role of Croatia in the region. She said U.S. companies are interested in investing in Croatia.

“You have an educated workforce. You have a developed infrastructure. You have a very favorable geographic position. You are a promising destination for investment. But you also have a very high rate of unemployment for young people that could be addressed by opening up your business sector to greater competition.”

Secretary Clinton arrived in Zagreb from Pristina, where she reiterated Washington's support for an independent Kosovo, saying “the United States remains firm on Kosovo's sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

She was addressing the tensions that remain between the ethnic-Albanian Kosovo government and the Serbian government, which does not recognize Kosovo's 2008 declaration of independence.

“We oppose any discussion of territorial changes or reopening Kosovo's independent status. These matters are not up for discussion. The boundaries of an independent, sovereign Kosovo are clear and set.”

Clinton also said the United States wants to see the rule of law extended throughout Kosovo, which is plagued by corruption problems and the competing interests of ethnic Serbs and ethnic Albanians.

On Tuesday in Belgrade, Clinton had urged Serbian leaders to move forward on talks with Kosovo, stressing that such dialogue does not require recognition of the former province's independence.

European Union officials have also urged Belgrade to normalize relations with Kosovo.

From Zagreb, Clinton flies to the Albanian capital, Tirana, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Albanian independence.

This recent visit is the first visit by a Clinton since President Bill Clinton paid a quick visit to Zagreb in 1996. That marked the first visit paid by a U.S. President to newly independent Croatia.

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