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Monday, 22 October 2012

BundekFest & RujanFest At Zagreb's Lake Bundek

 Chowing down at "BundekFest"

I had to throw this together really quick this morning. Since my last post I got to thinking...dam, not only did I give free tourism exposure to the Serbian Testicle Cooking Championships, but also on top of that, what if people started Googling festivals and then saw images on this Croatia related blog of people having a testicle festival?  What if they didn't know how to read and were just looking at the pictures?  That's how rumors start. So I had to update this blog asap. I don't want internet readers to mistakenly think that it was in Croatia where the testicle shindig was going on, it's all about truth and telling it like it is.......

Outside looking in at "RujanFest" Photo: Marko Prpić/VLM

On that note, here's a brief post about "RujanFest" and "BundekFest".  They are 2 music/food/cultural festivals that take place annually in September in the city of Zagreb. Just a couple of local Autumn themed events that both take place in the month of September. (Rujan (pronounced Rooyawn) is the Croatian month of September, hence RujanFest = SeptemberFest) The newer BundekFest is named after Lake Bundek where the festival takes place, with free admission too.  RujanFest starts the month and BundekFest finishes it off.

Kudos to the mayor of Zagreb, Milan Bandić, for being behind both of these events, especially being a supporter of BundekFest. You can never have too many festivals I say. A great way for the city/community to get together and have fun after the hot and busy summer tourist season. It's a musical mix of everything so there's something for everyone, young and old. Anyway, I'm not going to get too involved with this one. All the  information and images are at the links. Let's just say there's  lots of food, music, rides, entertainment, beer, (lots of beer) you name it. Some video high lights from both events below, as well as a vid about Zagreb with scenes from both events......

Watching one of the many music acts during BundekFest 2012.

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"BundekFest'12" photo gallery:

"RujanFest" photo gallery:

"Zagreb - Pulse of the City" with some scenes from both events.

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