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Friday, 12 October 2012

Australian "CROktoberfest 2012" Just Around The Corner...

I'm posting this because after coming across similar stuff many times over the years, I found myself wishing  that my parents would have emigrated to Australia instead of Canada back in the day, I'm not the only one either, believe me.  (Maybe spending 2 full summers in and around Rijeka as a kid might have something to do with that, going to the beach almost everyday etc... )  I'd miss the autumns/winters definitely, but why?...Well, besides much better surfing, suntanning, more beach volleyball, AC-DC, Australian Playboy, Australian Open tennis and a slew of other reasons, here's just one more awesome reason to add to the list......

Now, we have Oktoberfest's around here in Canada, (Been there, done that, great event) especially around here being close to Kitchener, Ontario, which is the Oktoberfest capital of Canada, and actually the biggest one outside of Munich itself btw.  I've known about this one since it first started up in 2006, built around the theme of the Munich Oktoberfest, but with the added bonus of a Croatian themes, music, food and culture included as well.  I'm a big fan of the Oktoberfest food too, which is actually similar to Croatian food in the northern and eastern parts of Croatia, sausages, sauerkraut (kiseli kupus), noodles, breaded veal, roasted and grilled everything, million calorie cakes and pastries, lots of beer, wine, all that. We play accordians as well. Have you ever seen or heard a hot chick playing accordian? I have and it's pretty hot. Feel free to Google that. (Not many Oktoberfest's give the option of ordering ćevapi I'm sure too)   Actually they've been holding events called "Dani Piva"/"Days of Beer" for years in various Croatian cities and towns with similar beer/food/autumn themed festivities around this time.  (See previous post example HERE or HERE)

The band "Grupa More" performing some Croatian stuff during CROktoberfest'11.

As a sidenote, many people may not know that Australia actually has a sizeable population of people with Croatian ancestry, and even played a major part in the history of Australian football (soccer) and other sports.  As for this event in Australia, I would definitely go to this if I was there, one would have to be crazy not to.  CROktoberfest AND surfing?..that's a no-brainer if you ask me. More info is at the links below....The events official website is at:

(I've heard rumors that David Hasselhoff has already reserved his tickets)


Photo gallery:

Croatian culture on tap in Sunshine North

Now you can enjoy Okotoberfest, Croatian culture AND surfing, all at one place.


FOLK dancers, stein-swillers and dirndl-wearing waitresses will return to Sunshine North as CROktoberfest celebrates its seventh year.

Held at the Melbourne Croatia Social Club in Somers St, the day-long event is in the tradition of Oktoberfest events but with a Croatian twist.

A large part of the event, which organisers expect will attract a crowd of 5000, will be held under a tent.

Event spokesman Dom Dedic said the event was shaping up to be one of the "most exciting" since its inception in 2006.

A scene from CROktoberfest 2010.

Poster from CROktoberfest 2008.

"The club is promising an event bigger, better and more spectacular than any other," Mr Dedic said.

There will be 16 hours of entertainment including the CROktoberfest Cup Soccer finals, six DJs, traditional German and Croatian folk dancers, a boulder-throwing competition, cup and saucer rides and face painting.

CROktoberfest is on October 20 at the Melbourne Croatia Social Club, 2 Somers St, North Sunshine. Details: Dom Dedic on 0431 167 294.

CROktoberfest'12 official website:

(If you are so inclined, you are also free to go check out the funs and wows at the Australian Serbian chetnikfest as well. You'll have to bring your own knife, chetnik cap and tee's as they are not included in the ticket price. You'll have to get more info about that HERE)...

Last years Serbian chetnikfest master of ceremonies and official bartender...(although the best chetnik arsonist and live people burner, Mitar Vasiljevic, had to represent him by proxy)...good ol' Serbian Jesus himself Vojeslav Seselj

Some posters advertising some of their other Serbian chetnik dance parties that shows all the funs and wows you missed out on...

This Serb and his pals were not invited to CROktoberfest or even any Oktoberfest anywhere in the world.

Who can forget such serbian "Chetnikfest" classics as "I'm gonna rape and kill your grandmother because your dog dissed my fingers and flag while I was raping the Non-Serb Albanian in the alley, where's my bottle and hat you filthy Non-Serb scum?"

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