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Monday, 29 October 2012

Hallowe'en Jack-O-Lanterns In Croatia

This one was fun to do. Just a few random but interesting photos of peoples Jacko-O-Lanterns in Croatia that were sent to a newspaper, a common thing around this time of year. I decided to spice this one up by adding throughout some trailers for some of my favorite Hallowe'een movies of all time, you just have to remember though it's Hallowe'en and they're just movies....If you want real horror many times you just have to put on the news or a televangelist show. (Just too many to choose from over the years though, too many Top 100 Lists) There are also lots more pumpkin photos to check out at the various Croatian news portals. I was going to touch upon some of the centuries old traditions, beliefs and customs related to this time of year in Croatia, including graves, dead people, spirits, ghosts, costumes, bonfires and mythology etc. I don't have the time though. The top one isn't really all that great, sort of a wimpy looking Jacko-O-Lantern that just screams out Charlie Brown to me for some reason, but it looks like the little guy tried really hard to make it look scary at least, which is the main thing and reason for the season. My Hallowe'en good deed........

(also, related to my last post about recent Mlinar caffee/bakery openings outside of Croatia, if you happen to live near one, don't forget they also have Hallowe'en specials)

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