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Saturday, 20 October 2012

The Many Faces Of "The Cravat" or Modern Neck Tie

I've already done a post about this in the past, the complete history of the modern neck tie and and the Croatian connection to it. Complete with video and my own added images of cravats/ties worn by even today's celebrities. You can read that HERE.

*Note - You may want to check out a previous post about bikinis HERE, I updated it with some hard to find vintage photos of swimming around Zagreb in the 1800's)

A brief history of the origin of today's neck tie.

...I'm actually in the middle of watching Rob Zombie's "Hallowe'en" on this Saturday morning. (If you haven't seen it, that's the one to watch before Hallowe'en, trust me). Anyway, I'm only just quickly throwing this in after the fact (Cravat Day is October 18th) ...because of the strange choices of examples of neck ties worn over the years..(I Googled this topic for a bit and believe me, there's many more stranger and surreal  examples from around the world, I could've really gone with this topic). That's about it...enjoy......

Happy Belated Croatian Cravat Day

 At the bowling green. Chew Stoke, England. Photo by Martin Parr.


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Yesterday was Cravat Day in Croatia. The cravat, the prototype for the modern necktie, first appeared in Croatia in the seventeenth century. In belated recognition of the occasion, please enjoy this selection of male neckwear as pictured by Magnum photographers.

New York, U.S.A. Photo by Bruce Davidson.

Mosul, Iraq. Photo by Thomas Dworzak.

Tokyo, Japan. Chris Steele-Perkins.

Lisbon, Portugal. Photo by David Alan Harvey.

U.S. attachés during the annual “Day of the Army,” 1988. Guatemala City, Guatemala. Photo by Larry Towell.

Egyptian workers trying to flee Libya, 2011. Tripoli, Libya. Photo by Moises Saman.

A boy selling ties. Bangalore, India. Photo by Christopher Anderson.

Bogota, Colombia. Photo by Alec Soth.

Outside the stock exchange, 1937. Paris, France. Photo by Robert Capa.

Outside the Golden Tulip Hotel. Accra, Ghana. Photo by Stuart Franklin.

Singles party. Shanghai, China. Photo by Patrick Zachmann.


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