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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Humanitarian Action: Let's Stop Future Maddies

Sometimes you gotta tell it like it is, because terrible news just keeps popping it's ugly face these days.  This story has been around the internet for years now, and something needs to be done to prevent future scenarios from happening.  Feel free to join the forum at the attached link and help in any way you can.  It's never too late to make a difference. It makes matters worse that these predators have been getting adbuction/molesting tips from Serbs who specialized in this kind of behaviour throughout the 90's in various parts of Europe.  Only in a perfect world will vacationers be free from the clutches of these types of creepos and their acquaintances and  so-called "friends, (Don't let the gold cross necklaces fool you either or listen to them talk about how religious they are, it's all part of the show and smoke and mirrors trickery, also a great number of them also will also tell people that they are married, again, don't let this fool you, those are just usually the ones that like going after the boys.  Believe me, like I said I had a Portuguese landlord for 2 years and lived by a Little Portugal, so I know exactly what the fuck I'm talking about.  That's without even getting into the Brazilian factor, that's a whole new can of worms)... so this is one positive step to help eradicate creepocity.  (I've seen it all folks...2 years of a Portuguese landlord, over 4 years by Little Portugal. tsk tsk. I must say, per capita the sickest people I've come across. (Well actually they're tied for first with quite a few Serbs)  No real Slavic person would be found dangling around those parts, that's for sure, because it gets much worse.  Believe you me. (Have you ever seen the Portuguese deli's?...The stuff you spoon onto your bun from that tin of  brown stuff on the counter? A far, far cry from Denningers, that's for damn sure)...Why Ljupka Gojic would drop her can of blood and run for the nearest exit in a jiffy, you can bet your new Calvin's tell you what. yum.

I've been privy to this fucko syndrome and it's effects by living in very close proximity to Little Portugal in Hamilton, Ontario for over 4 years, from like minded stooges in Calgary, why even during my short stay at Frankfurt Airport on my way to Croatia last summer...these types are ready to pounce and pinch with their sweaty tentacles in the least likely of places.  Many times, as can be seen at the attached link, the so-called "community" that the culprit is a part of, will actually spin and make the stooge some sort of local celebrity or even a  popular artist. This type of sicko-syndrome unfortunately is even making Croatian vacation spots unsafe, as some of these types have been sneaking across the border as purported "handy men" or "importers/exporters, passing themselves off as being some kind of traveling affluent "European" sometimes going so far as to declare themselves Polish, German, Norwegian and Ukrainian (sometimes even as Lithuanian or some other fictitious made up ethnicity like "Yugoslav, Bosnian, Svenborgian, Baltonian, Servian, Braslavian, Carpathian etc) and then setting up shop along the beaches usually wearing cheap knock-offs of those common tawdry style of sunglasses. For many years they have been setting up shop at the Calgary Stampede, finding employment as barn cleaners during the day, then walk amongst the night time oblivious crowds, in search of "young chickens" to take home, as can be seen at the link, the Cowboyfest is ideal stomping grounds for meeting other like-minded "handymen" and "carnies".  (Mall foodcourts and Walmart's are very popular as well)  Rumors of a European style deli or cafe opening up soon nearby is usually enough to get them packing and scurrying off in a hurry. Again, feel free to help and contribute in anyway you can.....

(One good telltale sign is if that guy beside you in the change room has underwear (usually white briefs for some strange reason) that looks like THIS, then it's pretty well a given he's not the one to invite to your 5 year old's next birthday party or watch the kids while you're out of town.  Also,without trying to take this humanitarian post and turn it into a Croatia related post on purpose for self aggrandizing reasons, I probably should pass onto readers that this unfortunate news item has even affected some well known Croatian personalities in the past as well.  Nobody is unaffected from the topsy-turvy world of stooge-ism and pinchers it seems, even celebrities. More on that HERE)

Link to join the forum and post or discuss:

Related news to disappearance:  eclectical-artistry-curiosities

This important piece of social commentary regarding the above news item is affecting not just Croatia, not at all, but numerous other countries. (This is on top of the illegal Somalian situation  that has been in the news in various countries lately)...Over the last few years there has been a rise in the amount of these Portuguese molesters travelling across Europe and emigrating even into parts of Canada. Travelling in bands, and sometimes independently, usually under the guise as construction workers, mushroom pickers, or "handymen" of some sort   (Having lived in the vicinity of a Little Portugal for over 4 years, that's on top of the unprivelege of having a Portugusese landlord for 2 yers, I'm very well acquainted with their modus operandi, subterfuge and sometimes very oddball sense of humor and emanating odors from those unhealthy food and ingredient choices, which may contribute to their predilection for tiny tots. Combined with the scumbag vagrant elements that always frequent there for various services, crack whores and addicts.. it's enough to make someone sick.)

 Attending church on an irregular basis is also the form of subterfuge they prefer to employ,  so as to not draw attention to their unkept soiled fruit of the looms, stained pants and perspiring/heavy breathing when in the vicinity of prebuscent boys and women walking their dogs at night.  This is also the place they prefer on weekends to scout for potential "recruits" when school playgrounds are empty. Medical professionals in the mental health field usually desribe this type of behaviour as "anaclitic anima" and a kind of "anasognosia". This type of behaviour considered normal by many in their community of like-minded individuals, is actually a mentally disordered particularity or unmentionable behaviorosity.  I would put many Serbs as well into this category from my experiences with them over the years, a very sick and fucked up bunch characters and stooges with disordered thinking patterns.  More information on that HERE.  This may partly explain why in Cowtown these 2 communities are like 2 peas in a pod, scratching each others back, so to speak.  (That's why A Serbian Film opened to packed theaters all across Portugal, breaking attendance records and getting rave reviews, the baby rape scene was especially popular)  American conservative super-hero spokesperson Anne Coulter is especially concerned and looking into the matter.

See what I mean?...coincidence?  (Not really if you know that the vast majority of Portuguese are Serbs anyway)  Now if only all the Serbs would all go move to Portugal, even take this guy.  Now that would solve a lot of problems for Europe and the area, besides the awesome fact of Serbian Jesus being in the same country as Portuguese Jesus they could then hold their Serbian trumpet festivals. In a perfect world.....

Many times standing around pretending to read a newspaper is a way for them to scout the area for fresh meat, yet look all sophisticated-like.  Usually right after having a bun with that brown stuff spooned onto it from that tin on the counter, like I previously mentioned. For some strange reason, it looks a lot like this stuff....coincidence?

 Many times these kinds of individuals will be seen hanging around street corners or coffee shop parking lots pretending to read newspapers or that they are the coffee shop liaison for inside info. (I even came across a few of them hanging around at the Frankfurt airport last summer, on my way to Croatia.  I think they may have been one of those purveyors and importers/exporters of those exotic Brazilian adult movie-films featuring those talented acting canines who can walk on their hind legs, dance etc. So I've been told) 

Cockle picker Joaquim José Nóia Agostinho , just one of many possible suspects in the case of Madeleine McCann. (Not photoshop was used in this photo)

As a postscript, I thought I should add this short video about Satanic Disney.  Maybe this guy is onto something, maybe Disney is behind all this abducting business. putting abducting ideas into poor folks noggins.  (Those people in Brazil know how to run things down there afterall, trust me)  Maybe we should go through all of Disney's films, frame by frame, in slow motion, get rid of all those penises, vaginas, other genitalia, references about kissing and all that subliminal sex all over the place, that's just plain sick.  We all need to do something about that Pedo-Mouse.  (Why is Miki Mouse always smiling? talking in that voice? all hot and bothered and giggling, with those eyes full of sexual thoughts?  It sounds to me like he had some kind of Satanic abduction and genitalia party if you ask me.

 I think we might need to get slow motioning on some of the other cartoons on tv these days, some of them look pretty suspect. It's better to be safe than sorry, better that than having subliminal penises, vaginas and sex talk all over the place. That's sick.  I don't want perverse cartoons turning my kid into some future Jim Jones or something.  Just think, there could be sicko's right now watching Disney penis and vagina cartoons even as I I write this.  Let's get slow motioning people! We need to nip this penis and sex talk cartoon business in the bud.....

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