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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Take A Peek At The First Bulgarian Restaurant In Zagreb



A new restaurant opened up last week in Zagreb.  The first of it's kind in the city.  Zagreb's first Bulgarian restaurant called "Mehana Restaurant." One isn't given the option of only Croatian food when in Zagreb, we've had Chinese restarurants for years now, as well as Japanese, Suchi bars, Mexican, Indian, Greek, Italian and others, so this is about time I say. That Tatarsko kufte looks pretty frikin good if you ask me. (I'd highly recommend to people to visit Bulgaria sometime, based on what I've checked out there's more food like this, as well as good skiing, bars, good beaches on the Black Sea, not to mention all those hot Bulgarian chicks..etc and so on, there's hardly any Serb women there at all)

I always liked that ambiance and feel of a restaurant that makes you feel like you're eating in that country)  A restaurant avoiding the trendy, gaudy atmosphere that is popular with some new trendy places to dine at. (designer salt and pepper shakers so they can charge you 50 bucks for a $3.99 watery, bland, meatless saucy-like pasta dish, classy mirrored tiles on the walls so you have to constantly keep combing your hair or checking your lipstick, plastic flowers all over the place to make you feel like you're smelling real flowers in a real plastic flower garden, that enigmatic trying to be cool artwork on the wall that makes you forget to eat because you're too busy trying to figure out what it is and then your meal gets cold, those lousy hard as rock greenish-white mints at the cash register that you almost break a tooth on and nobody likes because they've been sitting in that bowl for the last 3 1/2 years which is why they're stuck together, stuff like that)

To be as authentically Bulgarian as possible, the restaurant also has a Bulgarian chef in charge of the menu.  The Chef says that the meats and vegetables he orders locally, but for his special creations he orders special ingredients directly from Bulgaria......

.....The Bulgarian meaning of the restaurant is "Tavern".  It's completely styled according to the old rustic Bulgarian style of something out of the 19th century, complete with even a fireplace, also including vintage stone and woodwork, traditional Bulgarian costumes, patterned textiles and even souvenirs.

Bulgarian food is similar to some Croatian food, but these menu options will have that strictly Bulgarian recipe origin and flavor.  The restaurant offers most of the known favorites, but the one that has been very popular is "Sać po Rodopski." (Which also looks pretty frikin good and is obviously not for people on diets) It's made of braised chicken, leeks, onions, peppers and  parsley then all topped with eggs, sour cream and cheese. The owner of the restaurant says that it's become a total hit and favorite with the customers........(It could also possibly give you a heart attack if you pig out on it, but still)

...It's only been in existence for just over a week, so not much more I can add here. Meals run about 35-40 Kuna (around 6-7 bucks) The best time to visit is on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays when diners can enjoy the added bonus of live entertainment. (No need to worry folks, it's nothing like a Serbian trumpet festival, that's for sure. Not even close...whewww)


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