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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Ultra Music Festival Heads To Croatia For 5 Years

The popular Ultra Music Festival, the worlds biggest electronic music festival is coming to Croatia...hmmm?, How about that?  This and not some no-name, 3rd rate music festival by far.  Personally I think they couldn't have picked a better location, and it seems the organizers thinks so as well.  Croatia's close proximity to so many other countries and of course the Croatian coast I'm sure were big deciding factors. The economic spinoff is nothing to sneeze at either, and the basically 5 years worth of free exposure will definitely let more people know where Croatia is on the map.  I have my own personal faves when it comes to electronic, EBM, darkwave, synth oriented music and all of  it's offshoots.  Even Jonathan Davis of Korn is a big fan of Skrillex, who's performed at the UMF previously and ended up working with them on their last album. (See interview, I threw in a Korn featuring Skrillex song from their last cd at the bottom as an example of the hybrid sound)

Yep, I don't mind electronic music at all and haven't for the longest time, I'm just particular. Take for instance my Depeche Mode concert post scheduled for Zagreb next summer HERE.  2 thumbs up from me on that one. (Mind you, if this isn't your cup of tea, feel free head on down the road to the 51st annual Fuckofest...I mean Serbian Trumpet Festival, I heard they have a surplus of Ratko Mladic, Radovan Karadzic and other war criminal tee's and posters, so you'll probably get one dirt cheap, mind you they'll probably be busy burning Kosovo flags nowSerbian Jesus will be gouging rat eyes out with plastic spoons in hyperdrive now I bet, but I digress)

Now, just because one listens to electronic music, it doesn't automatically mean that you wear those white pointy runners with the spinner mags on them, that you wear a diamond earstud and some cheesy tshirt, a stupid hat, lots of gold jewelleryfake Gucci sunglasses and that you're gonna look like this during the whole time of the festival.  Not at all. Some other harder music acts and synth oriented performers have collaborated on some music projects that I like. Rammstein+t.A.T.u. springs to mind, or have been fusing the 2 genres since the start, like alot of industrial bands. Awolnation is a good recent example. (love KMFDM, NIN, Combichrist, Unter Null,  just way too many to mention here) If you forget about the crappy videos from the 80's, Front242Front Line Assembly and tons of others put out some classic synthesizer based opuses) But now I'm just babbling.....

......Anyway, I was in Split last summer for a few days, and it was crazy packed.  Big ships coming over from Italy daily.  Other ships and yachts from around the world, I met Russians, Czechs, Australians, Spanish, Germans...list goes on and on. Tourists galore.  (With all the history around Split and Hvar, the castles and fortresses, ancient ruins, the dinaric mountains as a backdrop,  the mix of the historic old and new, and then throw in the blue water and beaches to top it off. This 3 day event is going to be quite something, especially for the Poljud Stadium gigs.  The Hvar event will be something too of course. (It's becoming sort of like the Monte Carlo of Eastern Europe.  See HERE)  Hvar is more of a laid back, relaxing type destination, but the residents would have to be crazy to complain about this. (I just wouldn't recommend if your grandparents or church group are planning on going to Split or Hvar for their vacation/trip, to plan around these 3 days)   So, this short 3 day music festival is nothing but a plus I say.  The cost of the tix are amazingly cheap as well. And of course, it must not be forgotten probably even more of those Russian. Bulgarian and other European babes will be coming down to the coast for this, and you know what that means.....exactly and exactly. This will beat your downtown ghetto bingo hall. mall food court and that bar with the karaoke by a mile, I'm telling you.  (Words of warning, drink lots of liquids because it will be hot and sweaty, pack light) More info at the links...

Update Dec 6 - As expected the early bird tickets that went on sale were all snapped up in 10 minutes. At the price of €40 each it wasn't all that surprising. The next batch of tix go on sale Dec 12.  More info: Here

Ultra Europe website coming soon:



Ultra Europe Heads To Croatia For 5 Year Residency


Ultra Music Festival, the world’s premier electronic music festival, is headed to Croatia from July 12th – 14th, 2013 for Ultra Europe, it was announced in a press conference in Zagreb today (Nov. 28). Taking place in the city of Split (12th and 13th July) and the island of Hvar (14th July) for the very first time, organizers have also revealed the further news that Ultra Europe will now be housed exclusively in Croatia for at least the next 5 years.

With over 60,000 attendees expected to descend upon Croatia for the debut edition of the annual event next Summer, Ultra Europe will take place at the beautiful Poljud Stadium in Split for days 1 & 2, while the 3rd and final day will see the event hop to the Hotel Amfora Grand Beach Resort on the stunning island of Hvar – just a short ferry journey away. Performances from all 3 days will be streamed globally through UMF TV and UMF Radio.

Besides being the only European edition of the world-renowned Ultra Music Festival next year, Ultra Europe will also be one of the first major events of its kind in Croatia following the country’s expected entrance into the European Union on 1st July 2013. It is also predicted that the Ultra Europe festival will inject more than 20 million euros into Croatia’s economy over the next 5 years, and is considered to be one of the most important investments in the Croatian tourism and entertainment industry in recent times.

Russell Faibisch – Founder, Executive Producer and CEO of Ultra Music Festival and Ultra Worldwide shared his excitement:

“Electronic music is one of the most popular and fastest growing genres in the world, and the Ultra Music Festival has been recognized as one of the leading festivals of that genre. Taking into consideration the highly developed music scene in Croatia and the excellent reputation of Split and Hvar as top tourist destinations, the decision to bring Ultra Music Festival and the incredible experience it has to offer to Croatia – in the form of Ultra Europe – was an easy one to make. We strongly believe that electronic music fans are acutely aware of what Ultra Music Festival represents and will come in great numbers to share this amazing experience in both Split and Hvar this July”.

Skrillex performing in Miami at Ultra Music Festival.  Photo Credit: Michael Goldberg.

Adam Russakoff – Executive Producer, Talent Booker and Director of Business Affairs for Ultra Music Festival and Ultra Worldwide went on to say:

“I’m extremely excited about this new chapter for Ultra and our expansion into the European market. The recent boom in music tourism in that region, coupled with Croatia’s expected entry into the European Union in July 2013, makes perfect sense for us from a business perspective. Concerning talent; whilst we’re not yet at liberty to disclose the finer details regarding specific artists for Ultra Europe 2013 at this stage, what I can say is that since its inception back in 1999, Ultra has always prided itself upon programming the most forward thinking, innovative line-ups any festival in the world has to offer. With regards to Ultra Europe, we have whole-heartedly committed to upholding this tradition and I can personally guarantee that this year’s programme will be no exception.”


A limited number of early bird tickets for days 1 & 2 at the Poljud Stadium will go on sale on December 5, priced at a staggeringly cheap €40 (300 Kuna).


Phase 1 of the line-up will be revealed at 12.00pm (local time) on the 12th December, 2012!

Korn featuring Skrillex

Some other versions of electronic music I'm kind of partial to.

You can play all of the following songs at the same time if you want. (I already tried it and it sounds really good, like a DJ mixed super top of the charts mega dance floor hit from the east side)

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