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Sunday, 16 December 2012

1.3 Million Bulbs Used In Croatian Christmas Display

I already did this one last year, but it seems to be popular enough for the various world news agencies, so I'll quickly throw it in again.  He's up to 1.3 million bulbs now, up from 1.2 million last year. (He's also been expanding on to Easter as well)  It's snowed since this story was published, so it looks a lot better now.  Hopefully his electric bill gets covered by the donations.....





A mother and child look at a decorative bear at a country house estate in the village of Grabovnica near Cazma, central Croatia December 12, 2012. The seven-hectare estate owned by the Salaj family is lit with 1.3 million Christmas lights and turns into a winter wonderland every December, attracting thousands of visitors. (Antonio Bronic/Reuters) 


The excitement that 1.2 million igniting Christmas lights inspires. The Salaj country estate near Grabovnica in Croatia has been enchanting locals for nine years. The radiant scene is the brainchild of estate owner Zlatko Salaj. Salaj grew up extremely poor and after spending his career working abroad, he returned to his family estate and decided to brighten it up.

SOUNDBITE: Zlatko Salaj, estate owner, saying (Croatian): "So for the first year in 2002 I used 70,000 Christmas lights. It was a sensational success in this area; everyone loved it, especially children. People started asking how many lights would I use the following year, and I said I would use 100,000. So the number grew more and more, and this year we have, thank God, 1.2 million." The elaborate decorations attract tens of thousands of visitors - and keep Salaj busy for much of the year.

The scene comprises almost five kilometres of underground cables and some 180 kilometres, that's over 100 miles, of wires. And with a whopping electricity bill of twelve and a half thousand US dollars, Salaj asks for a nominal entrance fee - well worth it for these enlightened visitors.

 Tara Cleary, Reuters.

His lit up Easter displays don't get as much coverage, but are also popular with many visitors.

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