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Friday, 14 December 2012

Hajduk Split Players Pay Visit To Elementary School

Vladimir Dugandžić / CROPIX


I like putting these types of stories here,....(especially when it has absoltuely nothing to do with all the endless  Gangnam-style parodies, or all the news overkill regarding Kate Middleton going to pop out a kid because Prince William got his dick wet 9 months ago, like let's have a big Serb Salsa-Trumpetfest or national holiday already)....nothing particularly newsworthy, just about where members of sport teams, the Croatian national football team or other athletes pay visits to hospitals or schools. Seeing the expression of the kids faces, seeing them get excited to see their sport heroes, etc. In this case a couple of the younger Hajduk Split soccer club, Mijo Caktaš and Josip Radošević, paid a surprise visit to the 4th grade students at "Lučac" elementary school in the city of Split.

The kids started singing Hajduk cheer songs as soon as the players came into the class. (Like I've written before, Hajduk Split are a huge part of the image of the city and are like a religion in Split, and even other areas of Croatia.  Too see what I mean, check out the 100th year anniversary footage at post link HERE)  They signed autographs, answered questions about rumors of them playing for Real Madrid or Caktaš in Russia soon, gave out Hajduk Split scarves, tee's and other goodies.  All in all, just a short cutesy little feel good story.

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