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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Croatian Snow Swimming, Norwegian Kickalicious, Bingo & Petra's Jacket

From the town of Našice in Croatia, this footage of Mario Gajski shows a chilly stunt which is perhaps best left to the experts. A man launches himself off a driveway and does a butterfly stroke downhill.

While wearing protective clothing he dives face-first into the snow and appears to actually be 'swimming' down the ramp. The man is not wearing any protection on his face and re-emerges at the end of the stunt covered in snow.

The video was posted on YouTube on  December 10th where it has been watched more than 100,000 times.



This one has absolutely nothing to do with Croatia, but had to share it after coming across it just minutes ago. I did find the original story on a Croatian news portal though, so it's sort of Croatian related. Here 27 year old Havard Rugland from Norway makes it look easy, easy like making a grilled cheese sandwich on a Saturday morning before watching Disney cartoons. I wonder if the mouths of some NFL team scouts are watering right now?.....



I also felt I should make some social commentary regarding all the Fake Angelina Jolie sex photos and videos floating around in the internets world. The dark, evil and horrible weeey side of cyber-world.  (It's horrible) I noticed that these things were spreading like wildfire all over the webs, especially since the completion of her first directorial debut film, right around the time of her first premieres. (I did a post about her Zagreb premier of that film  HERE)  Lot's of Serbs were boycotting her around that time, calling her "Analina", Slut, Illuminati Slut Anal Spy, Euro-Hater Analina Turk, Slut-Mouth Ang-analina, Cum Mouth Anal-Hater etc and so on. I have a feeling they may behind these recent Fake Angelina Jolie films, uploading these fake videos from their computer-machines to give their name calling some credence.

Don't be fooled though. Just remember, it's not really her.  If you come across one, you can usually tell because of the unnatural position of her neck and head motions in relation to her body, like the example below, where the person substitutes a head from one of her movie roles. Also, you can tell because she hardly blinks at all, no perspiration or moaning as is usually the case,  and the music is used to distract you from noticing she's just talking through the whole episode. (The most realistic version that I accidentally came across, was where they substituted the head from her role in the movie "Hackers", that one seems to have disappeared though, nobody can find it anymore)  A trained eye will immediately notice the discrepancies however, a sub-par editing job and egregious chicanery attempt, compared to a real version added below it as a comparable  example. There one can see moaning, perspiring and blinking which is usually the case. (I tried to find similar insulting, despicable fake movie-films featuring Jelena Rozga and Lana Jurčević as a few more examples so to illuminate my readers and illuminate them, but I haven't found anything........yet. (Well, I did find a fake Jelena Rozga image, see below, but no fake video movie-film......yet)  I found one featuring Oprah but I'm not even going there, and it looked top notch almost real)  Keep your eyes peeled and be on guard for these egregious fake adult movie-film videos littering the internet galaxies...

(Original fake Angelina sex video footage replaced by me due to Blogger content rules, you'll have to Google for it)

A fake Jelena Rozga image, just no fake video.......yet.

This footage of Croatian popstar singer Severina with a Bosnian-Croat from a few years ago is a pefect example where crummy music isn't used to distract a poor editing job. Also, as one can see there is ample moaning, perspiration, blinking, natural body and head motions as would normally be the case. (Original video footage replaced by me due to Blogger content rules, you'll have to Google for it)

Another example of a very popular fake nude celebrity film footage. It was proven shortly afterwards that it was a fake celebrity in the video, yet even these days people believe it was the Hollywood actress. (Original video footage replaced by me due to Blogger content rules, you'll have to Google for it)

I felt I should also mention about the fake Blanka Vlašić sex tape that has been circulating around for the past few years. Again, Blanka herself has stated it is not her in numerous interviews. Do not be deceived by these unholy fake sex tape producers and falsified video uploaders. (Original video footage replaced by me due to Blogger content rules, you'll have to Google for it)

I also thought I'd add this cute local bingo hall pic as well. I just recently came back to my hometown after a 3 year stint working and some studies out in Cowtown, Alberta. This is the city's local downtown  hotspot, the bingo hall, a local landmark practically. Well, I'm back here for a short time finishing up some courses before leaving again.  So if you ever decide to visit Hamilton, Ontario, you just have to go. You simply must. You even get free refills of coffee supposedly, or 2nd cup for a quarter, I forget which one.  Lots of times I heard they have specials on hot dogs and fries. There's plenty of relish, mustard, ketchup etc, and varieties of potato chips and cold refreshments, even lip gloss I think. For those not in the know, bingo halls are very big on this side of the pond, example. If you visit here you simply must go. It's a religion practically. The thrilling rush of the sound of stamping and dabbing, then hearing someone all of sudden yelling out "Bingo!" and then the accompanying Bingo song and dance will send shivers down your spine. (Someone went through the trouble of taking a magnificent photo of the convenience store just behind the bingo hall here, there you can buy smokes, chips, chocolate bars, pepperoni sticks, rolling papers, gum etc, at night time you can buy lots of other things too. I'm pretty sure they have some type of scratch n' win bingo betting games you can purchase there too)

I recall walking by here recently during the day one time when it was busier, I accidentally had my headphones off for a moment, and I even heard this lady once say that she found a looney, right there in front of the doors, it was just laying there on the ground (she pointed so I know exactly where in front of the doors)...right there in front of the doors!  That's on top of the last time I walked by there about 4 years ago, a lady once said she found a bus transfer on the ground, again, right in front of the doors, and it wasn't even expired yet..It was still good and had about 15 minutes left on it!!!  It just goes to show you that you never know. At night there's these guys who hang around in front at night (there's no loitering allowed inside, they are very, very strict about that and even have a sign saying so)...and supposedly you can get good deals on things, I don't know what, but they're deals. You know how hard it is these days to find a good deal don't you?  Some guy who has tattooed raindrops on his face, him and his homies who hang around, walking around, they supposedly have some good deals at their place too, I don't know what they are, but they're good deals. I hear sometimes you can get good deals and just have to go to one of the local alleyways. That's a pretty good deal, wouldn't you say?  With all the dabbing action and deals and still good bus transfers and loonies laying on the ground and such, I guess you could say this downtown landmark is the place to go for all the action and deals, no doubt about it. The busiest most happening place around. (A guy told me way back that he went there one time and got into a conversion with a bunch of ladies, and they talked for hours about European art, poetry, history of photography, soccer results and a whole bunch of other stuff, old episodes of Baywatch or 90210 I think)  Just remember to get extra ink stampers (dabbers in bingo lingo)  and of course dress very comfortably. (Another good view of the Hamilton bingo hall here and even a black and white version photograph here. (Pay special notice to the carpet patterns too).  Special thanks to the photographers for the sources of the amazing pics)

Unfortunately the photographer left out of the photo a big neon sign just to the right, it's different colours and lights up reading "Happiness is shouting Bingo".  Image courtesy of

I found a few photos of the bingo sign after all, the bulbs show up a lot better at night though, practically like a free outdoor light show. You also knew Spring and Summer was just around the corner too when people would line-up in front for the $1500 jackpot. Image:

The doors are almost open, anticipation is building before the bingo action starts. Image: www.the

The excitement is building as the sign lights up, at night it's almost like a light show. Image: www. the

You can't see the sign here unfortunately, but there's the extra added view of the same slogan from a different angle. Image: www.the

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