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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Photos Of The Day: Moto-Mraz Santa Bikers, Rafters & Windsurfing On Christmas Day In Croatia

Here's some interesting photos of biker Santa Clauses who took to the walkways of historic Dubrovnik on Christmas day, handing out goodies and just basically spreading holiday cheer.  (Santa Clause is "Djed Mraz" in Croatian, which when translated actually means "Grandfather Frost" as well as "Djed Božićnjak" is used which translates to "Grandfather Christmas", it's the same dressed character though aka Santa Clause).

There were similar Santa Clause festivities that went on in many places across Croatia on Christmas day. I also added a few photos from some Santa Clauses who decided to take to the water near Mrežnica in more northwestern Croatia and get their feet wet. (Rafting on the Kupa River (Croatian: Rijeka Kupa) is very popular there but only in the summer time). And below that at the bottom is a couple of photos of some guys who decided what?..why take to the water and do some windsurfing naturally of course, near the coastal town of Šibenik...

Photogallery sources:

Since noticing that quite a few of the motorcycles and clothes worn by the Moto-Mraz Santa Clauses are made by Harley-Davidson, I suddenly thought it would be a good time to make things clear. Below is a photo of just some of the hundreds of Serbian chetnik and ultra-nationalistic paramilitary types that have been fighting in Ukraine recently, you know, as mercenaries to shoot at Ukrainians to help them leave Ukraine etc. You will also notice that one of them is wearing a Harley-Davidson top. I can assure the reader that all the Croatian Harley-Davidson wearing and riding Moto-Mraz Santa Clauses found here are not in any way associated with or support any shooting or cleansing of any Ukrainians in any way whatsoever, and that none of them are going to volunteer to go Ukraine to do the same or get involved with redrawing their borders either and then pose for picture photograms. I can also assure that the Harley-Davidson company also does not support their efforts either because Harley-Davidson is about freedom and feeling free while riding the roads which is the opposite, that's a fact. More about this topic at a post HERE.

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