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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Photo Of The Day: Snowy Day (& Skating) In Opatija, Croatia

This was an interesting find. After the horrible experience from Walmart a few days ago, then the grocery store yesterday, this will distract me for a bit, (Walmart people are everywhere though, the coffee shops, fast food places, malls, all around downtown, you name it. Anyway.....) About 40 centimeters of snow fell across larger parts of northern Croatia this morning, and some coastal areas received a winter welcome as well. I was going to add a photo of the coastal town of  Opatija, which was also left untouched, and then add a photo of Opatija in the summer. (Not as big a snowfall as back in February, but it's still early yet) Sort of a comparison of the views that I thought were pretty cool.. Then by chance I came across another interesting photo/fact. There is ice skating in Opatija as well. Now that's very cool. (There is actually hockey and skating in other coastal towns too btw) The Alpine skiing World Cup races that take place in Zagreb after the new year should be happy with this news as well.

(Then I ran into another interesting story related to Opatija, that being the "Maiden with the Seagull" statue, which is featured in many photographs facing the town of Opatija. I always wondered what the story with that was. Now I know, see Here and Here)

Anyway,  one doesn't usually think of ice skating and snow at all when they see photos of summer time Opatija, the swimming, beachfront cafes, walkways and picturesque panorama images. The 2013 European Figure Skating Championships will be held in Zagreb again in just a few weeks, so who knows?, maybe one of these aspiring Mirna Librić wannabe's will be representing Croatia at the European Figure Skating Championships and Olympics a few years down the road. Maybe even a future Katarina Witt or Ekaterina Gordeeva? You never know...Practice...practice...practice.......







Today's image of snowy Opatija:

 Outdoor Ice skaing in Opatija. Image:

The more common and familiar view of summer time Opatija most are accustomed to seeing.

Some more images of a very different looking warmer weather Opatija.

View Larger Map

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