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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Croatian Series "Croatian Kings" To Be Broadcast Worldwide By Viasat World History Channel

This is a pretty cool piece of news. I didn't plan on doing anything history related for a while, particularly anything about this series..."Croatian Kings" (Hrvatski Kraljevi). I already did a post earlier this year about this recently Croatian produced documentary series which revolves around the beginnings of the Croatian state,  rulers, kings, queens, dukes etc. In that post however, (I have this thing about medieval times and Croatian history sometimes btw, ever since the magic of the all-mighty power of the cult of the internets and the legion of matrix minions, and these types of films seem to be popular in Hollywood too)...I went with the flow on that one and ended up adding much more background information, facts, source links, images, and probably a lot of little known background facts about the times when Croats first arrived to our present lands from various areas north of the Danube river in the 6th-7th century. Facts that give a clearer picture and understanding that disproves a lot of rubbish and invented history from some Serb sites I inadvertently came across, but mainly from Serb wannabee historian experts trolling on  Croatian sites and forums surprisingly. (I'm talking total hogwash as in Bullshit, with a capital B and crappy drawn maps with lots of magic marker drawn crooked arrows on them and squiggly lines, fantastic stories, like that guy in the provided "historian guy" link below). I also added all 7 of the episodes as well, again, with added interesting supplementary information for each episode so the viewer knows what's going on. You can view that post at viasat-croatian-kings-documentary-series, if the Youtube videos get deleted don't worry, I found a bunch of other places after Googling around.

However, I was sort of excited...(relax... not that excited, there was just some extra time between the interesting cooking segments on the local OmniTV shows and the Joao Joao and Joao Francesco episodes. They're gonna start filming in Chinatown and Little Italy soon supposedly and the hijinx and fun-isms will get even better, they got a super-soaker now and that hot pepper chewing gum in the Wrigley's packaging). Anyway, when I first heard about this series being produced I thought it was a great idea and about time. Like I mentioned in the original post, this isn't a mega million dollar, super duper special effects documentary series on the scale of some major Hollywood motion picture or even the recent filming of HBO's "Game of Thrones" in Dubrovnik, but it was cool to finally see some visuals to go along with the people, places and events that the historians and narrator throughout the series are talking about, it draws you in and makes you feel the times and atmosphere better. Something more than just the photos and paintings one would come across just in books not that long ago. Croatian Television HRT did some very good documentaries in the past about Croatian history, but this is the very first documentary that focuses on this specific time and history, of the Croatian nation from the first recognized and organized realms, royal dynasties and Croatian Kingdom, with input from other historians also. Yep, a great idea I thought, the viewers and people in general should know we didn't just appear out of nowhere in the 90's

Well, it seems the people at Viasat World Broadcasting thought so too. But a big bonus this time, as the series will have English subtitles and/or dubbing. Hopefully lots of viewers will enjoy this series and come to know and learn something about Croatia's very interesting, eventful and long history, that we've been around a long time and didn't just pop out of nowhere in the 90's. This series has already been shown on Croatian Television, but it a good thing it's going to be shown on Serbian Televisions as well. Based on articles I've come across here and there on the internet just by chance, they teach very skewed versions of history there it seems, and publish some very erroneous history in books. In some polls I came across, a large segment of the Serbs questioned didn't even know that Croatian history extended back as far as it does. They didn't know a thing about the Croatian Kingdom that preceded the Serbian one by centuries, they didn't even know that Croatians arrived to where we are before them and had a successive line of royal dynastic rulers at all, and that's just the basics. (Instead many believe the made up concoctions and ludicrous fables of Mr. Germans, Jews, Romans, Greeks, Swedes, Russians and white people are Serbs "historian" guy and similar historian guys, I don't know about you but I personally find that insulting as well as delusional bullshit, even Dracula and the Roman Empire was Serbian, how about that? amazing).

This series might even have the same guy narrating in that English accent, so it might seem even more authentic and historical, just like those big production 70's Roman Empire series' on the television, where all the Romans, Greeks and Jews and..well..pretty well just about everybody are walking around speaking in English accents all sounding like Richard Burton and stuff. Now that's authentic and impressive and makes you feel like you're really there. The people behind this project have another documentary just around the corner that will be focusing on the history of Dubrovnik, that's another one I want to see eventually too......


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Croatian TV Series Broadcast Around The World


On Monday evening a Croatian mini-series debuted on satellite TV station Viasat History, which is broadcasted in over 30 countries in the world, making it the most broadcasted product overseas from its producers Croatian Radio Television (HRT) in their history.

Millions of viewers around the world will get a chance to watch “Croatian Kings” (Hrvatski kraljevi), which tells the tale of medieval Croatia and the beginnings of the Croatian state and its rulers, in seven fifty minute episodes.

Croatian Kings director Bozidar Domagoj Buric said that the series was bought by the foreigners immediately after appearing at the TV festival in Cannes.

“I am proud of the success of HRT and “Croatian Kings”, which will be watched now in over 30 countries, making it the most broadcasted series to come out of HRT in the world ever,” said Buric, adding that a new series, to be titled “Republic” and which will follow the history of Dubrovnik, is currently being prepared.

New episodes from Monday, 17 December @ 14.30 CET on Viasat Nature (CEE)

More information and media about the making of the documentary at

Thought I'd throw in this pieces of footage too, it gives some insight into the painstaking behind the scenes work and attention to detail involved, sometimes for even just a few seconds of footage.

Croatian Kings making of from Kristijan on Vimeo.

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