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Monday, 28 January 2013

The 6th Burn "Carnival Snowboard Session Rijeka" Took Place



The 6th annual "Burn Carnivial Snowboard Session" just wrapped up the other day in the coastal of city of Rijeka. (Yes.....that Rijeka). This popular winter event just keeps getting better and becoming more popular for the residents and especially snowboarding/skiing enthusiasts. (I don't snowboard, but I ski and would have loved to have been there for even just the ambiance and atmosphere). The temperatures hung around 0 degrees, so it was good enough for bringing in the snow and giving this event another systems go, right there in downtown. Leave it to those crazy Rijekans (Croatian: Riječani) to come up with this idea of hosting a World Snowboard Tour event right smack in the middle of downtown practically. (Croatia, the land of ice hockey in Roman amphitheatres as well). I read somewhere that this event is actually the only location in all of Europe where a professional ski/snowboarding event is held literally just steps from the sea. (seriously, you could throw a rock into the Adriatic Sea from where this took place). You can even see the Adriatic from the local ski hill Platak, which is rare also.

In a nutshell, this snowboarding competition event is co-organized by the local Snowboard Klub Nine, travel and tourism Rijeka and the main sponsor "Burn Energy Drink"

Prizes were given out for the top 3 podium finishers. The judges based their marks on the snowboarders tricks and their degree of difficulty. This year a competitor from Austria took 1st place plus about 800 Euros, second place went to a Slovenian and a local from the city of Rijeka took 3rd place. The competitor from Rijeka was also the highest finishing Croatian, so he also won a free trip to the next KnockOut Snow Festival. (Which is pretty cool because it's the 2nd most popular attended winter/ski event for Croatians after the FIS World Cup slalom races at the Zagreb Snow Queen Trophy)

During the event there was plenty of music, electronic music, and local zany popular music legends "Let 3" started off the festivities with a free concert for all those in attendance. They played a hit filled set that made the fans ecstatic. (If you don't know who the zany legends Let 3 are, see previous post Here). The local newspaper held a contest where people could send in their photographs of the event, and the one deemed best wins a trip to the largest snowboard event, "Air & Style" which will be held in Innsbruck in just a few days. 

All in all lots of free fun and snowboarding action to check out, and this is just sort of a warm up to the finale of the Rijeka Karneval in 2 weeks. (The Rijeka Karnival festivities are already underway). So, now you know what they do in Rijeka in the winter, if you're maybe in the area next year go check it out. Some pics below, there's more images/vids at the links....

Burn Carnival Snowboard Session 2013_Trailer from Snowboard klub Nine on Vimeo.

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