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Saturday, 12 January 2013

French Fashion House "Lanvin" Designs Shoes Inspired By Croatia

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This will be probably be my last post for a while, Monday I go back to finish some studies until summer, so I'll be busy with labs, homework etc. Even though I don't know a thing about women's shoes this news that came out recently I found to be interesting, and definitely great exposure for Croatian cities. (I do the odd fashion-related post, I'm very talented and can change my underwear and socks with my eyes closed, even wash my hair and balls at the same time in the shower and brush my teeth while humming a song, really). These shoes, which are already available at Harrods, will definitely bring nothing but positive exposure and excite a lot of Croatian women. (for example, this blog from where I got the images?...she's very excited about this news). Having a major French fashion house like Lanvin designing shoes inspired by Croatia and especially your city, I guess that can be exciting for a shoe person. Lanvin has been worn by celebrities, models and important world personalities and VIP's for years I discovered. (I never heard of Lanvin before, I just Googled a bit and found all this information out)

Pricey yes, (Way out of my price range for shoes) but then again it's Lanvin we're talking about, and Harrods, not Sears, Factoryshoe or Payless, not that there's anything wrong with that, because sometimes there's really good selections. It's all about presentation, stylishness and demeanor...within your budget. How do I think these shoes will sell in Canada?  Hmmm?...I think these shoes would be a good fit for parts of Montreal. Toronto, Vancouver possibly also. But Montreal definitely. The city I'm in right now?  forget about it. I don't know when's the last time I've seen anything even similar to these styles of shoes here, nevermind high end designer brands, ghetto cities aren't high heel shoes territory. (Put it this way, the downtown mall Dollar Store is the busiest place by far, heels in some stores are buy 1 pair, get second pair free, but you have to hunt for the left or right matching shoe from a mountainous pile of shoes on foldaway tables, since the time of this post that mall store moved)

Surprisingly, I like the design of these high heels for a variety of reason. I like a woman who wears a cool pair of heels now and then, or at least for those special occasions. One can even wear high heels with jeans. (not any jeans though, definitely not mom-jeans, I don't even know if any kind of shoes go with those kinds of jeans actually). Heels with shorts are also highly recommended according to fashion magazines. Heels with skirts or kilts?...I don't see an issue there either. Heels in bikinis? (see Mandy Lang video below and make up your own mind, maybe she should be wearing some chunky basketball shoes or velcro strap sneakers instead? perhaps). Sometimes there are situations where nothing has to be worn at all even, except just only the high heels. There are plenty of examples of that all over the internet, (example) and again recommended by fashion magazines.

I've been to Zagreb and Rijeka, so I can understand his decision and enthusiasm to name shoes after those cities, you'd have to visit there to understand. Yep, come to think of it Rijeka is really my hometown too. When I was 11 and 12 years old I got to spend 2 whole summers mainly in and around Rijeka, and what great times and memories they were, the best times of my whole childhood actually without a doubt. It was cool being in Croatia and meeting a whole bunch of relatives, (as opposed to where I came from where I didn't have any hardly) and seeing the various historical things, architecture and places from centuries ago, even historical places and things from the Early Middle Ages and during Croatian Kingdom times, and I'll tell you it felt much more personal and just very cool being in the land of my ancestors from the Croatian Kingdom centuries and before, than just hanging around a local corner store or donut shop back in the Hammer getting my bike stolen or sniffing glue, you know how like Jews have their promised land,  Muslims their mecca, Poles their Poland, Chinese and Japanese their China and Japan etc. (Oh but don't worry I wasn't some pre-pubescent history nerd kid, there was plenty of the Croatian foods, going to the movies, the swimming, beaches, playing, exploring etc, but it even just felt much more like home for these reasons, you know, that being among your people and family in your historical lands thing, (and the signs even w ritten in Croatian, how cool was that?), I actually really didn't even give a shit about what television reruns or sports scores I was missing from across the pond, because..."Heck, maybe one of the Croatian Kings or Dukes or Princes walked down this very same path over a thousand years ago to take a dip in the sea, just like me"...stuff like that. Yep, without a doubt Rijeka is my hometown too. Anyway...

Besides, there's a lot worse things to have the name of your city associated with or things named after your city these days, for instance, I'd rather my city/town be associated with a famous French or some other European fashion house than..well, a lot of things. (Based on my observations and experiences, I personally think Split and Zadar should get a design too). Like I said, these heels are not cheap, so if you decide to get a pair for yourself, (Or you're going to buy your wife, girlfriend or daughter a pair)'s also very important that you/she know how to walk in heels, otherwise what's the point? You'll just embarrass yourself and embarrass and hurt those around you, perhaps even fall on them starting a gossip condundrum for years to come). Once you learn how, it's just like riding a bike, skating or skiing and you'll never forget, so they say.

Also, I'm not telling anyone to go out and buy these or any other high heel shoes. You can wear whatever shoes you want, and obviously wearing heels if working in a kitchen, warehouse or going jogging etc, is not a good idea. I'm just of the opinion that there's nothing wrong if a woman wants to look feminine, sort of like they used to in those 1920's and 30's movies especially, practically every woman was wearing some sort of heels back then looking all feminine with pantyhose and skirts, even going to sporting events was heels time, even going to professional wrestling matches was heels time. (If the woman wasn't wearing heels going downtown to shop or do important things she'd be a spectacle and an anti-social freak almost, mistaken for just waking up out of her cave or barn). Interestingly, there are numerous examples of women accordionists wearing high heels, I'm not making that up. Heck even these days celebs are practically always seen wearing high heels. I also added some high heel theme related videos at the bottom......




French Fashion House Finds Inspiration In Croatia

Croatia and its beauty was the inspiration behind famous French fashion house Lanvin’s 2012 shoe collection. Lanvin’s famous Moroccan-born designer Alber Elbaz was so inspired by “Croatia’s coast, Croatian women and the blend of Slavic and Mediterranean beauty” that he produced a range of shoes and named them after places in the country.

 "Croatia" Crystal Flat.

The shoes, which range from 500-2000 Euros in price, are named after the cities of ZagrebDubrovnik and Rijeka,  the island of Pag and there are also even a pair named Croatia  (pic above). British actress Tilda Swinton is a known fan of the “Rijeka” model, owning a pair in brown suede.

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A brief history of high heels.

Betty Page was hardly ever seen without her high heels

Some people have high heel fetishes, sometimes they can be like an aphrodisiac.

The popularity of high heels are everywhere one way or another.

....Jelena Rozga is another Croatian singer that practically is never seen NOT wearing high heels. (The background dancers are wearing t-shirts of the Croatian fashion brand "Elfs" btw, it has nothing to do with actual elves or leprechauns) *Update- Jelena actually bumped into Gwyneth Paltrow recently on a trip to London, and guess what they chatted about? Why, complimenting each others choice of heels of course. Story:

One of my favorite recent high heel movie intro moments. (Great movie with lots of spills, thrills and chills)

From an earlier post HERE about the making of the "2012 Miss Tuning Calendar" in Croatia, some fine footage of high heel modeling. (This was another topic that did a great job promoting Croatia as well as high heels)

Like I mentioned above, knowing how to walk in heels is very important. Otherwise you don't just embarrass yourself, you'll embarrass and hurt everyone around you.

Here's a perfect example from an updated post about Zagreb's "Klub Purgeraj", the kind of place and example where women in Doc Martin's or high heels are not out of place. Heel's are equal opportunity.

Sometimes you don't even notice the high heels at first, but just like the Illuminati, they're there.

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