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Friday, 11 January 2013

Gregory Sertic May Become Croatian National Football Team Representative

Gregory Sertic (Right) in action for Girondins de Bordeaux

Who exactly is Gregory Sertic? Well, the Croatian National Football team tried to get 23 year old Gregory Sertić to join the national team back in 2009, but he already had prior commitments with the French U-21 national team.  He was born in France but is of Croatian descent.  He's been playing in the French league since then. On the various soccer related sites in Croatia, and elsewhere, some have been comparing him to current national team member Ivan Rakitić.  (I guess because Ivan Rakitić is another Croatia national team member who is of Croatian descent but was born outside of Croatia also,  in Rakitić's case his parents moved to Switzerland just before the Serb/Yugoslav attack on Croatia in the early 90's)

Will Gregory Sertic have an effect on the national team? Will he being filling the net for his international caps?  I doubt it, he's not known to be a frequent goal scorer, but the French U-21 national team thought he was worthy of being on their team, so the HNS (Croatian Football Federation/Hrvatski Nogometni Savez) must see something they like. It's interesting to me though, that since he's of Croatian descent, that he's decided to accept the NHS offer to represent Croatia 4 years later.  As for the comparisons to Ivan Rakitić, I wouldn't quite just yet be making those comparisons. Rakitić in 44 caps for Croatian national side has scored 9 goals, including this important recent long range game winner.  We'll have to see how this pans out and what role the midfielder is going to fill on the national side......

(I'm going to just quickly add a personal amusing comment here, something I briefly touched upon HERE, and the old Toronto Blizzard football team from the 70's/80's.  That being that stories like this is what I used to dream about as a kid.  I'm talking I used to even take out the pencils and crayons and spend hours drawing up what the future Croatian national soccer team (and even hockey team) uniforms would look like. (Some local Srbs said Croatia will never have a national soccer or hockey team, pigs will fly before that happens) Of course, I naturally also used to dream that I was going to someday be on the future Croatian national soccer or hockey team.  I was convinced it was going to be a reality.  I was 10-ish, it was shortly after a 2 month vacation in Croatia, that was my dream. (Previous to that vacation I had planned on being Spiderman, Shazam or Thor, sometimes even Wolverine, but a summer in Croatia of playing soccer almost everyday changed all that, I was hooked, hooked like a junkie who was already anticipating his next euphoria from a fix/soccer game)  I could  still be Shazam or Spiderman in the off-season. It seems however, I was born just a bit late, otherwise this story might be about me.  Dam, some of those uniforms I drew up looked cool....)

You may want to watch this short amusing vid first about "Soccer or Football?"

 Gregory Sertic (Middle) playing for Girondins de Bordeaux.


 Gregory Sertic to join Croatian national team


Bordeaux midfielder Gregory Sertic has decided to play for Croatia.

Zorislav Srebric, the director of the Croatian national team told news agency Media Servis that Sertic would arrive in Croatia in January to fill out the paperwork and would start playing for Croatia in March when the national team hosts Serbia in a World Cup qualifier.

"He has chosen Croatia and that's the most important thing. We now have to see the procedure through to the end," Srebric said.

The 23-year-old was born in Brétigny-sur-Orge in France, but he is of Croatian origin.

 Gregory Sertic playing for Girondins de Bordeaux.

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