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Monday, 28 January 2013

Jelena Rozga, Gwyneth Paltrow, London & High Heel Shoes...

Jelena Rozga was in London recently and some strange conversations took place . Image:


 Jelena Rozga and her high heel shoes. Biljana Gaurina / CROPIX.

This was just too serendipitous to not throw in here, especially since it ties in with a couple of my previous posts. In a nutshell, popular Croatian babe/pop singer Jelena Rozga paid a short visit to jolly old Londontown recently. She'd never been there before so this was her first visit to see the sights, try some cucumber sandwiches, fish and chips, do some shopping I guess, whatever.  Anyway, you'll never guess who she bumped into in a restaurant. Take a guess. (If you guess wrong you're really not too swift).....

In London on the way to get some real authentic tea and those cucumber sandwiches.

Well, she bumped into none other than Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who was in the same restaurant having dinner with her friend Stella McCartney  And guess what some of their short conversation revolved around? Yep, shoes naturally. That's so uncanny. Meaning...I just did a post not that long ago about high heel shoes just for the hell of it (Which Jelena is known for wearing practically at every concert. See Here). I also included a video there as proof. Long story short Gwyneth complimented her on her choice of shoes, and bla bla bla, la di da and that's the gist of it. But in case you didn't know, in the near future Gwyneth will be portraying the role of painter/artist Dora Maar, see post Here. (There's the little known interesting fact that Dora Maar has Croatian in her background, I did a post about that topic Here. Yep, definitely the shoe-gods were behind all this, or maybe not, but the Dora Maar thing, shoes and cucumber sandwiches and Jelena Rozga triangle does make it interesting to me)

 Gwyneth Paltrow and Jelena Rozga in London talked shop...I mean shoes. Getty Images

Do you see the perfectly timed and aligned coincidences? That's why I had to quickly throw this one inThe "shoe gods" were definitely telling me to do this one, and everyone knows you must never ever disobey the shoe gods, it's the law. While here I also decided I might as well throw in various Jelena Rozga vids from throughout the years too, her and her shoes included. If you like her stuff, buy her cd's at her website: That's about it, enjoy......

 I had to throw this pic in too, you don't see anything like this at the downtown bingo hall or at the Walmart McDonald's, that's for sure.

(btw, I swore I would stay away from doing "celeb" type posts, but the Croatian related topics outweighed the general "celeb" factor for this one. And you know me, if it's Croatian related in any way whatsoever, I have the final say. I also have to make it clear, that the t-shirt she is wearing in the one video is not referring to those Elfs or Elves/Leprechauns or any other gnome-like being, but rather to the popular Croatian fashion house brand "ELFS."  These and other occasional mistranslations is how rumours about hotel sex romps with coked out midgets involving lots of different jams, whipped cream vodka, fluffy pastries  leather catwoman suits and donkeys in naughty nurse costumes get started).

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I've read some misinformed comments here and there in internetland, so I have to add here that her t-shirt actually has nothing to do with elfs or elves or gnome-like beings at all, instead it's a tee of the Croatian fashion house ELFS. (There now that's cleared up, you can proceed with the videos)

I had to add these 3 vids into this post because they're just not getting the deserved amount of views, get viewing people. (More boring Rozga videos below afterwards)

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