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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Photo Of The Day - "Blue Cave" On The Island Of Vis

I've come across photos (examples) of the caves just off of the Island of Vis, (technically just off of the small Island of Biševo, which is just off of the Island of Vis) especially this popular "Blue Cave" (Croatian: Modra Spilja)  This is definitely on my list of sights to see down the road.  It seems almost other wordly, mysterious and mesmerizing. Psychedelic almost.  For many years people weren't allowed to explore and enjoy the scenery of the island because it was used as an army base during communist rule, but now the beauty of Vis is available for anyone to enjoy.

It seems like an ideal place to get away from the mass of tourists that flock to the mainland, and simply enjoy the peaceful serenity, or possibly bring a bottle of some good rakija and  just float around in the cave for a while.  (That's probably not allowed though, drinking and sudden urges to take a dip aren't a good idea.  I'm telling you though, when you go to places like this, or the other coastal areas, the last thing you'll be thinking about is all the various downtown fuckos you've come across, the word "mall" won't even be in your vocabulary for quite some time, the bingo hall and images of my city here were,  personally speaking, the furthest thing from my mind anyway)  Sometimes dolphins can be sighted too.  One can find similar caves on some coastal areas of Italy and Greece where they're popular places to visit as well.  The blueness of the water reminds me of Baška on the island of Krk which I was fortunate enough to visit in '09)  Where I'm at is 28 below outside, so doing this one was kind of depressing. (Good news though, my school program will start at a later date afterall, so more fun & fact-filled fun-ness filled posts for a time, lucky you)  More about the island of Vis, Biševo and the "Blue Cave" at the links.

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Found some footage, next best thing to actually being there I guess.

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