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Monday, 21 January 2013

Photos Of The Day - Tobogganing At Lake Jarun In Zagreb

Residents of Zagreb making the most of the recent snowfall that blanketed the city and other parts of the country in white stuff, actually looking like they were waiting for the snowfall all along.  Tobogganing on the hills at Lake Jarun.  Normally in the summer this place is filled with people swimming, bbq-ing, attending different festivals and sporting events. Too bad it didn't come a bit earlier during the holidays, but better late then never I guess. Full photo gallery at the source link.....


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I updated this post and decided to first throw in this amusing pic of Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandić helping shovel snow during the recent snowfall.   For those not familiar, he's one of those Mayor's that isn't afraid to get his hands dirty or in this case, his boots wet.  (He cooks at the annual Zagreb FIS World Cup Ski event, he does a bunch of stuff, sort of like a Vladimir Putin). I've heard rumours that he also tames lions at the Zagreb zoo, has a part-time home-made smoked sausage making business, knows how to re-heel his shoes and is secretly digging a moat around the city of Zagreb for tourist boat rides, no machinery or anyone else, just him and his shovel. Amusing, anyway.....

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