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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic - Chetnik Ultra-Nationalist, Sick Fucko & Just A Plain Bad Liar

Some extra updated info was added to this original post from a few weeks ago, deserving of a repost I thought.......

 Dream the dream Mr President....Dream the dream......"A man's gotta have Serbian dreams after all"

I love the fusion of bloggging and freedom of speech, the bringing of facts to the forefront, dispelling invented information and blatant lies, the result being enlightening pieces like this.  All serednipitously timed with the 20th anniversary of "Operation Maslenica" in Croatia as well.  (Read Here for more about that)   Just last year the current Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic first became captain of the Serbian boat, so to speak.  Now quite a few of his views and beliefs that were previously known only in Serbia, or to his inner political circle have come to the forefront. Political diatribes and tirades that made him popular with the ultra-nationalists ( and that strange hybrid of  "old guard communist-national crowd with the new generation of extremists)  I discussed a few a points about this topic on previous posts  HERE and  HERE......  The little known topic that President Nikolic has a very shady and dark bubbling liquid from some the earth past.  From a promoter of and direct involvement in the attacks on Croatia as a soldier in the early 90's, to becoming a member of those quasi-religious ultra-nationalist chetnik organizations, being an extremist nationalist politician himself and even being good pals with and a loyal follower of none other than Vojeslav Seselj himself and his crowd.

But the main point of this addition is to just expand a bit on some recent comments that came from his mouth since becoming the head of state of Serbia.  Just a few comments where it is not only shown that Nikolic doesn't know history, but even quite possibly does know history, but prefers to spout lies in an attempt to exonerate his and the 90's Serb/Yugoslav attacks on Non-Serbs, and in this case, on the Croatian city of Vukovar.

Logic in his comments which plainly show just a how much of deranged, infantile and ill person he really is. Paranoid and elitist, without having any reasons to feel elitist about anything really.  I'm not exaggerating either. A product of early 90's Slobodan Milosevic and Serbian nationalist era philosophies and politics, which ultimately were tied to 19th century politics, schemes and ambitions. . And all this right here, right now, in Europe in the year 2013.  The time of smartphones, and internets, and tons of documented video footage from the early 90's.  The same year that Croatia is due to become a member of the European Union. Really not surprising though, I've come across many Serb background people over the last few years, especially since blogging,  who specialize in this kind of fucko-ism.  (Yep, that's all it is ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, gotta call a spade a spade)  It's sort of ingrained in their Serbo thought process...bzzzzz bzzzzzz bzzzzzz.  (A product of lots of whiskey, Serbian church indoctrination all combined with lots of stories and dreams, and more whiskey and singing while shooting off rounds)  It is laughable that a character like this guy is running their country.  A country supposedly in Europe in the year 2013.  I personally really think that instead he should be time warped back to the 19th century, or maybe even back to between the 14th and 19th century.  I think he's still just living in denial that the 90's Serb wars of aggression were not successful, that Croats and other Non-Serbs did not go away.   In a nutshell, here's the gist of it and what I'm talking about.......

Many of the new Serb president's ideas can be found here:

EXPERT REPORT OF RENAUD DE LA BROSSE "Political Propaganda and the Plan to Create 'A State For All Serbs:' Consequences of using media for ultra-nationalist ends" in five parts:

Tomislav Nikolic in the uniform of Serbian war criminal Ratko Mladic.   One of Ratko Mladic's most well known quotes was "We need to commit genocide in order to create our own country." He is also positively, absolutely sure that Vojvodina  is 110% percent Serbian as well.

Another view of the uniform and hat on a Ratko Mladic tshirt of a Tomislav Nikolic supporter.

Above, images of typical Tomislav Nikolic supporters celebrating his electoral win in the streets of Belgrade last year.

Firstly, based on some of his recent comments, he is sorry that Greater Serbia didn't succeed.  Sorry Serbian politics, power and borders didn't expand at the expense of others.  He's sorry they didn't win their war basically. He is sorry that Vukovar and other large parts of other peoples territory, of numerous other Croatian towns and cities didn't become part of an envisioned so-called "Greater Serbia" dreamland.  I don't need to explain this one much further.  It's directly from the horses mouth, so to speak, and self explanatory. I don't need to put words into his mouth, just elaborate so the reader fully understands what is being said.

Rumour has it that these scenes of Croats (and whatever Non-Serbs were around) being expelled by Serb/Yugoslav forces from the town of Vukovar in 1991 bring happy, fuzzy nostalgic memories to the Serb President.  Photo:daily.portal.hrSome other images that warm the cockles of his heart HERE

 Serb and "Yugoslav" soldiers making Vukovar a Serb city in 1991. Only a make-belive European country and people with a make-believe church that supports and at times initiates policies that result in the images above would would elect their new current so-called president.  I think you will agree as you read on.  The only thing that would make their current "Prez" situation more surreal would be if he was espousing the views of these wackos.

Secondly, he commented recently to media that he thinks Vukovar is a Serbian city and that Croats should not have come back to the town.  This quote has not only caught the attention of Croatia, but of the region as a whole and even of European heads of state and politicians, including the European Union, and even beyond.  European politicians are amazed that this guy is the leader of a supposedley European country in the 21st century. Amazed at the blatant sympathy and support of the combined Serb-Yugoslav  onslaught on Non-Serbs.  Is the reason he said those words ultimately so that Serbs in Serbia will believe him?  Believe his warped versions of history? (They have lots of warped history book floating around in their school system, so possibly. That's another topic though) When his former accomplices and pals were being charged for numerous war crimes charges, his retort was "They must not end up in the Hague. If they [international authorities] come to their door, they should kill themselves". 

Thirdly, he uses the logic in the above mentioned 2 public statements to actually justify the bombardment, shelling and destruction by Slobodan Milosevic's Serb led Yugoslav army, then by Serb chetnik irregulars and Serb paramilitary killing squads during the  87 day " Seige of Vukovar"  Yep, let me repeat that so that it becomes more clear.  The current Serb President Tomislav Nikolic thinks that it was ok to bombard and shell civilians and the whole town of Vukovar  (Croats, some Non-Serbs and even some Serb civilians included)  for 3 months because it was, in his eyes...a Serbian city.  This is his logic, it's pretty plain to see and read and I don't have to make up anything here.  I want to make sure the reader fully understands his statements, logic and reasoning by even paraphrasing again....TOMISLAV NIKOLIC, THE CURRENT PRESIDENT OF SERBIA, (PICTURED AT THE TOP)...THINKS THAT IF IN HIS EYES IT'S A SERBIAN CITY,  THEN IT'S OK TO ATTEMPT TO DESTROY IT AND THE PEOPLE LIVING IN IT,  BECAUSE IT'S A SERBIAN CITY AFTERALL.  (Or more precisely, IF YOU DESTROY A CITY AND ATTACK THE PEOPLE LIVING IN IT, KILL AND/OR FORCE THEM TO LEAVE,  IT IS THEN A SERBIAN CITY/SERBIAN LANDS)  *Perhaps he doesn't know that in previous centuries Croatian lands extended right up to Zemun, just outside of Belgrade itself.  Maybe he doesn't even know where or when the term "Yugoslav" first came about, what it meant and what it's purpose was?*  (Hint - It definitely did not mean a new country or a new "Yugoslav" people at all)

Even just last year during the Serbian Presidential elections, his quote was on the Serbian newspaper front pages..."I am the new Seselj"  Many European leaders and politicians were dumbfounded at his public statements, wondering what kind of glue he was sniffing. Some European politicians think he should step down from politics and follow his true calling of being the regular master of ceremonies at the annual Serbian Trumpet Festival

Now, I already knew the answer to to his Vukovar comments.  I already knew the history of Vukovar and it's place and importance in Croatian history.  But I Googled in various places to to find even a microscopic piece of proof behind the Serb President's statements, so that I could retort with sources, images and historical material to show that he is wrong.   I Googled far and wide, up and down, left and right, around and around, all over the internet world....Nothing, as in zero.  I searched for sources related to his statements, even a hint of a proof of his words....Nothing again, zero...zilch. (Which I knew would be the result anyway)   Meaning, based on all the information and various sources I read and checked out,  it is proven without a doubt that VUKOVAR HAS ALWAYS BEEN A CROATIAN CITY, but also importantly that....VUKOVAR HAS NEVER BEEN A SERBIAN CITY, AND VUKOVAR HAS NEVER BEEN A PART OF SERBIA IN ANY CAPACITY IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER.....NEVER.....EVER. (IPSO FACTO)

 Nikolic has gone on to say in the preceeding months other blatantly provocative and historically wrong statements, bordering on historical kleptomania regarding numerous topics.  All that is proven however is that the Serbian President doesn't have a clue of real-time events,  Croatian or European history or the answer to this question(They teach very alternate and revisionist histories and not real history in Serbia. I put some useful links about this topic below which he might find helpful)  His and his peoples obsession to Serb-centricity and anti-Croatian and anti-European viewpoints would be laughable if he were not some sort of President or head of state or something, of some sort of country supposedly in Europe.  Click on the links at the bottom of this post for more information about all this and other background information.

Now, this revelation to the readers is quite contrary to what Nikolic was recorded as saying, isn't it?  So why say it in the first place? Why such provocative false words and lies about something that happened 21 years ago?  Why stir the pot?  Why throw mud on the memories of numerous innocent dead people who were only defending themselves, or hiding in basements?  Is he also seeing the Illuminati where there aren't any?  Why complicate regional politics and work against progress and  peaceful relations with the neighbouring nations by using these rabble-rousing and instigating words?  Because, as I've shown in my above points, it's precisely because Vukovar is and never was a Serbian city that he said it in the first place.  A familiar warped kind of infantile logic where Serbdom and "Greater Serbianism" acts of destruction is in his eyes becomes sort of explainable and even justified bizarrely.  (When he was carrying arms and joining in the attack on Non-Serbs, was he maybe saying?....."Hey, you guys shouldn't be living here in the first place, or ever come's going to be a Serbian city so tough bananas, we're blowing you all up")  Also, keep in mind. All minority populations in Serbia are irrelevant, never mentioned or put into the equation you see. No mentioning of times in the past when parts of Serbia belonged to other nations. (Did you know that even Belgrade itself was mentioned for the first time in 878?...when it was a part of Bulgaria?

He seems like this type of person.  If he was laying on the towel next to you at the decide to take one last dip before leaving, but when you come back to your spot you suddenly realize that your bag and towel are in his backpack.  When you ask him "what the hell is going on?"... he then tells you how the towel and bag are his and always was,  and that you better go and not come back.  After you've left disgusted and dismayed, he then leaves also but goes around telling all his pals at the bar how some bitch at the beach tried to steal his bag and his towel.  Rest assured, if he had his way, he would love nothing better than that instead of Croatia having this annual festival, they would instead be having this annual festival.  You can bet your moms yummy homemade pie on it. (Sort of reminiscent of those types who hang around those shitty bars, shooting off their mouths, funny boys, stealing peoples beers, french fries etc, who usually end up getting shot and nobody reading about it the next day in the paper really gives a shit, instead they just flip over to the sports and comics sections).............

 This photo taken just this past month is a perfect example of the symbiosis of so-called "Greater Serbia" politics, religion and  philosophy rolled into one. Posturing and sometimes cheek-kissing that is nothing new really if you've read some of the previous posts here.  The Serb church has many times been not only a supporter of Serb expansionist aims and their wars, but has also at times been the very catalyst, encouraging politicians with like-minded aims/philosophies.  Before the fall of Vukovar, Serb church leaders were actually encouraging Serbs in Serbia to volunteer, take up arms and attack Croatia, and elsewhere, even saying so in public.

Another example of religious posturing, "Greater Serbia" politics, philosophy and religion all rolled into one during the "Siege of Sarajevo", which was another version and continuum of the "Siege of Vukovar".  Serbian war criminals who are currently on trial for ethnic cleansing, genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and a long list of other charges, being blessed and supported by Serb church leaders, even as Serbian shells, bullets and bombs were decimating the city of Sarajevo below and the people still left in it.  Vojeslav Seselj, the current Serbian President's mentor, but not seen in the above photo, was also supported and considered a hero, supported and admired by Serbian church leaders. Today in Serbia, these people and numerous others who acted similarly are regarded as Serbian saints by segments of society and Serb church leaders.  Even Serb career criminal Arkan, wanted by Interpol and the UN for murders and robberies in a number of European countries, before having crimes against humanity added to his resume, was very close to and supported by Serb church leaders during and after his killing and looting sprees all across the former Ex-Yugoslavia.

An image taken in 1993 when Nikolic was proclaimed by Vojeslav Seselj as one of 18 new so-called  Chetnik "dukes".  Here is seen Vojeslav Seselj and the future Serb prez (and still "duke") greeting each other at the ceremonies before going to celebrate and speak with and listen to speeches from Radovan Karadzic.  (who is currently in the Hague on trial for war crimes, genocide, ethnic cleansing, and other Serbs who are there as well)  The really bizarre and surreal thing though is that the ceremonies revolved around the elevation of the new 18 "chetnik dukes" is in regards to chetnik administration and protection of their vision of their so-called "Serbian lands" (Like in those wacky maps with ridiculous borders they've been drawing up over the years) These areas... these  so-called "Serb lands" that these new 18 "dukes", including Nikolic, are swearing oaths to?....Bosnia and Hercegovina and.........Romania!  Yes that Romania!  According to their maps and vision and dreams, large parts of southern Romania are "Serb lands" as well as even including Hungary and Bulgaria and much more as well.  (More on that Here)  Video of the ceremonies, posturing, rabble-rousing, handshaking, kissing, "Serb lands" talk, Serb church chanting and blessing,  gun shooting, dishevelled hair, more "Serb lands" and more Serb church/chetnik talk and other images and speeches from mentally ill people below. Footage courtesy from Serbian television.

Do not watch on a full stomach or before dinner. (The footage of the current Serbian "duke" president getting kissed by none other than Vojeslav Seselj himself is at 2:28. Enjoy)

Here is an authentic map image of the out to lunch goals of the Serbian chetniks movement from 1941 that is still in the heads of these dreamers, President "duke" Nikolic included.  It includes as part of their so-called "Greater Serbia" dream lands areas that have never belonged to Serbia. (Wherever even 1 Serb grave is or wherever a Serb takes a dump is "Serbian lands"...all that) The idea started in the 19th century as the Ottoman empire was greatly weakening.  Attempts at transforming  foreign land areas where Serbs are just a tiny minority or even not present at all,  into strictly cleansed "Serb lands".   Including the already mentioned parts of Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, as well as all of Montenegro, all of Bosnia and Hercegovina, large sections of Croatia, all of Macedonia, Kosovo  and part of Albania as well.  (Some versions even include large parts of northern Greece and even up to Germany) The chetnik organizations and Serb armed forces during the 1990's attacks against Non-Serbs were attempting to make this above map a reality just like in 1941 when it was first drawn up for the same goals.  It is still to this day a big chetnik fantasy and Serbian extremist pipe dream, a popular topic when getting drunk.  More info Here

These kind of crudely made up maps and ideas by Serbian ultra-nationalist chetnik groups, politicians and dreamers is really nothing new as seen.  It didn't just come out of nowhere just because the 2nd Yugoslavia was finished and dying a quick death in 1990.  Take a look at the map and information at for some added background information of the same Serbian political hopes towards a "Greater Serbia" that went on in 1919. A "Greater Serbia" that was to be made under the cloak of that misused term "Yugoslavia".

The reader must also importantly be aware that the belief system, ambitions, songs, religisio-oath swearing posturing, whiskey and gun shooting, made up maps, visions of grandeur etc, means really fuck all to other Non-Serb Slavic people, especially in central and south-eastern Europe. The question that must be asked is however... "When will Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Albania and parts of other countries, return the so-called" Serb lands" which had never been Serbian back to Serbia?  Was the Vukovar statement and blatant lie just a precursor?...A warm up for Split, Rijeka, Zagreb and Osijek? That Croats in those areas should have left and never come back?  (Dream the dream, in a perfect Serb world)  Will he soon also be stating in public that Pécs. Timișoara, Kyustendil and other towns/cities are Serbian lands and that Romanians, Bulgarians and Hungarians have no business being there?

Images of other Serbs who the current Serb "duke" Nikolic was pals with, some in the video footage presented above. (It seems there's room for one more there in the bottom right corner)

Non-Serbs are not, don't have to be or even want to be Serbs.  Footage of Serbian pride day. Why would Non-serbs want to be Serbs I ask the viewer.

More Serbian pride during their cleansing campaigns and occupation of Croatia in 1992.

........I'll let this bloggerr explain my main point of this blog, because it pretty well summarizes and condenses all the information and facts that I came across and was going to discuss...... 

Vukovar is located at the confluence of Vuka River into the Danube, 15 km east of Vinkovci, 20 km southeast of Osijek. Its economy is based on agriculture, textile and food-processing industry. The first traces of human presence in Vukovar area date back to 3000 BC, when it was the regional center of eneolithic culture. This Vucedol culture, named after the Vucedol archaeological site near Vukovar, was widespread; its influence reaching as far as Prague. Vukovar has a remarkable topographic position (elevation 108 m), which made it an important defence location. Croats arrived in southeastern Europe in early 7th century and founded many new cities and villages across Dalmatia and Slavonia (including Vukovar area). Vukovar became the administrative center of Vukovska district which comprised the territory between the Sava River and the Danube. Croats soon accepted Christianity and Vukovar also became the religious center of Vukovska district.........(continued)


 Downtown Franjo Tuđman Square in the Croatian town of Vukovar today. More information about Vukovar today at the towns official website: or

........In 1231 Vukovar was one of the first Croatian towns that was granted the status of a free royal city. This enabled its inhabitants to enjoy numerous benefits; many fortresses and villages were built. Several holy orders had monasteries in the town, the most influential was the Franciscan order. The Croatian population in Vukovar suffered heavy casualties during the Croato - Turkish wars, during which Vukovar was occupied by Turks (between 1526 and 1687). The Turks were defeated in late 17th century by Croato - Austrian coalition forces. Vukovar and the surrounding area were liberated, but it was both economically and demographically devastated. Many villages laid waste. Croatia was a part of Habsburg Empire, so the administration in Vienna started sending German settlers, mostly craftsmen, to Vukovar area in order to assist in rebuilding the local economy.

The first settlers of Orthodox Christian religion started arriving to Vukovar area during the Turkish occupation. They were called Vlasi, and were Turkish allies. After Turkish defeat several hundred Serbian families came to live in area around Vukovar.  Approximately ten Serbian villages were founded and they existed for centuries as enclaves, isolated from the surrounding territory, which consisted of Croatians, but also some Germans and Hungarians who also arrived after the Turkish defeat and occupation, taking part in the new important food and textile industry.  The next wave of Serbian settlers came after 1945, when Tito's communists expelled German populations en masse from the Vukovar area and many more across the Danube river in the Vojvodina area. This second wave of Serbian settlers was a part of a carefully prepared plan of Serbian colonization of Eastern Slavonia by communist authorities. The same policy was practiced in other parts of the Republic of Croatia  and even other Republics to a lesser degree as well.Croats on the other hand were encouraged to live and work abroad, or even emigrate.

The latest and probably the bloodiest chapter of Vukovar's history of course is connected with the Croatian War of Independence. On the 2nd of May 1991 twelve Croatian policemen were killed by armed Serbs in the nearby town of Borovo Selo. The siege of Vukovar started on the 24th of August and lasted approximately 87 days. The fighting between the Yugoslav-Serb army and about 2,000 self-organized defenders claimed about 2500 lives and 22,000 inhabitants were forced into exile. The town finally fell on the 18th of November, the buildings were destroyed almost beyond recognition. The next day the Serbian military forces killed everyone in the hospital including medics and patients, known as the Vukovar massacre. The reconstruction of Vukovar began in 1997, most of the former inhabitants returned. Vukovar is now one of the symbols of the independent Croatia.  Despite the presence of several different nations in Vukovar area over the the past few centuries, Vukovar kept its Croatian identity, language and culture alive. By 1991 the population of Vukovar with suburbs had grown to 60,639.

Current Serbian Prime Minister, (as in right now) Ivica Dacic, addresses supporters at a memorial ceremony for none other than the "Butcher of the Balkans" himself, Slobodan Milosevic, in Belgrade in 2007.  The very Serb leader who usurped the Yugoslav leadership then used it to attack Vukovar and Croatian cities and towns and initiate ethnic cleansing policies/genocide in the first place, all over the former ex-Yugoslavia.  Scenes like this show just how tied together the Serb church, Serb nationalist-communists, Serb chetnik extremists, and Serb nationalist political leaders, including Serb President Tomislav Nikolic are.  Serbo-centrism, nationalist extremist philosophies and hatred against Non-serbs even today permeates Serb society and politics in all spheres.  How does holding in high esteem political leaders who initiated war crimes and ethnic cleansing campaigns against other nations help in political relations with those nations today? It doesn't.

If you've read up to this point, you probably have read some new eye opening information that you didn't know before.  But wait...this piece of fairly recent news is just the tip of the iceberg.  If the reader was previously familiar with some of the topics and facts shown here, then you will come to realize that these words that came out of the Serb presidents mouth is nothing really new at all, and goes much further back than just the 1990's. You see, it shows a long continuum of the same beliefs, fake histories and desires and dreams  that stretch back to the middle ages, back to the time of the genesis and appearance of the Serbian church organization. 

The Serbia of today, just as back through the centuries since first organizing it's first autocephalous church in 1219, has been set on a steady course of attempting to usurp foreign lands and foreign people, to ensnare both Slavic and Non-Slavic peoples within it's walls.  The main goal of Serbs when infused with Serbian church politics, theology and desires, is not peace with neighbouring nations, is not to look after the welfare of Serbs, is not to enlighten and educate Serbs or better their lot...but on the contrary,  (as has been shown numerous times throughout history) mainly, and at times obsessively,  only concerned with spreading the "Serb" name and attempt to usurp as much territory and engulf as many Non-Serb people into it's ranks as humanely possible.

Yep, nothing new at all really:

More information Here 

Larger image: Here 

That! a nutshell, is what has been presented to the reader in this post. This is the very crux of the matter. Just as in centuries past, even so today, the essence of "Serbdom" is not about happiness in a state with borders and cohabitation of European soil with it's neighbours, about progress. The essence of these Serbian movements that are assisted by, and many times guided by Serb church leaders,  is all only about subjugating others, negating others, making up histories, making Serbian saints of people who tried to do this by force over the centuries, declaring absurdities and proclaiming the superiority of Serbs. It's easy to proclaim everything you do on the battlefield and in politics is a holy Serb mission, you have your own church to back you up, bless you and therefore you can't do any wrong no matter what you do. That!...this hybrid religious and political amalgamation, this wish to have others worship the "Serbian Moloch" is the essence of this amalgamation they call Serbdom.  All this "Serb lands", chetniks, "Serb race", "Greater Serbia" rhetoric and fantasy talk, is all just the politics and schemes of the ever hungry and eternally envious and diatribing "Serbian Moloch",  by other names and different hats.  What it cannot devour, it then tries to destroy by various nefarious means. Reading the links left below will make this even much more clearer......

*Update- After reading the below information, you might want to also read the recently released details about how in 1999 the Yugoslav/Serbian regime under Slobodan Milosevic had even intended to attack Montenegro militarily. Details provided by Aleksandar Dimitrijevic who was the former head of the Serbian KOS (Counterintelligence Service) You can read that here.

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For more information about Croatian and even other real Non-Serb history, check out

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