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Thursday, 3 January 2013

What If The Serbs Had Won? (aka Twilight Upon The Decepticons/Wrath Of The Hyperboreans)

I'll bet you're scratching your head about this one, or at least it piqued the interest of some segment of the population of Croatians in the world, and quite possibly other people as well. I thought this just might be a good time to let readers on some other news too. Namely, my first book that has been in the works for a while. Pfff? book?, you may be thinking. Yes book.  Not just any book though.  The title of this post gives a peak as to what it is themed about, but there is much more to the story than meets the eye.

My future book that is still a rough draft, I can promise you that it is going to be amazing. Your jaw will drop various times while reading it. You will gasp with amazement and won't be able to put it down.  This one is going to cover the topic of  "What if the Serbs/Serbia had defeated Croatia?" What if Serb President Slobodan Milosevic and his Serb/Yugoslav army had attained their desired goal of a "Greater Serbia", how could it have happened?, what world events would have made a difference?....But wait!  Don't start yawning yet, it get's much better. It's not going to be some boring, bland  done a hundred times before political thriller/war book/movie, that's for sure. It's not going to have George Clooney in it because he's always that character from "Rosanne", it's sort of a curse, or Matt Damone either because he looks too much like that "New Kids on the Block" guy, or even Bruce Willis, he's always the same character no matter what movie he's in, namely John McClane..  (Probably Ralph Fiennes would be a good choice, or maybe Gary Oldman if he was younger. Oh heck, Oldman can be in it anyway because he portrays lots of different characters and does good accents, we'll find him a part as a UN suit and tie character)

Obviously I'm not going to spill the beans on everything it will include and be about,  but I can whet your appetite a bit, give you a teaser so speak. It will involve some real events and a bunch of  "what ifs?"  For instance, what if the Slovenians didn't put up a resistance? What if they all just gave up?  What if Serb/Yugoslav  forces did succeed in capturing cities along Croatia's coast and elsewhere? What if a post-coupe Russia attempted the same regarding the Baltic countries and former Soviet/Warsaw Pact nations? What would have needed to happen for that to have materialized?  (I really think this book, considering today's CG technology and tons of stock footage, could easily even be made into a blockbuster movie.  Yep, I really do, even if probably more oriented to European audiences and markets, because it's sort of artsy and dark too, as well as sci-fi and supernatural) If you don't know who H.R. Giger is, what Film noir means, , or even just hate the movie Bladerunner, then probably Harlequin might be a better choice for you, or something with Kate Winslet. The storyline includes examples and images of real life true events mixed in with some "what ifs?", what if this or that didn't happen or happened differently. Here's what I'm talking about.........

The year is 1997.....The reader/movie viewer's eyes are panning away from a close up on the eye of a very large statue...bla bla bla..the statue is located in downtown Zagreb, a public square that is currently called Ban Jelačić Square....bla bla bla......sound of flags flying in the breeze, Serb chetnik music playing, songs being sung, sound of drinks, glasses and bottles breaking, swearing, singing, woman screaming, sporadic machine gun fire....bla bla bla..(sound bites of BBC news reports....."rocket attacks in the city...large explosions near city of Rijeka and Split.....Slovenia-Italy border closed.....the hospital was shelled again this reports from Dubrovnik say that a column of........a Yugoslav jet was seen shot down over.....tens of thousands of people flowing into Italy and Hungary....back to you in the studio Linda").......the statue is of Slobodan Milosevic, huge, egregious, typical, ostentatious, his arms spread out in a Jesus/Kim Jong-il pose reminiscent of that Rio Jesus but with neatly trimmed big hair and a double-breasted suit.....a 35 meter tall monstrosity right there in downtown Zagreb.  A visual boot heel stomping on the eyelids of the remaining Zagreb residents to snuff out their hopes.   Panning and areal birds eye view images of Zagreb...both steeples of Zagreb Cathedral are gone, blasted, in their place 2 stumps of barely sranding stones and bricks, the Croatian Parliament building is full of large gaping holes, soot smeared walls and pockmarked with a myriad of bullets,.. numerous spray painted Serb crosses and Serb cyrillic writing covering the walls.....  A large outdoor Serbian religious mass is simultaneously taking place in Maksimir stadium on this dreary grey morning,  large Serbian crosses embossed and painted across the outside of the stadium, topped with Serbian flags all around the top.....The Serb patriarch is joined by Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic commemorating the great victory against their great eternal enemies (who supposedly stole their clay that was meant only for them and them alone many centuries ago)... the Croat's and their Non-Serb European fascist allies that currently make up the European Union, as well as mourning the Serbian military casualties, ...his voice echoing loudly through the air from massive speakers......

Outdoor Serbian church mass in Maksimir Stadium consisting mainly of Serb/Yugoslav soldiers and irregulars proclaiming the victory of the long cherished dream of Serbdom. The stadium is newly named and christened as "Србин Победа Поље" (Serbian translation: Serb Victory Field)

 Radovan Karadzic and the Serbian church patriarch discussing plans for the future Serb cathedral to be built where the Croatian Parliament building had once stood.

The Croatian Presidential Palace In Zagreb is bombed by Serbs and Yugoslav backed Serb forces. One of the few remaining newspapers that is still able to publish covers the story while it still can.

The aftermath of the bombing of the Croatian Presidential Palace... Banski Dvori.

Vojesav Seselj standing outside the remains of the Croatian Parliament building after Zagreb's capitulation in April of of 1994. Without  any weapons or defence to speak of,  after several rocket attacks most Croatians fled and Zagreb was easily taken.  The Serbian/Yugoslav bombing of the Croatian Presidential residence on October 7th, 1991, killing the Croatian President, his wife and 18 government ministers was just a precursor of things to come.

Elite Serbian jihad chetnik and paramilitary decepticon forces satisfied with the fruition of their plans in the now destroyed town of Vukovar in 1991. The decepticons (aka Serbian church death dealers) then proceed to initiate the Vukovar massacre as a sign of capitulation to the mighty and superior undefeatable Serb decepticon forces along with promises of more similar fantastical and glorious victories to come.

The roof of the tiled gothic St. Mark's church is totally gone, roofless and charred, only the massively damaged walls are barely standing. The Croatian National Theater converted into a Serb church completely with all the aforementioned trimmings... close up of a cat catching a mouse amongst the rubble on a street, someone shoots the cat soon after with a sniper's rifle, sound of laughing, another woman screams....,,(Got your attention yet?).......

(brief synopsis of world events after 1989.....America was contemplating  "Operation Desert Storm" after numerous explosions at U.S. embassies all across middle east, Asia, and on American soil as well..numerous muslim terrorist groups taking responsibility.....ships had been secretly bringing to Serbia for last 21 months unknown cargo from Libya, North Korea, Iran and ports in the Persian Gulf.....A group going by the name of  "S.O.A" has been connected to an emerging terrorist organization called the "Taliban"...both have been connected to the various embassy explosions.....The 1992 winter Olympics are cancelled.)

 Serb/Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic and Vojeslav Seselj, leader of Serbian chetnik irregulars both leave after a meeting in the occupied city of Rijeka in May 1994. It was announced that the city will be renamed Сесељград (Serbian translation: Seseljgrad) on July 1st later that same year.

....back to 1994......Things unfolded much faster and differently after Krško was completely bombed and destroyed as promised.....Zadar, Split and Rijeka were occupied without a fight as panicked citizens fled to Zagreb and other areas..... . bla bla bla.......exacerbated after Yugoslav military leadership in Montenegro was thoroughly cleansed in late 1990 and replaced with Slobodan Milosevic handpicked committed Serb ultra-nationalist unforeseen  Russian military coupe in January of '93 orchestrated by octogenarian committed Stalinists, Moscow left bloodied with thousands of casualties ....bla bla bla....Russia regular army troops enter eastern Ukraine and team up with local Bolshevik-Stalinist extremists to attempt to annex Ukraine...(television footage of rockets falling Donetsk schools and homes).....Russian warships off the Croatian coast arrive to bolster Serb forces.....Dubrovnik disappeared completely off the map within the span of 15 minutes.....Polish President demands U.N. send arms and soldiers to prevent a Russian invasion of the country......United Nations, American President George H. W. Bush and NATO backed down, the  western economies were in a large slump, American troops already deployed to Saudi Arabia are decimated after Sadam Hussein issued a surprise biological weapons attack....a total desert catastrophe... (Clinton recently lost the Presidential election because he was deemed too weak and wishy-washy)...Yeltsin was assassinated in the summer of '92  by a group of people calling themselves the "The Glorious Serb Army- Forces of Freedom for Serbs from the European peoples devils and Serbian Armies for the Serb Fatherland States and Serb Territories, and the Blessed Serbs of the Serbian Lands of Serbiana and the territories that rightfully belong to Serbs" (SAF for short)......

The coastal city of Split burns as missiles and naval shelling hit their targets.

 After the Russian coupe by hardline Stalinist generals, the Latvian capital of Riga was subject to rocket attacks before Russian forces fully occupied the city. The capitals of Lithuania and Estonia suffered similar fates. (Actual image from Serb missile attack on Zagreb)

......the Baltic countries were completely overpowered, disarmed and occupied in less than 24 hours in August of '93 by the new Russian army at the command of newly appointed rouge generals...3 days later Kiev and Minsk were under martial order and all military bases in Ukraine and Belarus were occupied, Russian forces were amassing along the Polish and Slovak borders......Czech Republic appealing to the UN for troops to arrive on Slovak-Polish eastern borders...........within days Slovenia was occupied by Serb/Yugoslav army and Serb irregulars and chetnik volunteers from Serbia after a column of tanks were attacked..estimated deaths in Ljubiljana alone totaling 12,000 according to CNN reports, over 15,000 by BBC correspondent estimates.....Live footage flashing on televison screen of Serbian chetniks and Serb-Yugoslav irregulars marching through the battered streets of Ljubiljana, singing and drinking.....

Serbian/Yugoslav jihadist troops march and celebrate through the battered streets of now rubble filled Osijek.

..... bla bla bla..,.bla bla bla.... Serb chetnik programs being transmitted on televisions and radios continuously around the clock, speeches, hourly alerts as to where to go, constant looping repeats of Serb/Yugosalv President Milosevic on the television screen stating that Serbian freedom and independence has almost completely been achieved, the rebel criminals and their foreign spies have been defeated....Serbian national anthem is played continually as well.

Footage of Slobodan Milosevic is looped around the clock from a Belgrade broadcasting location, seen on one the remaining working televisions in Zadar, he praises the Serbian jihad forces for bringing freedom, democracy and independence to the people of Serbia and peace to the region, a mighty example of progress and undefeatable will to the rest of Europe.

.......something very awful happening in Sarajevo...rumours of bodies being burned there for the past 3 months non-stop 24 hours a day according to the few who were able to escape.... remains being trucked and dumped into the Adriatic Sea, very close to where Dubrovnik was actually.....bla bla bla....Vojeslav Seselj on television stating the borders have been closed and Serb peacekeeping and Serbian State protection forces for the interior in Zagreb will be doubled within the next 2 weeks....6:00 pm curfews.....Ratko Mladic posters throughout the city, he is expected to be in Zagreb for talks with United Nations representatives about the relocation to western Europe of all Non-Serbs on the territory of the unrecognized Yugoslav Federal Republic of Serbian States and Territories. "I am grateful for the arms embargo so that the Yugoslav soldiers could protect themselves, but they must go for the safety of my Serb people, this is Serb lands and clay now" he was heard saying to the new UN Secretary General.

Serbia/Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic greets an ecstatic crowd outside Belgrade shortly after the capture of Zagreb, Split, Rijeka and the news of the capitulation of Slovenia. "The Serb people can now live free and be proud of our Yugoslav freedom fighters and Serb jihadists. The foreign European hordes and their spies have been conquered, never to return. Long live the Serb way and Serbian Europe!"

Massive celebrations in cities all across Serbia, their dreams coming into fruition before their eyes and the eyes of the whole world. Mass jubilation and many posters and flags.

Massive jubilation in the streets of Belgrade, the long awaited Serbian heaven has finally come down to earth. Vojeslav Seselj is the long awaited duke of the messiah who has led them to the promised land. He is surely the long prophesized miracle man of Alba Bulgarica.

The Serb jihads of destruction and carnage are the topic of every news program and magazine cover around the world. 

Step forward back to the present time of 1994...a tiny dank cellar of some very old, badly damaged location in the north of Croatia, Serb cyrillic spray painted across the doors and outside walls...secret doors and tunnels however lead to a modern operating HQ of some sort...long and winding lit's voices...women's voices....high tech electrical and communications equipment, clanking sounds of a lock being opened and chains being removed.....a crate with the word "Nehaj", an interlaced pentagram and other symbols carved on was all still there...the sword and the orb......the time machine...the ancient manuscripts...some written in Glagolitic, some in Latin, some in Greek and even other mysterious scripts and symbols....bla bla bla.....

A scene from Arkona, after conversations with the ones of old, Perun himself promises vengeance to the time-travelers, immediately before the hot sex scene with the princess, who is a conduit for transferring power from Perun. Unknown individuals who conversed also with the "Wise Ones" and "Old Ones" from the Pripet marshes and the Carpathians.

Nina and Gostimir, are now transformed mysterious unknown time-travelers transported to occupied Zagreb from 11th century Arkona, arriving in the still of night.

Tatjana, one of the female time-travellers before her transformation confronts Serb soldiers who were using the main level of the vacated mansion as a rape center. The Serbs were unaware that far below in the earth was the time-travelers HQ and location of the metallic crate holding many secrets and future astounding mysteries.

......a group of 5 people...3 men, 2 women....time travel to Moscow, Belgrade, Zagreb, United Nations building in New York...St. Petersburg, other places.......magical feats.....weapons to make James Bond envious and seem like he uses Matel toys..sixth sense...the group of 5 time travel to 12th century Arkona to speak with the elders, the old one's, the wise one's...bla bla bla. ...otherwordly conversations with Perun, Veles and Lada themselves..ancient secrets,..ceremonies........Serb tanks rolling into Macedonia now....Night time secret parachute deployment of Calgary based Canadian Forces Elite Rangers into a forest near Osijek, professional trained killing professionals able to perform secret elite killing and highly complicated and covert military objectives at a moments notice.......Leaders of Germany, Italy and Britain state that Hungarian forces may march into Vojvodina because of the reports of numerous ethnic Hungarians disappearing without a trace.....Albania has called up reservists because of gruesome intelligence reports coming from Kosovo......Israeli Prime Minister threatens nuclear armed missiles strike on Belgrade because of reports that a system of secret......

A storyboard image of Mraz arriving on the Medvenica mountain overlooking the battered and occupied city of Zagreb, a time-traveler that is now a transformed being able to summon magical ancient powers with a single ancient and mystical word.

Story board image of  Lobelos and Tatjana,  time travelers transported from Arkona to Croatian locations.  Here he is seen summoning the "Old-Ones" and transformed before a climactic scene of battle against the Serb/Yugoslav forces around the city of Split.

Some rough cut special effects/story board images put to film.

A stormy night in the autumn of 1995.....Strange enigmatic people being timewarped to various locations across Croatia......all dressed the same yet their skin seems to have a silverish quality....What is going on?....."We are here now" whispers the last one to arrive at dusk on Medvenica Mountain, overlooking the ruin filled and smoldering landscape that was the city of Zagreb.....Will they be able to...?...Why were their eyes so white and translucent....?  Massive lightning flashes across the crimson sky above Zagreb...The newly arrived stranger with the other-wordly eyes and skin proceeds to trek down the mountain towards the city below.... "We are here!" he curses at the wind as another explosion of thunder and lightning lights up the whole world for a brief second, the newly arrived enigmatic visitor's face had almost seemed...........

 Story board image of time-traveler Nina after her transformation, here she confronts Serb special forces guarding Serb/Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic who was holed up in the Serbian parliament building but escaped to his underground bunker communications HQ.

People from as far away as Oslo Norway were mysteriously woken in the middle of the night. An unexplainable presence around the world caused people to immediately put on their television sets and radios knowing that something mystically epic and full of magical wonder was taking place in Croatia. The world held it's breathe watching magiks unfold before their eyes.

Freakish and sudden massive storms and temperature changes overtake the city of Zagreb during the day where just moments previously all was quiet, warm and bright.

The skies above the occupied city of Split become charged, massive lightning and glowing orbs appear suddenly out of nowhere and approach the city, following a path directly towards the Serbian forces.

.....That's all I can tell you for now. Throw in some epic battle scene from the netherworld involving Perun and a spirit deity from another dimension, the ruling deity from the planet Serbola, robed people chanting, some tantric sex scene involving a really hot Slavic pagan princess with one of the 3 male heroes, (He goes by the name of "Mraz" or something)...more magic, spells and a bunch of other things that will leave you breathless and dizzy and wishing you were born thousands of years ago. Soundtrack to the yet unnamed book/movie to be produced by Trent Reznor and will include covers of KMFDM and the most haunting surreal version of the Eagles' Hotel California that will ever be made, (It will be played during the film in the epic pre-battle climactic scene at the bombed and rubble strewn Esplanade hotel in Zagreb)... the rolling final credits will have the most eerie kick ass cover version of Quite Unusual that you have ever heard, it will actually make some people shit their pants on their way out of the theatre, afraid to walk down the streets at night, and the viewers would be happy and content to know if that was the last movie they were to ever see in their lifetime.  The epilogue in the book will be the words from a well known Croatian poem about Perun:

 "...He grabbed three golden apples
And threw them high into the sky...
...Three lightning bolts burst from the sky,
One struck at two young grooms,
Another struck at pasha on a horse,
The third one struck six hundred wedding guests,
Not an eyewitness left
Not even to say, how they died."

The spirit of Kosjenc, elite leader of one of the first Croatian tribes mentioned by the Eastern Roman Emperor Constantine VII. Whose forefathers were recorded by Caesar, Ptolemy, Tacitus and Pliny the Elder. Progeny of the Veneti  and son of the first Hyperboreans. (His lineage were the founders of mystical Arkaim and Stonehenge. The summoned one, of the strange and mystical Croats, the first Gotho-Slavs who were also called Veneti in those days of yore and the firstborn in the Harvaða fjöllum...from the first Slavic homeland since time immemorial.....Charvátská země ....."Hrvat rectus melior et excelsior"...the Hyperborean wizard-king known also by other names since even the Upper Paleolithic times) Serb trinkets of deceit and bric-a-brac are of no consequence to him, he laughs in the face of the self-professed decepticon Serb death dealers. (Kosjenc was before the death dealers came to called as such, centuries before the decepticons even knew they were to become called serbs. The death dealers would wish they were never born had they known their lot. Kosjenc tramples the decepticon Serbs with just his breath and outstretched hand which holds the axe of Hyperborea. He has drank from the chalice of the eternal mist, as well as from the skull goblet of the eternal flame from which even the Cro-Magnons had drank from..oh how he remembers those days like it was just yesteryear) He arrives in the plains near the the city of Osijek. Summoned to defend the city and Hyperborean Croat kindred again, with his sword which was forged in the Carpathians long, long ago, he grins a grin that had been waiting for several millenia to be unleashed. The Serb death dealing decepticons and their church will now have otherworldly ancient and unseen real powers to deal with.

I'll let you know when the book is finished and how much shipping charges are. The first 100 copies may even be autographed, depends how I feel that day.

Mraz summons powers from Perun and is fully transformed. Seen here after summoning a sudden ice and snow storm, he battles Serbian/Yugoslav jihad forces near the occupied city of Karlovac.

The sky above Zagreb turns suddenly dark and cold at noon, unexplained weather phenomena in the region as Perun himself is seen approaching the city of Zagreb from the north, myriads of birds, deer and other animals run away or hide where they can as he appears suddenly at the forests near the Hungarian border. Only hundreds of black crows circle directly overhead, circling an aerial black vortex from which sparks and blueish and reddish orbs appear in the middle which defies explanation. Winds howl and the black crows have become one with the darkened clouds. His growing appearance from the swirling dark clouds is accompanied with the ascending background music of O Fortuna and then the guitar solo excerpt of Rex Irae (or something from To Mega Therion or C.O.F., perhaps even a Rammstein or Father remix by Trent Reznor, an ancient summoned retribution personified needs appropriate music after all, and not a bone in his nose or a daffodil hat and harps) as his lightning bolts flash across the skies. The phosphorus burning energy blasts disintegrate whole columns of Yugo-Chetnik Serb tanks and the jihadic hordes of Chetnik-Jesus Serbo-Yugo soldier rapers to nothingness in the blink of an eye. Five fingered lightning bolts emanate from the ground right before their very eyes as the power of the serbian cross is reversed and transformed into an imploding energy against itself. The streets are littered with bloodied limbs, metallic tank parts, still smoldering putrid smelling melted serbian crosses have been turned into piles of feces, singed flags, hats, boots and dusty broken bottles of lacklustre liquor. The old ancient Croat spirits and deities from the times of the Hyperboreans, from even the Cro-Magnon molecules flowing in his blood, unfurl ancient and long forgotten powers. (The powers who nobody even knew what to call them let alone that they existed, nameless magic through the ages and known by but a few who had the vision, the name of the powers is the might of the very powers themselves...behold....nomen est omen...the high name it is spoken and thus) They are smitten and trampled into the clay and dung as a light rain starts to fall, the clay trembles as more heavy rains start a downpour. Perun's day has come and his words and lightning was honest and true.

.....Film credits start to roll against the backdrop of a cemetery and a serbian religion cross submerged in the clay and water. Film closing credits music includes something by Lorde and Lana Del Rey, probably a remix of Glory and Gore or Ultravoilence, (Depeche Mode make a special appearance on instruments and background vocals, maybe even an excerpt of Don't Fear The Reaper at the end) The symbol of the Serb toad-breathed king and his filth jihadists is appropriately submerged amidst the floating pig excrement and stench of cattle urine, he is now lord of the flotsam and jetsam and holy serb pig carcasses which he breathed life into and who were his proud and damned marionettes for a time. He will now lord over well his new magnificent kingdom of vermin and dross, just as the ancient old wise ones correctly foretold. It is the next morning, the downpour of rain has stopped and the skies are suddenly clear and blue again. (The moon can also be seen this morning, as if telling the stars that it wishes to stay and admire the beauty of it all for a little longer still before going it's way to send it's red light upon the earth again in some future allotted time. The wretched-breathed toad lord of the serbs is now left to rule his kingdom of swine and filth and is no more, as it should be and as it was prophesied ...Where is thine kingdom now that never was but in the poisoned feeble mind of a sick man's dusty dry bones in the dusty dry ashen earth? The floating serb toad-lord is snatched up by a falcon and taken off for a quick midsummer's day treat)

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