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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Why Croatians Should Follow & Support IDF On Twitter.

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(Before people proceed to read this post, I just want to add a few points to make things clear. I don't mind doing posts like this once in a while, as in taking a position on something, elaborating on facts, dispelling untruths etc. Since this is a personal blog and I'm not a politician, I also don't have to cater to a predefined readership, appease sponsors, walk between raindrops, make everyone happy where everyone lives happily ever after. I'm not writing to get votes or pats on the back. I tell it like I see it and the way it is, (actually I tell it like it "really" is, which is even better) and I back it up with facts, proofs, evidences, sources and even give the links to other sources. If I fee so inclined, I can even add humour and all kinds of images or video footage. I'm not a politician that is out to get as many votes and campaign funds as possible from as many special interest groups or ethnic groups as possible. I'm not at a political fundraiser/campaign gig, saying things like "Hello, Great to be here....I believe in your work and efforts..just really swell. My party and I stand behind you...please vote for me and donate to our cause/campaign.....together we can do it....all the best...oh, and keep up the great work."  Then later that evening be at yet another function, one that is at times at odds with or sort of contradictory to the one from earlier that day, then saying the exact same speech and well wishes..."I stand behind you....we can do it.....I believe in you and your program soldier girl...we can do this together...God Bless....all the best. Let's do some crack..and fuck some shit up....bla bla bla"  Then the next day doing it all over again.  Nope, that's not me. I gotta tell it like I see it, the way it really is and express my opinions, whether you agree or disagree.......)

I'm just quickly throwing this one in before heading out. (Orientation day at the college)  In a nutshell, because of the popularity and wide spread use of Twitter these days, from celebs to governments to just about anyone, I recommend that Croatian Twitter users follow and support IDF. (Israeli Defence Force) "Why?" you may ask?....It's very simple... so plainly obvious actually that even a simpleton could figure it out. I came across some instances where I found some comments regarding  the IDF to be very uninformed and basically completely wrong in relation to the role of the IDF and their purpose/activities. Some outright lies. Let's just say that what the IDF is fighting for and against is very similar to what Croatia/Croatians and other Non-Serbs were fighting for and defending against in the 1990's. This post also has nothing to do with supporting one religion over another or about any religion whatsoever, I'm not posting this to promote the Jewish religion, or about one type of hat and robe over another or one kind of chanting over another chanting, or this palm fronds over that palm fronds because we all know these days that those are all just about made up hogwash and phony-baloney invented stories anyway, it's all just suspension of disbelief. (example)

This post instead is more about priorities, mentalities, cultural and civilizational processes.Unlike many of the extremists that will be talked about here, forward progressive mentalities and civilizational processes don't go around trying to hide the past, destroying remnants of the real past, destroying ancient archaeological discoveries, ancient statues and art of the oldest time periods, proofs of the past and then attempt to replace it with lowbrow cultish extremism and armed religious gurus, instead of intellectual advancement and progression...regression into banal retardation and implosion, like we see going on in the Middle East and Africa all the time. It's a cultural de-evolutionary process and course to a pointless obscurity status quo and implosion, a lizard eating it's own tail and self for it's own good.

(Supplementary information: I know what I'm talking about, I spent a few years working in Calgary a while ago. For about 6 months I rented downstairs accommodations from a strange family, it wasn't until after a few weeks later that I found out they were Taliban. (I had my suspicions right away though when I found out they had been living there for a number of years, and they didn't know any of the neighbours and looked at me strangely when I asked what the neighbourhood is like, like as if I asked her to lift up her cloak, she was morbidly obese btw which is the politically correct term these days) The woman gave me some strange soup during the first week, I supposed it was possibly some gesture of landlord friendlines, even though she acted strangely and looking nervous all the time. After the soup I had severe cramps and was sick and nauseous for 2 days afterwards, on the verge of going to the hospital. She wore a chador, not a hijab or niqab. Also a few times the woman's brother or friend or acquaintance, who was also morbidly obese, would come downstairs snooping around mumbling stuff, usually after yelling on the phone and sometimes sweaty. In the beginning I was told that only I had the key to my accommodations, but over the next few weeks I had shirts, leather belts, shampoos and various hygiene products disappearing after coming back, not to mention any loose change and even mail being opened. I notified the proper people because they were always watching Taliban programs on the satellite tv upstairs too which I could hear. One time in May I had to step inside their front door quickly to pay the rent because the heat was being let out and I'm pretty sure I saw a photo of Osama bin Laden sitting on a nearby shelf. The neighbours were oblivious and shut-ins anyway, probably more concerned with the rising cost of bacon or the ice-cream topping crisis. The son would sometimes have black rapper drug dealer types come over, probably that muslim-rap cartel thing. Calgary is also the homegrown terrorism capital of Canada, big surprise. That's true, you can Google that. I've got plenty of stories from the 6 months I was there, I'm pretty sure the neighbors would be oblivious even if Osama bin Laden and his generals moved into the house right in front of them)

Also what Israel are supporting is what Croatia supported in the past and is supporting now, namely....a civilized society, freedom, pluralism, rule of law, (you gotta have rules, we weren't raised in a barn afterall) ....the right for people to to go to work and children to go to school, etc, without having to worry about being  blasted to smithereens.  Israel is actually even a foreign supplier to the Croatian Armed Forces as well as Croatian a supplier to Israel. The IDF is combating threats to Israeli citizens and terrorist groups (plural not singular) and extremist philosophies that don't want them to exist, very much similar to what Croatia and Non-Serbs were fighting for in the 1990's. Some of these extremists and terrorists see nothing wrong with shelling and bombing Israeli citizens. Shelling and mortaring without even knowing where they will hit.  (Sometimes even using children as shields, or worse, as suicide bombers). That's fundamental craziness. Can you imagine if those kinds of people were to win and succeed in destroying the state of Israel?...It would be similar to what could have happened in Croatia in the 90's. See previous post HERE. Besides, Croatians and the rest of the world know that the Israeli's and Jewish people are not Serbs when not busy being Satans.

Also, if you need a non-political reason to support or follow IDF on Twitter, or just aren't that knowledgeable or even the slight bit interested in politics or what's going on in the world whatsoever, all you you have to do is click HEREHERE or HERE, (or HERE)  It's really quite simple...'nuff said. If you're too lazy to click on the links, this here and much more is what you're missing.......

This isn't an Israeli girl, it's Ljupka Gojić, but still......

Not the slightest bit interested in checking out this link at all?

You probably still think I don't know what I'm talking about, don't you? You're probably not even going to check out this link either.

I've actually even thought about possibly going to join the IDF, seriously. Not for religious reasons obviously, as already explained, but for freedom. For freedom, progress and civilization, freedom from philistinism and extremism, freedom from religious fundamentalism for people to safely go to cafes, walk the streets and live. I would actually get paid to shoot at extremists and terrorist wackos, and then afterwards go for beers with some of the hot women Israeli soldiers shown here. Not a bad gig when you think about it, sounds exciting and like an adventure and more interesting than my experiences downtown around here lately. like a paid vacation practically. (I looked around and some of the Israeli beers have good ratings, I don't drink all that much but the Israeli beers and Israeli Beer Clubs seemsworth checking too, not to mention the Israeli fashion scene which looks a lot better to me than you know what) Besides, there's been plenty of instances of Canadians going over to fight for ISIS and other extremist/terrorist groups in the Middle East over the years, (some articles I read say it's that underground Muslim-Rap cartel thing), so it would only make perfect sense for someone to join the side of freedom, progress and civilization.

I guess it's all a matter of perspective, it all comes down to making a real difference in the world that you can be proud of afterwards, something different and meaningful, not just floating around in life doing what others want you to do which in the end really amounts to fuck all, just another insect doing pointless activities and going through pointless motions, shitting, pissing, farting like any common alleyway rodent or hobo. Here one day, and then in a soiled bed with tubes up your ass, kidneys, liver and wearing diapers again before you know it. What an eclectic, glorious lasting legacy you have left behind for your brat kids, asshole boss, in-laws and nameless stranger neighbors to remember you by. (The guy on the corner is pissing on your grave laughing and still has your lawnmower and nifty screwdriver set) A truly heroic ball scratching and trailblazing automaton life you had, you deserve a mall or salad dressing named after you, maybe even a biography book or a statue. (The mall food court just won't be the same without you, that chair should have your name on it, my how swell you looked in that hat, and you knew who was going to win the game when the sportscasters didn't, you were amazing and really head and shoulders above the rest) The world will truly miss the way you looked in your sneakers and your favourite shirt, the coffee shop will miss your quarter tips and the way you would saunter to the front muffin display, but the world must tighten its belt now and move on, we'll put your ashes in a nice looking box in the corner of the park where strangers can look at it in awe and wonder and say amongst themselves..."Here was a person that had the best HD television on the whole block, here was a person who once ate a whole bucket of chicken and lived to tell their story, nobody could stink up a washroom like them, he will be greatly missed."

I'm not going to post pics here of Croatian females on beaches either, I've done my share of that on this blog, but look at this. Why...Just like the IDF, Croatia has female soldiers too......

(I decided to make a post about just this topic of Croatian women military personnel, these pics and many more at women-of-croatian-armed-forces)

A female Croatian NATO soldier in Afghanistan as part of ISAF

Serbian soldiers in Vukovar 1991. It wasn't until 1999 when NATO put a halt to Serb ethnic cleansing and genocide campaigns in Kosovo, that Europe gained a semblance of normality again.

Military cadet graduates in the town of Vukovar.

Croatian police women too.

Special police training also.

Croatian Navy

In Afghanistan.

Croatian Air Force pilot training.

This one's not an actual gun toting soldier, but she's a patriotic Croatian and wearing a beret and that's good enough for me.

Wtf? These are those Serbian female soldiers in that Ghaddafi funded but top secret elite special  forces  "97th Fashion Brigade." I had read about them on all those military intelligence sites. I have shower curtain rings exactly like those earrings btw, but I read somewhere that they're those new exploding grenade-earings that they've been developing, to be flinged at Non-serb grannies' cunts to soften them up before the Serb raping fun begins. They are waiting for their messiah Gaddafi to rise from the dead. At your command Colonel Gaddafi! (More on that below)

P.S.- Heck, If you're even just into sports, I'll even give you a soccer reason. They like soccer (football, nogomet etc)..and we like soccer. From a previous post HERE, a pic of Croatian Professor, Dr Dragan Primorac presenting a Croatian signed jersey from members of the team, to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. (hot "soldier girls" even?)... and now soccer? brainer if you ask me.......

Here's the highlights of the soccer match from the above previous post link.  I mean like look around,  they're big huge soccer fans. I've seen highlights of this match with close ups on the fans...and I can tell you there were lots of hot Israeli women and all dressed pretty cool with hip fashion choices, looking like models practically. For a person unfamiliar with soccer stadiums they might even think that the match was being played in Split Croatia, and not in a Tel Aviv Israel football stadium, a stadium where a few hundred kilometers away are militaries and even closer extremist terrorists that don't want them to exist. (Hamas, which has been designated as a terrorist organization by just about every western nation, would love nothing better than for that football match never taking place. To instead see rockets and mortars flying into the stands and city)

A swimming scene down the road in Egypt, is it just me or need I say more?

An updated photo of Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović who went on to be voted the new Croatian President in 2015. I ask the ladies and gentlemen in the peanut gallery, would a rational person prefer a woman president to wear a bikini to the beach, or what is seen above and possibly with a dynamite vest also? I rest my case. 

Let's not forget that it was Albert Einstein himself, (I've seen photos of him at the beach btw) who after sending a letter to the International League for Human Rights in Paris in 1931, appealing to the global cultural public to protest against the murder of Milan Šufflay, appealing for protection of Croat scientists from the Yugoslavian Serb regime in 1931, when he stated that........

A cool reason, even if not particularly important or related to combating terrorism, extremist philosophies disguised under the umbrella term of "religion" or the extremists themselves, is the fact that many Israeli IDF members and Jewish people have surnames that are very similar to Croatian surnames (more on that  HERE) and other surnames. Just one of many examples HERE.

Without trying to digress too much, I can even add my own taliban experiences. I spent a few years in Calgary for work and some studies, and for about 6 months before leaving, I rented from a taliban family. (I needed something convenient to the college) Not a great experience for a number of reasons which I won't get into here. Actually, lots of people don't know that Calgary is actually taliban and Muslim terrorism supporter central. I'm not kidding. Calgary is Canada's hotbed and hub for Muslim extremists and terrorism supporters. De facto headquarters for Canadian homegrown terrorism. Over the past few years especially, quite a few Muslims from Calgary have even left the country to join various Muslim terrorist groups overseas in the Middle East. Cowtown is a homegrown terrorism haven and most people don't even know, even though it's on the news quite often. That may sound surprising, but it's true nonetheless. Even many Cowtowners don't know, that's because they're too busy eating beef jerky and pretending to be cowboys for one week a year I think. (Example, Example lots of examples) There were even instances where I overheard some conversations in some coffee shops in Calgary and Regina where they were talking about how they would like to blow up the Parliament Hill, bomb public transit and even schools..because it's in the Koran and their Allah demands it.

Perhaps you are a reader that is more interested in the more non-bikini/non-beach topics of why support and follow IDF on Twitter afterall, something more politically relevant. Well then, here's something to chew on.....Above is an image of Serbs in Belgrade showing support for former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi. The photo is not photoshopped in any way whatsoever. (Gaddafi and his government had a very amicable relationship with the former Communist Yugoslavia under Tito, which then also extended to the new Serbian Yugoslavia in the 1990's. More info on that HERE).  Gaddafi was known for supporting terrorism and terrorist groups all over the world for decades, which made his country a pariah state.  He supported and funded the group behind the Munich massacre back in '72, then had the perpetrators buried as heroes in Libya. He supported and funded fundamental Islamic and Arab terrorist groups for many years, groups who's sole aim was terrorist activities against the state of Israel and it's citizens (including citizens on the beaches) until it's complete disappearance and non-existence. Gadaffi was a strong supporter of and helped fund all the various Arab attempts to wipe the state of Israel off the map, helping fund their armies and even arming them as well. Gadaffi did not recognize the right of the state of Israel to exist and was a vocal supporter for military and terrorist attacks on Israel. Gadaffi recommended that Islamic Sharia law be imposed, just as in Libya, in the land after the state of Israel was erased off the map. Gadaffi actually helped fund the Taliban right from the start and was a supporter of them and their terrorist activities right up until his death, when fellow Libyans killed him. The tyrant Gadaffi was just one of the 3 most despised dictators and extremists in the world to have met their fate around the same time. Can you imagine what kind of beach atmosphere there would be there if Israel didn't exist and Sharia law was in effect in Tel Aviv? I shudder to think.......

Serbs are still waiting for their national hero and messiah Gaddafi to rise from the dead.

As a Croatian, I don't understand what this singer is singing, it's that Serbo-chetnik jibberish lingo-jingo that bores me to death.  They usually sing about throwing bombs, slitting throats, sharpening knives. bombing throats and Non-Serbs etc,  just like terrorists and extremists.  The main message in the vid gets across though, namely that 79% of Serbs support Gaddafi and so by deduction therefore they are also against the right of the state of Israel to exist, against NATO countries, are for terrorism and terrorist activities and want to force you to wear Radovan Karadzic t-shirts I guess.  That's the way I see it.

A short brief non-bikini/beach related video that gets to the crux of the matter, for the non-bikini/beach enthusiasts. Israels situation correlates very closely with Croatia's previous predicament, namely Serbs who did not want to acknowledge the existence of Croatia, it's long history, language, literary history and especially it's independence over the last century.

This guy (He's wearing a cravat too btw) He'll tell you some important non-bikini/beach things you probably didn't know before either.  If you have any further questions, just ask Ora.

I updated this post in 2015 with this below video which sheds much more light and insight about the interesting nature and origin of the Muslim jihads that most have no clue about. Just like after the 90's Serbian jihads, the origins of this type of mentality and warfare is not what the average person is aware of. (I am adding this video not because I personally am afraid of anything or to imply that you are afraid or a pussy for not watching it, or to support any specific religious or political views whatsoever, nor to promote any authors, books, publications or even fashion/hairstyle choices. I'm strictly adding this below video because of the very interesting less well known facts and information explored about the origins and nature of Islam and the Islamic jihads. Information which sheds light on many of the headlines taking place even today, the hows, wheres and whys. For more insight about cause and effect, philistinism vis-a-vis progressive civilization and culture, sharia law vis-a-vis creative individuality, drinking a beer while wearing a leather jacket or at the beach vis-a-vis stoning people while wearing a dynamite vest etc...solely for the benefit of the reader)

Some images of who's helping the free world from Muslim terrorists, extremists and wacky ideas.

Importantly not to be forgotten also, Israel and Croatia both believe that the other has the right to exist within their borders. That's very important.  Croatia expressed a long time ago that "Hey, you guys exist, your country and people and history exists in our eyes", and Israel thought likewise. More information and video footage about this topic at the Embassy of Israel in Croatia and facts at the Croatian Ministry of European and Foreign Affairs. Also, take a guess where the Croatian Embassy in Tel Aviv is located?...why on Einstein St. of course. If you've been reading up to here, pffff c' brainer again if you ask me. These days we even have Muslim terrorists who go around killing other Muslims for not being "Muslim enough", they aren't Muslim enough and therefore traitor scum to be beheaded and executed...ISIS is so extreme that if they were to get control, even politically, over these other Muslim terrorists, it would be like the beginning of a 21st century Ottoman empire world Jihad. Automatic weapons instead of swords, missiles instead of cannons.You can bet your fizzy adult alcoholic beverage that these guys likewise don't want Israel to exist.

Like Israel, Croatians have been battling against Muslim extremists and their terrorist Jihads also, and not just lately either. On the contrary, before fighting against the Serbian taliban, Croatians have taken part in fighting against an earlier version of the Islamic taliban for freedom, European values, humanism and progress for many centuries actually, just a couple examples below.........

 Croatian nobleman and Ban of Croatia Nikola Šubić Zrinski during the historic Battle of Szigetvar. (Croatian: Bitka kod Sigeta) In 1566 with a small force of 2,300 mainly Croatian soldiers, he heroically defended the fortress of Szigetvár for the Austrian Habsburg Monarchy against the whole Ottoman forces (120,000 soldiers) led by the Ottoman Sultan "Suleiman the Magnificent" himself.  Nikola Šubić Zrinski was known all across Europe for this last stand which halted the Muslim Jihads into Europe and is today seen as a hero by both Hungarians and Croatians. He perished with most of the defenders and caused about 30,000 deaths to the Muslim Jihadist armies, which included paid Serb volunteers. Even the Turkish Sultan himself died during this conflict which blocked and stopped the Ottoman advance towards Vienna. The importance of the battle was considered so great that the French clergyman and statesman Cardinal Richelieu was reported to have described it as "the battle that saved civilization."

Sisak Fortress or "The Old Town" (Croatian: Stari Grad) is a 16th century triangular fortress of the Old Town of Sisak. Its purpose was the defense from invading Ottoman forces. On 22nd June 1593, the field in front of the fortress became the scene of one of the most important battles in Croatian history. The fortress is famous for the victory of the joint forces of Croats and Carniolans over the Turks in 1593, known as the Battle of Sisak. It was one of the early significant defeats of the up-to-then invincible Turkish army on European territory.  In mid-June 1593, with an army of about 12,000 men, Hasan Pasha reaches the fortress of Sisak and besieges it for the third time. At the same time, the Croatian army, 5000 men strong, assembled near Zagreb. The joint army of the Holy Roman Empire pounded the massed attackers with heavy artillery fire.  The Croat defenders with the Habsburg reinforcement broke the Ottoman siege and repulsed the enemy back towards the Kupa river. Caught in the middle between two Christian army flanks, the attackers panicked and started a chaotic retreat. Disintegrating under the unending cannonade, the bulk of the army with all the commanders are said to have been slaughtered or drowned in the Kupa river. This historic battle helped save western civilization and future bikini fashion styles. (More info about Croatian fortresses and castles at

I could go on and on with numerous other examples. Croatians have a long history of around 1000 years (Yep, you read that right, actually well over 1000 years, see links below)...fighting for freedom from extremist Muslim fundamentalists. (When Croats walk by a minaret or mosque, don't fret, we never get a desire to throw our shoes into the air, run inside and start banging our heads on mats and start chanting. No siree.) Just a few more links which elaborate on this topic......

Look at it this way, is the free world more in tune with Israeli girls and Elvis or...... this guy?....

....ditto. (After watching this video, watch it again with the volume turned off and instead the music from the above video playing.  It makes my point even more clear)

......If  the previous reasons aren't enough, then here's another one.  Another major reason.  Not only do Israel and Croatia both have beaches.  Both Israel and Croatia have it written into our constitutions right there in black and white that.......

1)....."Every citizen shall have the right to visit, frequent, frolick and partake of watersports and waterslides as well as other water related activities at the closest available beach......

2) ...."Every female shall have the right to wear a bikini and take part in beach and bikini related activities....

3)...."Each person shall have the right to go to the beach and drink cold refreshing adult beverages (fizzy or non-fizzy drink variety) while wearing said bikini or non-bikini attire or in the vicinity of bikini and non-bikini attire".......

4)......"Each person has the right to attend beach activities without the worry of being blown up while drinking the aforementioned refreshing adult beverages (fizzy or non-fizzy drink variety) in or near the vicinity of a bikini as well as non-bikini beach attire.."......

5)......"Every person shall have the right to swim, float, boat, frolick, surf, partake of water slides at the beach as well as rid themselves of their dungeon tan and pasty white asses/nether regions under proper beach-like conditions in a proper beach atmosphere and environment without a threat to their person or their beach frolicking activities"......etc..etc...and so on.

Also, equally important is the contents of  "United Nations Security Council Resolution 242" which states that........."Every beach and bikini country or country which is inhabited by bikini females and/or composed to a degree of some sort of beach or beach-like atmosphere,  has the inherent right to exist within it's own borders, provided that their beaches, beach related water sport activities and/or bikini or non-bikini clad females do not pose a threat to neighbouring countries and/or peoples or their beach and beach related activities"........

.......No brainer again if you ask me. Beaches, bikinis, beach related activities, refreshing fizzy and non-fizzy variety adult beverages"...... or blowing up people?  I don't think I have to refresh peoples minds regarding the striking similarities with Croatian towns and cities during the early 90's and the ongoing and current problem of  Palestinian rocket attacks on Israel. Decide for yourselves.....

A walking tour of Tel Aviv, Israel. Why, it's almost like being in Split or Rijeka or some other Croatian coastal town. Sign me up.

Some more typical images of Tel Aviv. I'm telling you, call me crazy but I'd pick this over Sharia law anyday. Do you see the beaches, babes, the hip and edgy chic styles, outdoor cafes and bars?   Pfff c'mon. Don't insult my intelligence. It's more hip than large parts of New York City.

Some images of Croatian beaches that look amazingly similar to Tel Aviv and other Israeli beaches.

If you watch this short Croatia vid from 2003, it has some good beach/bikini scenes, and at the 40 second mark there's even a guy that looks like Einstein. I think my point is proven.

Lastly, some footage from an "Israel in Croatia" Summer Tour in the Istra region. Look at that, Jews singing, dancing, eating, getting drunk and having a ball in Croatia while looking fashionable, just like Croatians. More interesting videos at

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