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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Women Of The Croatian Armed Forces (Photos)

More images and multimedia links at

I was originally going to do a post about "Walmart People." You know, all those pics and even numerous blogs, Youtube videos and websites all over the internet that are devoted to this topic, some real doozies that's for sure. It would have ended up being too long of a post though, there were just too many photos I would have ended up adding, and then even my own personal Walmart stories from over the years. Just too much information to post.

However, I did do a post last month about why I think Croatians should follow IDF (Israeli Defense Force) on Twitter. In that post I included some images of Croatian female soldiers to high light some points. (You can read that post Here)  I'm not going to have Croatian women soldiers in bikinis here though of course, Croatian beaches aren't nearly that bad. Just pics of them doing typical soldiering duties and stuff. One can find plenty of Croatian male soldier images and videos around, but the the female ones don't get the same exposure, so I decided to do a post on just this topic alone, just basically pics because it's good to know. People forget that, just like in lots of other countries, the Croatian Armed Forces has female soldiers as well.

(Which reminds me, someone asked me the other day, "Say, what does "Croatianicity" mean? I felt this would be a good opportunity to answer that question for all the readers out there who may have the same query. Well, in a nutshell it's very simple. "Croatianicity" is sort of like, and very similar to........

"Greekanicity"......"Mexicanicity"..."Argentinianicity"..."Danishincity....and also quite a number of other "-icity's".  There's just too many to mention. However, in the case of "Croatianicity" it just has a more Croatian flavour and theme to it, naturally. There, I think that pretty well sums it up and explains it all. There should be no confusion now I think)...... 

The following pics are just random, some are quite a few years old, some are from more recent tours in Afghanistan, Kosovo, some are from just basic training, or exercises that take place in Croatia and elsewhere. Some are officers, some are non-commissioned soldiers, some are career soldiers who`ve been in for a number of years, some are just recent volunteer cadets, some may not even be in the military any more. Some are good frontal photographs, some are just snapshots. I even put in a pic of soldiers giving blood, from a military band and even just recruiting officers. Whatever, as long as it's a woman in a Croatian military uniform, then it fits in here and that's the main point anyway. (btw, perhaps many people don't know that band members, cooks, logistics clerk types etc..they all still have to start off doing basic training, weapons training and be part of field exercises throughout the whole year. I used  to be in the military so I know these things). Keep in mind, all these images are of Croatian Military women who are "volunteers" because currently CROATIA DOES NOT ENFORCE CONSCRIPTION. If you want to check out many more images/vids, click onto the multimedia link at the top, then the photo galleries link at the Croatian Ministry of Defence website at

(A short piece of interesting side note info,.. I have an authentic Croatian M-65 woodland camouflage version army field jacket which I bought years ago from one of the many military surplus stores found on the internet, even complete with the official patch. A great cool looking, edgy and hip jacket I wear once in a while, with lots of pockets, hide away hood, etc. It's practically indestructible. Goes great with jeans, to wear to concerts, school, pubs and bars, to the local steakhouse or restaurant, walk to the store, oh, and of course camping etc. (Someone seeing you wear it will know right away that you are about supporting freedom, progress and Croatian recipes, beers and fashion). Throw on some shades and you're good to go. You can also add other flags or patches to personalize and make your jacket unique as I did. (the Norway flag in case you wondering has to do with my trip to Croatia in 2009 actually, it's a Croatia related story but it's a secret). Heck, you can even put a patch of the Burger King guy, a Tab Cola patch, Greenpeace patch, Mickey Mouse patch, your local book club or yoga club patch or any other patches (or even the extremely popular Serbia 1903 patch like these guys). I don't fucking care it's your jacket put whatever patch you feel like....Anyway, for the 2005 edition of the Croatian Army battle field uniforms, (BDU) they introduced into the fatigues pixelated map images of Croatia that were actually pixel embedded into the camouflage design, which actually makes it look pretty cool and unique. (See HERE and HERE) ....That would probably be a cool jacket to get too, especially if they come with the NATO patch also. You will notice this version in some of the images below)

* I think that a cool option down the road for the Croatian Military would be to start up a calendar, or at least some kind of magazine photoshoot, sort of like in this Croatian Womens Hockey Pin-Up Calendar post, or the various other women's sports teams photoshoots/calendars. It would probably boost moral of the male Croatian soldiers when they're stuck in shitholes around the world getting sand and dust in their nostrils and dodging bullets, it would perhaps increase voluntary conscription or even as just an interesting look at the the non-military side, because they don't wear uniforms and boots all the time. Also, unfortunately there's no images below of Croatian women soldiers firing their weapons at serb chetnik talibans or muslim taliban body parts and limbs flying in the air, with cool looking flashes of fire from barrels and spent casings flying in the air, but if you want some good background browsing music while checking out the photos or links, an oldie but a goodie here or here or here or a more face-fucking hot molten lead in the cranium, ghetto-vermin corpse guts sewer stench and kamilica and lipa čaj version here, or you can just proceed to the pics at 05-hundred hours.

Related images/videos:

Thread with images of Croatian soldiers in Afghanistan:




A female Croatian NATO soldier in Afghanistan as part of ISAF

Serbian-Yugoslav psychopaths in Vukovar Croatia in  1991. After Croatia and then in Bosnia and Hercegovina, it actually wasn't until 1999 when NATO forces put a final halt to Serb ethnic cleansing and genocide campaigns in Kosovo that Europe gained a semblance of normality again.  

Military cadet graduates in the baroque town of Vukovar. (You'll notice some of the still visible damage on buildings in parts of the town from the remaining Serb Yugoslav and Serb church paramiltaries/chetniks shelling and massacres from 1991)

Croatian police women too.

The Croatian Army (also Croatian Ground Army, Croatian: Hrvatska kopnena vojska, Hrvatska vojska) is a branch of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Croatia. The fundamental role and purpose of the Croatian Army is to protect vital national interests of the Republic of Croatia and defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state.

The basic tasks of the Croatian Army are: to maintain an optimal level of combat readiness of the Armed Forces to fight a possible aggressor's main forces on strategic-operational levels and to defend against any land, air and amphibious assaults.

To prevent, in cooperation with the other branches of the Armed Forces, an aggressor from in-depth operations on Croatian territory, to build and develop the capability to respond to requests of non-traditional tasks that are required of the Croatian Army (floods, fires, natural disasters...) and to assist its allies and friendly countries in time of need. 

Special Police weapons training.

Basic training.

Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović, the current  Assistant Secretary General for Public Diplomacy at NATO visits Croatian troops serving in Afghanistan. 

A good view of the Croatian designed and maufactured VHS Assault rifle which has become the Croatian Army standard since 2011.

Croatian Navy duties.

In Afghanistan.

Croatian Air Force pilot training.

This one's not an actual gun toting soldier, but she's Croatian wearing a military beret and that's close enough for me.

Wtf? These are those Serbian female soldiers in that Ghaddafi funded but top secret elite special forces "97th Fashion Bitch-Brigad." I'd read about them on all those military intelligence sites (I have shower curtain rings exactly like those earrings btw, but I read somewhere that these are those new high-tech North Korean produced exploding grenade-earings that they've been developing for years, perfect for throwing into hospitals, schools, up Non-Serb granny ginger figging holes and other Serb war tacticities, etc. It also looks like they just realized what their uniform is representing and  who and what they're standing on guard for...ewwww.... Anyway...)

I updated the post with this interesting video in 2015. Fresh wet behind the ears new volunteer cadets and future soldiers, including some images of future women soldiers, featured in a spot about what to expect during a typical day of basic training.

What the heck, just one Walmart People photo, I couldn't resist because there's some really good recent ones added and plenty of new videos too, consider it a public service announcement.

Croatian women soldiers with unidentified Afghanistan soldier.

Visting a school for children with special needs

I updated this post with the below two pics because they were just too good to pass up, they're obviously not in the Croatian Armed Forces but they are wearing some mighty fine and cool looking Croatian berets, and that's the main thing.

This is a very rare photo that was taken in 1992. Probably one of the very first instances of Croatian women volunteers in uniform from the city of Split,  joining ranks of a poorly equipped Croatian Army. They were defending the Croatian coastal cities and towns from Serbian chetnik and paramilitaries attacks, many of paramilitaries attacking were volunteers from even Serbia itself.  In Croatia today, military women are allowed to participate equally with men. Between 1991-95 during the Croatian Homeland War 23.080 women actively participated, which is about five percent of the total number of soldiers involved. If we add to this figure the women in various indirect ways of helping defend against the Serbian aggression on Croatia, then this figure is even higher. During the Croatian Homeland War 127 women soldiers were killed and 1,113 of them became permanently disabled. Just in Vukovar alone 400 women were involved in the defence of the town.

Croatian Air Force pilot training.

Croatian Special Ops Commando Forces (SOCF) during anti-terrorist maneuvres at the Calgary Stampede in 2011. With their lightning fast leopard like reflexes and death inducing iron death punch of death they are able to make the enemy die instantly and shit through their nostrils like a downtown pointless street punk or other specimen with a pointless existence. (Identities concealed because of Nato security protocol and top secret anti-terrorism guidelines)

Basic training.

It is expected that by 2018 there will over 135 Afghani Halal-kebab stands opened with plans for 20 more kebab stands and a "Good Morning Afghanistan" television program in syndication by 2025.

A little refresher...Serb indicted war criminals and ultra-nationalistic chetnik paramiliaries in 1991, seen at around the time of the Vukovar massacre. (cream of the crop) Using rape, ethnic cleansing and genocide campaigns as their modus operandi and very similar to the campaigns of todays ISIS extremists, these types are considered by many as holy heroes in Serbia even today. The primary purpose of the Croatian soldiers seen throughout this post is to protect the country from elite Serb dirtbags like the ones seen above and shown HERE so that Croatians will always remain a European nation and people. The ultranationalist and chetnik Serbian tarantula never sleeps when it comes to Non-Serbs and Non-Serb lands, so boots must always be at the ready.

 It's not always the glamorous weapons and explosions. Packing humanitarian aid, natural disasters etc are part of the job as well.

Croatian female Military Police in Afghanistan escorting an unidentified Afghani woman. (She was complaining about the serving of pork roast, mlince and beer and wine at the dinner as well as the Croatian bikini calendar she saw in a locker. Later that night she was spotted mortaring the base and partook of abducting UN aid workers and journalist hostages a month later. She was 25 and had 13 children)

Yeah, yeah I know, these are not female Croatian soldiers. I just liked this picture from about 1995 so I threw it in here. (Hint - they weren't in the middle of playing a game of paintball)

New recruits/basic training.

Lastly, it's never a bad time for a stroll down memory lane to 1995, just after the defeat of Serb terrorist jihadist hordes and the liberation of previously ethnically cleansed and occupied Croatia. When life for Croats and all Non-Serbs became safe once again.

A newer updated version.

This ones worth putting in too, after Croatia, Slovenia and the other republics voted for independence, Croatian forces liberating areas from the combined Yugoslav army (which was just the Serb army at that point) Serb chetnik and Serb church supported ultranationalstic terrorist paramilitaries and war criminal leadership. The Serb ethnic cleansers and their Serb religion jihadist armed thugs and bandits then had to move on to ethnically cleanse, rape and murder in Bosnia and Kosovo instead. (The below footage is of Knin Fortress btw, see previous post about Croatian Castles, Fortresses and Manors for more information)

An interesting collage themed around the Croatian Military and Special Forces.


Stipe Nazorin said...

What is with the incomplete sewn Croatian flag & other badges on the army uniforms ? They look like they are peeling off !

Stipe Nazorin said...

What is with the Croatian National Flag & other patches on the army/navy uniforms, they look like they have'nt been sewn on properly & about to peel off

HroBaToS-AuToPiLoTaS said...

That's a trait of new patches on new uniforms, from experience once the uniforms are washed a number of times, the stiffness of the new patches will go away and become more pliable. I had the same problem with my Nine Inch Nails patch, and some other patches on my Croatian issued M-65 wooodland camo field jacket. At first the patches were sticking out all stiff. After a number of washes the new patches blend in like the original HV patch. The Norway flag patch on the right arm was extremely stiff, I found spraying some fabric softener on it keeping it wet for a while helped it fit better. The patches and uniforms look much better to me though than the rags and faces on these serbo fuckos, don't you think?

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