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Monday, 11 March 2013

New Police Boats Built In Croatia Are Part Of EU "Blue Border Surveillance"

This isn't particularly groundbreaking exciting news, because there are already numerous and various sized Police ships patrolling all along the Croatian coast, but I decided to add this anyway. Firstly, most of the funds for these boats were covered by the EU. (More on that below) Secondly, in this day and age, you can never have enough security I say. It doesn't hurt to have an extra couple Police patrol boats floating around the port city of Split, Pula, Zadar, Dubrovnik, Rijeka or anywhere along the coast, during the busy tourist season especially. Although some of the visitors stories I've read about occasionally, if something awful was to happen to them that wouldn't bother me in the slightest because they're usually in the middle of some sort of illegal shenanigans or threat to the average person. I'd actually even encourage it so as to teach them a lesson and make for interesting news clips, so the security shouldn't focus on them types all that much actually. (that's just the way I am, I like to show that I care about what's going on)

Also they sure come in handy if you have a fire on your boat or need first aid that's for sure. They're also good at keeping a lookout for terrorists and disguised radicals, (you never know where they might show up in this day and age, sipping a martini one second on the beach then a shower of bullets the next second, like in Libya recently and some other places)...on the lookout for Somali pirates who have been in the news quite often lately (example), human smuggling and smuggling of all sorts, (Lots of cases of illegal bootleg Culture Club, Whitney Houston and extended dubmix MC Hammer cd's being smuggled into Europe these days also, as well as rumours of Serbs sneaking in over the border holding illegal trumpet festivals and worse things in remote areas without permits or even liquor licences, we need to protect the people and kids)....they'll also help stop the illegal shipments of all those Brazil gay horse fuck videos over the years into Europe as well as even Brazilians themselves actually, (because it's important to remember boys and girls, Brazil has a murder rate that's over 25 times higher than Croatia and even a lot of other EU countries, and more than 50,000 homicides annually, which seems more like an annual war casualties statistic than a homicide rate. Nope, we simply can't let those types of people galavant into countries from across the pond or wherever spreading their foreign weird lifestyle habits and in many cases strange voodoo practices also with really weird costumes and hats, quite a number of those countries with absurdly high annual murder rates make it seem more like annual war zone casualties instead of homicide rates, is that something any country or nation needs more of in their society? more about that HERE)...what else? oh yeah,... illegal immigration networks and border crossings are always a major issue in European countries too, or any country for that matter. (Croatia in just a few months will be an extension of the Adriatic Sea border of the EU as well as of Croatia itself)...and of course keeping an eye on the drinking/speeding and boating is a good idea too. (Drinking, speeding and boating don't mix, those propellers can do a good job of chopping off other peoples limbs etc, and could even endanger the dolphins also)

People sure won't be complaining either if some pirates try to hijack their boat and one of these patrol boats come by I'll tell you. The new patrol boats are equipped with various modern technologies and of course manned by armed police, but they don't have surface-to-surface or surface-to-air missile systems unfortunately. (SSM"s or SAM's)...but they can always add those later, along with some ultra-rapid fire mounted guns, they could come in handy down the road too. (I'm really surprised sometimes that even just the cop cars around here don't have them. You can never go wrong having some SSM's, SAM's or ultra-rapid fire guns on board I say, it just makes sense) * After this post was originally made I even came across some images of Special Police Force training that went on in the city of Split recently, it's good to know these guys are out there behind the scenes, prepared for any terrorist shenanigans, any bootleg Culture Club or other shitty music cd's passing hands, any dangerous scenario or even any threat to your suntanning, beach frolicking, drinking beers with the ladies or patio time.

American television personality Chelsea Handler even mentioned her Croatian Police patrol ship experience not that long ago during her opening monologue, it was after a short vacation to the Croatian coast. You can read that HERE. Actually, unless you're planning on doing some pirating, terrorism activities, smuggling Culture Club or other shitty music cd's or speeding and zipping around shitfaced behind the wheel playing bumper-boats, you'll really have nothing to worry about and probably won't even know that they're there. They can always get shitfaced and speedboat into other boats or people or their own dolphins when they get back wherever it is they came from. Anyway.....


Croatian Police Commits New Vessels To Strengthen Common European Security

Text sources:

SPLIT, Croatia, March 4 (Xinhua) -- Two newly built patrol ships were committed to the Croatian maritime police in the port city of Pula on Monday as part of the EU's "Blue Border Surveillance" program for Croatia. "Tehnomont Brodogradilište“ in the city of Pula launched the Police Patrol vessel PB-25 and handed her over to the end users, the Republic of Croatia Ministry of Internal Affairs. It is intended for better maritime control of the territorial sea and the sea border as well as protected environmental fishing zones, if needed they will also assist the Croatian Coast Guard in fighting terrorism, human trafficking, drug smuggling and maritime search and rescue.

Paul Vandoren, head of the European Union Delegation to Croatia, said the EU had concluded that Croatia had already achieved the required police fleet planned prior to its EU accession set for July 1, 2013. The commitment of the two new vessels was a step further in meeting the European standards and strengthening of the common European security, he said.

The new police vessel was named after the former commander of the overall Special Police Primorje-Gorski Kotar Police Department and city of Rijeka native Marino Jakominić, who was killed in an ambush by Serb church supported armed irregulars and the remaining Serb run Yugoslav forces in the vicinity of the Velebit mountain range in August 1992.

He also headed his own local Rijeka police unit which contributed to unblocking and the liberation of the city of Dubrovnik and surrounding area in April 1992, his was even the very first armed unit to arrive from outside of beseiged Dubrovnik. The Godmother of the new ship was his daughter Natasha Jakominić.

At the launching Minister Ostojić said that the new patrol boat PB-25 will always remind of the heroism of Croatian policeman Marino Jakominić. This is the third police vessel to be christened with the names of those who with their heroism indebted the country. Two other similar police patrol boats are already sailing the Adriatic and preserving the Croatian maritime border bearing the names of 2 other killed policemen.

Natasha Jakominić, daughter of the 1992 slain policeman Marino Jakominić, christened the new PB-25 police patrol boat which was named after her father. The new police patrol boat has a length of 25 meters and is 6 meters wide.

Croatian Interior Minister Ranko Ostojic said that border surveillance and controls of the future exterior border of the EU was one of the ministry's top priorities, adding that Croatia would be a responsible minder of its own and the EU borders.

The new police boat was named after the 1992 slain policeman Marino Jakominić.

The vessel is equipped with two MTU 16V 2000 M70 propulsion engines and F-drive gearboxes built by principal ZF type 3050 and with complete Blue Line propulsion operation and supervision system, all in compliance with CSR rules and regulations. During her final trials, the vessel reached her maximum speed of 30 knots (56 km/h) and with excellent noise and vibration and maneuverability performances, thus representing a high tech product and an excellent reference for more future projects of the type both in Croatia and abroad.

The two vessels were built at the Tehnomont shipards in the city of Pula and are valued 4.28 million euros, of which 75 percent was financed by EU.

The new police boat was later officially put into service at its home marina at the port of Rijeka. Images: Nel Pavletić/PIXSELL.

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