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Monday, 11 March 2013

American Paranormal Themed Television Series To Be Filmed In Croatia.

This caught my attention as soon as I read the byline. I'm totally a fan of these types of documentaries about ghosts, ghost stories, witches, strange enigmatic creatures or beings, old and new stories about the supernatural, the unexplainable. There are already well known series' and films being filmed at Croatian locations over the years. (Game of Thrones being one well known one, couple more example at the links below)  These kinds of programs are very big on this side of the pond, there are tons of sites on the internet devoted to these topics. (Just a couple HERE and HERE as examples, mind you, there are fake stories and phenomena to watch out for as well.  You can't believe every single thing you hear or read)  All though, the people behind this project probably couldn't have picked a better location either, even if the guy behind the series is Croatian.....

....No really, Croatia from the beginning has been situated between various empires, there are many, many tales to be told.  I've come across quite a few of them and mentioned the better known ones in a few of my posts. Vampires, ghosts, witches, strange unexplainable events and people, strange natural (or unnatural?) phenomena, mysterious engravings in stone and left behind structures that can not be deciphered because they don't know exactly what alphabet or script it is, mysterious cults/societies and rituals, curses and legends...a whole bunch of stuff.  I've even been privy to information about the mysterious origins of Glagolitic, which make some of the symbols actually very ancient and part of a continuum from Slavic Pre-Christian era times, the symbols purported to be representing  astronomy, numerology, mythology and mysticism, as well as architecture of sacred ancient buildings from the past....

....You throw in the Slavic pagan elements, the history of the Illyrians who lived there long ago before anyone, up through medieval times, Renaissance times and to the present and you've got the makings of a cool series. I hope they touch upon some of the legends and phenomena I've read about concerning the ghost sightings and origins of the magic sword of Krešimir, as well as rumours of his uninterrupted secret lineage and their special instructions that still exists to this day. (I can't reveal my sources regarding this topic or add the related images and video footage here, but I can mention the date January 1st, 1527 and a familiar looking checkered design that was found on the sword, that's all)  Lots of stuff to sift through.

Anyway, the trailer is sort of plain because not even 1 episode has been filmed yet. The documentary episodes are in the planning and funding stage right now, If you want to be a part of making this interesting project happen you can donate through the information at the bottom of this post.  I'll try to keep up to date on this one...buhuhahaha!

*Note -  I even had my own real life personal strange phenomena moment on my last trip to Croatia in 2011, in one of the most least likely of places and moments.  I briefly mention the particulars on a previous post HERE

American reality show to get filmed in Croatia


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American film producers are set to film four episodes of a paranormal reality show in Croatia.
Kera, whose parents are Croatian, and business partner Nathaniel Morin intend to scour Croatia for spooky tales in their Paranormal Myths show and have already started putting out feelers for A-list celebrities to join them on their hunt.

The series will also travel to other countries including Germany, England, Scotland, Ireland, and the Netherlands, as well as the US.


The creative team behind the film Awakening, John Kera and Nathaniel Morin, are at it again with a new Reality TV show entitled Paranormal Myths. The show is about two paranormal investigators, Kera and Morin, investigate areas that may be haunted by ghosts, demons or other paranormal entities. The team got the idea from their own experiences with the dead visiting them before the two every met.

The show will focus on the area of where the potential hauntings occur by doing a history lesson to the audiences and interview the people who may have seen ghosts from the surrounding areas. They will record every image and sound while also examining the evidence they have found on film and audio. They will then present their findings to the client or owner of the property and the viewers at home.

The production team has already begun selecting cities and countries all around the world and the following cities and countries are: Los Angeles, Croatia, Germany, Netherlands, England, Scotland, Ireland, Boston, New York, Toronto, Cleveland, Chicago, and New Orleans for the first season. Filming will begin in early September. Both Morin and Kera have asked several A-list Hollywood actors to join them on the show as special guests to help investigate their hometown or join in on the investigation. No word as of yet on they are, but announcements will be made soon.

The production team is also shopping the show around to several major networks throughout the world for distribution.

"Paranormal Myths" teaser.

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