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Monday, 4 March 2013

Rimac "Concept_One" Supercar Showcased In Spanish Prototype Presentation For European Commission

This is pretty cool news, even if I personally am not driving currently (school thing, streamlining for a bit, all that) ...or really all that into performance cars, specs, tourque, etc.  However, the makers behind the first Croatian produced Electric Supercar, (yes, "Supercar", that and "Hypercar", that's what everyone keeps calling it in the automotive world) electric car that can equal and even exceeds performance-wise many of today's gas fueled street legal cars, names synonymous with speed, performance and quality, including even Lamborghini's, Bugatti's, BMW's et all)... the "Rimac Concept_One" company had the privilege and honour of being chosen to help come up with this prototype electric performance automobile for a Spanish company.  They in turn were chosen to present the prototype electric automobile to the European Commission. That's quite an honour and distinction and important responsibility....

......The prototype car is basically a version of a previous model designed and produced by Croatian Mate Rimac, hence the name "Rimac Concept_One".   (All the info on Mate Rimac and the Concept_One with all the specs is at the links at the bottom. It's not your average electric car by far either, 0-100 km.h in 2.8 seconds just for starters)  This electric car will totally shatter your previous assumptions or ideas about the words "Electric Car". (Oh, pfff...not another one of those "electric cars")  I decided to throw this here quickly also because the video also shows a different colour scheme, and there's some footage of the interior dashboard displays in action. Rimac just recently sold his first "Concept_One" to an unknown customer in Spain. The car goes for around a million dollars supposedly, so you won't see this car anytime soon at your Walmart, No-Frills grocery store or parked by your downtown bingo hall.  (In case you think that's kind of steep, some of the cars mentioned above, which the Rimac surpasses in performance, are going for much more, some even over 4 million) The Rimac Concept_One has been winning awards and receiving accolades all across the automotive world over the last year, so the Spanish company picked the right guy to be a part of this project. Not bad for a hobby that introduced the Concept_One only just last year.

More information at the Rimac Concept_One website:

(In related Croatian electric car news, the actual first Croatian electric car will soon be hitting the production line as well.  (I posted about this previously too, links at bottom) The XD will now be manufactured and sold under the name of Loox)


Croatian Produced Electric Supercar Unleashed


Just a couple of days after being announced and teased for the very first time, the 2013 Applus+Idiado Volar-E has just made its public debut at the Circuit de Catalunya in the midst of Formula One pre-season testing.

Don’t get too excited however, as the 2013 Applus+Idiado Volar-E is essentially a re-bodied Rimac Concept One which means it won’t hit the production line anytime soon.

Nevertheless, the company behind the electric vehicle is promising some fairly insane performance figures, with the most notable being the fact that the car can reportedly produce 1000hp and 1000Nm of torque from its four wheel-mounted electric motors.

As a result, the 2013 Applus+Idiado Volar-E is said to hit 100km/h in just 3.4 seconds before topping out at 300km/h.

The 2013 Applus+Idiado Volar-E was apparently produced in just four short months using funds from the European Commission to create a “flagship for the promotion of electric vehicles in European society”.

Applus+Idiado Volar-E promo.

A short teaser of the "Concept_One" shortly after being shown in Frankfurt and Monaco last year.

A CNN report about Mate Rimac (pronounced Matey Rimats) and the Concept_One from last year.

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