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Friday, 1 March 2013

"TITANS" - European Triathlon League Comes To Zagreb In 2013

A brand new summer sporting event is starting up this June in the city of Zagreb. Kind of cool, it will bring around 1500 athletes to the city to race, bike  and swim in a grueling competition.. (A lot of people probably don't know Zagreb has 2 lakes, so they can host events like this.  Just in case you were wondering where are the competitors going to swim)  It should draw the crowds when it takes place and if successful, another annual summer related event that will precede the October Zagreb Marathon. All the info is below....

(...also, on the topic of sports.  The Croatia vs. Serbia World Cup qualifying match that takes place in Zagreb on the 22nd of this month will have no Serbian fans.  There will also be no Croatian team supporters when they next meet on September 6th in Belgrade.  The heads of both soccer federations decided it would be best to avoid any possibility of action in the stands superseding the action on the field.  A really good idea I think.  We don't want or need any repeats of the Serbia vs. Italy match that took place in Genoa in 2010, Zagreb likes the city garbage strewn, fire and broken glass free, just the way it is thank you very much.  (Refresher Here and Here)

It didn't make much difference for ticket sales anyway, fans waited for hours in frigid temperatures beforehand and all available tickets for the match at Maksimir Stadium were scooped up in just a few hours. ( It was even kind of funny, because they brought out Riot Police in Zagreb, just as a precaution in case things got out of hand from all the disappointed fans who couldn't get tickets. (For some football is like a religion). No incidents happened as expected, the bars and Croatia soccer jersey, flag and souvenir biz people are probably rubbing their hands in anticipation. If you haven't been to a soccer match at Maksimir Stadium in a couple of years, they've made a number of improvements and renovations to the historic stadium since 2011.  The new stadium is still on hold for the time being. Croatia currently share first place in their group with 10 points after 4 matches....

TRIATHLON comes to Zagreb

with the first race "TITANS - European Triathlon League" 9.6.2013.


Course maps:


On Wednesday February 27 th 2013., The Organizing Committee of the triathlon competition Titans European Triathlon League presented in the Green Gold Business Center in Zagreb the first edition of the race, "TITANS - European Triathlon League" which will on June 9th 2013 in the city of Zagreb gather around 1,500 participants from all over the world.

Krunoslav Borovec, president of Croatian Triathlon Federation, has opened the event with a presentation of a few introductory words about triathlon, its history and the challenges which participants have in the triathlon. "Rarely does a sport test human ability to the extent that the triathlon does", said Borovec. "In triathlon, athletes have to contend with the limits of their own abilities, the abilities of the competitors around them and all of the challenges that nature puts in front of them. Furthermore, all of that happens in a combination of three sports: swimming, cycling and running. Imagine having to swim 78 lengths of a 25 meter pool, ride half the length of an average “Tour de France” stage, and then, after all of that run a half marathon." That is the challenge that every TITANS-European Triathlon League race brings; and the first of the races will be held in Zagreb on June 9th, 2013. After the Zagreb race, other races in other European cities will follow where competitors can collect points in order to qualify for the final stage of the competition.

The competition itself was presented by Dejan Patrcevic, the most successful Croatian PRO triathlete and representative member of the Organizing Committee of the Titans Triathlon European League, adding that he is especially proud to become opportunity racing in the first year of the League of Titans in Zagreb. No triathlon competition has ever passed this route and we are especially proud to be able to show the best our Zagreb has to offer already in our first year of organizing the Titans League. We firmly believe this will be an experience to remember for every competitor, as well as for spectators.

Our intention was to enable competitors to experience the full diversity of this specific geographic position by participating in the race. This explains our choice of routes which include some of the most interesting localities in the city and the Zagreb County. The challenge starts with swimming the distance of 2 km at Jarun Sports Centre, where rowing trainings and regattas take place. High-quality water with mostly calm surface and simple orientation promise an extremely fast swimming lane. Upon getting out of water there is a transition area awaiting the competitors, not far away from sports expo facilities and other accompanying events.

There follows a fast, mostly straight cycling route along the flow of the river Sava and by passing a bridge the competitors reach a southern side where there are about to leave the city to the west. The cycling route goes slowly up hillsides and descends into a medieval town of Samobor and passes through its tourist centre. That done, the competitors are directed back towards the city of Zagreb and shall in the second, shortened circle, pass through the centre of the town of Sveta Nedjelja, from where they come back to the east to a triathlon park at Jarun. The overall distance is 90 km.

A running route starts at Jarun, following the flow of the river Sava, and goes along one of the most distinctive streets of Zagreb – Savska Street. In it there are numerous cultural sights. It is 21 km long and it will lead the competitors to the mere centre of the city. Already in our first year of organizing this event we expect to have many registered inhabitants of Zagreb, for many of whom this shall also be the first triathlon competition and we believe that they will be content with it. We have also thought both of those real, professional competitors and age-group triathletes as there is a rich reward fund and other material prices waiting to be collected.

Although until the start of the competition is remained more than 3 months, we have noticed a large number of applications, and attendance some of the biggest names in trathlon world like Faris Al Sultan, the winner of the most prestigious triathlon race, the Ironman World Championship Hawaii in 2005., and Natascha Badmann, the first European lady who won the Ironman Hawaii in 1998 and she is multiple World Ironman Champion (1998, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004, and 2005.). Patrcevic was asked what he expects out of the race as a competitor, and Patrcevic said: „I believe that there isn't competitor who has greater motivation than me try to win this race. I was in foreign countries a few times so close in becoming a champion, but I never made it. It's nice now at home try to be first in the city.“

Alongside the main event – triathlon race - there will be other events that usually accompany such happenings from June 5th – 9th 2013.

A Week of Healthy and Sporting Life - in collaboration with the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, and the Ministry of Health

International Sport Conference „Athlete of the Future“ - in collaboration with the Faculty of Kinesiology and its international office, a conference will be organized to gather the competitors and accompanying professionals.

Sports Fair - will be opened four days before the race so that competitors, participants, spectators and supporting team members will be able to attend.

Special Sponsor of the event - President of the Republic of Croatia, prof. dr. Ivo Josipovic

Partneres of the event: Ministry of Science, Education and Sport, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Tourism, The City of Zagreb, Croatian National Tourist Board, Zagreb Tourist Board, Croatian Triathlon Federation and Faculty of Kinesiology

Contact person for any additional informations:

Miss Marta Glavas -

We are happy to bring photo and other materials from rescent press conferenece...

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