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subota, 20. travnja 2013.

Bottle Travels 28 Years From Canada To Croatia

This news story has been all over the internet the last few days, most stories like this usually are.  I originally came across it a few days ago, and after reading how widespread and popular it is, I decided to do it afterall.  (I also spent some time in Nova Scotia when doing basic training in my military days)  My Broken Hearts Museum, Croatian Snow Swimmer/Norwegian Kickalicious, Imaginary Croatians and Lost Belgian driver posts also similarly went viral all over the internet as well.

Anyway, when you think about it, the route the bottle took is pretty amazing. Across the ocean for decades alone is pretty cool, but then through the Straits of Gibraltar, weaving through the Mediterranean and then zig-zagging up the Adriatic to the Croatian coastal town of Ploče.  Not being dashed against any rocks or anything, that's quite the trip.  (I decided to take this from the Daily Mail because they usually have really good pics for their stories)

I don't really understand the reasoning behind this story though. He lost her address and decided the message in a bottle would be the next best thing?  He had absolutely no clue where she lived?  She worked on one of the local fishing vessels/lobster boats?..''She never gave him her last name because they only just met and he thought he knew her?.....(maybe she actually took off to Toronto to make some quick bucks selling her ass in the stooge filled ghetto bars?

What do I make of this news piece?  Well, I'll tell ya....I think Mary pulled the wool over his eyes after a night of drinks, she eloped to Flin Flon with the bellhop from her hotel.  She told ol' Jonathan though that she was leaving the next week  to attend art school in Munich or similar. Yep, I'm pretty sure that's what happened based on the facts and similar stories on the internet. Seen it many times. (Jonathan is probably reading all about this story going viral, but is remaining silent, his stomach is churning, because she also duped him for 50 bucks saying she'd pay him back the next day)   If Jonathan by chance comes across this post, this is what you should do.  Mary doesn't even know about this bottle, so just make something up before you come forward to the press.  Tell people you had a torrid love affair over a weekend at least.  Do not, I repeat, Do not tell people about the 50 bucks she stiffed you for. The moral of the story or lesson learned?  (If there is any at all).....

A) If you're going to put a message in a bottle and throw it into the ocean, please include your last name too, It makes it much easier for everyone and makes for better articles and news clips. (Maybe also don't lend 50 bucks to someone who's last name you don't know and who you just met)

B)  Also, I guess...if you're in Nova Scotia and you're going to throw a bottle into the ocean with a message in it, then there's a pretty good chance of it showing up in Croatia.....I guess, anyway.....

'Mary you are a really great person. I said I would write. Jonathan': Poignant message in a bottle turns up 28 years later - and 5,000 miles away

  • Bottle believed to have travelled nearly 5,000 miles to reach Croatia
  • Would have been swept from Atlantic Ocean to Mediterranean Sea
  • Discovered by woman clearing up rubbish on beach



It's certainly a romantic gesture - putting a message in a bottle and throwing it into the sea in the hope it reaches its destination.

But perhaps it's not the most practical way of expressing yourself, as one bottle took 28 years to be discovered - nearly 5,000 miles away.

In 1985 a man called Jonathon penned the note 'Mary, you are really great person. I hope we can keep in correspondence. I said I would write. Your friend forever, Jonathon, Nova Scotia, 1985,' tucked it into a bottle, and threw it into the Atlantic ocean.

A man called Jonathon is believed to have thrown the bottle containing a sentimental note into the Atlantic

The bottle washed up in Ploce - almost 4,000 miles from where it believed to have been flung in the sea

Now, finally, it has been washed ashore and discovered in Croatia, almost 8,000 kilometres (4,971 miles) away.

The message, written in blue ink with a ball-point pen was still intact because it was plastic coated, and found by 23-year-old Croatian Matea Medak Rezic, Yahoo reported.

'The bottle was among the rubbish that winter rains have brought to the shore,' Rezic told AFP.

Ms Rezic, who found the sentimental note as she helped with a beach clean-up near the Adriatic port of Ploce, near Dubrovnik, is now appealing for the mystery pair to come forward. She has posted a picture of the note and bottle on Facebook, writing: 'Message in a Bottle! From Canada to the Neretva River estuary for 28 years!!' The Province reported.

The bottle was thrown into the ocean in Nova Scotia in 1985 and turned up in Croatia 28 years later

The message in a bottle took 28 years to be washed ashore - and now the finder is trying to reach the writer

Twitter users have speculated about the relationship between the couple, and how Jonathon could have expected it to reach Mary.

If the bottle was thrown from Nova Scotia, it could have travelled across the Atlantic and into the Mediterranean Sea.

To reach the Adriatic Sea, it is possible that it could have gone through the Strait of Gibralter.

It certainly took a lot longer than a romantic message-in-a-bottle from China, which took just six days to be washed ashore on a Scottish beach and discovered by a mother and daughter.

Last August Nicola MacFarlane, 41, and daughter Lucy, four, from Portobello, near Edinburgh, were scouring Portobello Beach when they came across an old glass bottle sticking out of the sand containing a note inside written in Mandarin.

While the letter bears the date in line with the lunar calendar - July 7, 2012 - it could have been sent off as recently as six days previously if it followed the modern calendar.

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I decided to throw this piece in as well.  I'm pretty sure one of these days these guys are going to go viral...or get a virus, whatever.

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