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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Croatian Fashion Project "Cro-a-Porter" Holds 14th Edition In Zagreb

I like doing these Croatian fashion related pieces once in a while. It distracts me from the crap that's on TV (9 out of 10 people prefer watching a fashion event over John Hagee I read somewhere).. on Sunday mornings around here, and I'm not particularly a fan of the coffee shop scene either. (I don't mind checking out some of the cool designs and artsy vids/photos. Have you taken a good look and whiff at your local Walmart or downtown lately?...Shivers)  It's also a good image of Croatia for tourists.  In a nutshell, Croatian fashion house/project Cro-a-Porter put on another fashion runway event recently in Zagreb at the Lauba Gallery. This time the popular fashion event was sponsored by Schwarzkopf and was a big success as usual.

Now, I don't have to like every single design, hairstyle, choice of music, make-up application or pair of shoes,  but I do like the creativity of quite a few of the designs. Sometimes they make some good promotional vids for the event, and from the event itself.  I also like seeing these babes with demeanor walking up and down the catwalk, you sit there watching and wondering what the next one is going to wear.  Will it be leather boots or maybe high heels?  (I'm hoping one day that I'll see one come walking into the Tim Hortons in the morning before my classes, tap me on the shoulder in line and ask me if I want to attend a fashion event with her later that night, all while she's sipping on her double-triple and wiping muffin crumbs from her top...She wants me to meet  her friends and try those new H'orderves that are all the rage in Europe. She says "Be sure to make next weekend free, we're flying down to Prague for the long weekend to see Katarina and try out her new jacuzzi and wine cellar...Claire is popping over from her art gallery opening in Montreal to make her homemade Ramequins of shrimp with truffles, Perhaps Alida might stop by on her way back to Budapest. Do you prefer roasted or sauteed shrimp? Don't' forget clean extra briefs and your swimsuit "...She then proceeds to ask the counter hostess for the key to the washroom) lol.

Joking aside, I just used Google translate for the article because I don't have the time to translate articles into perfect English  these days, maybe I'll come back some other time and edit it.  Much more info, images and vids at the links, including to some other Croatian fashion houses.....

(Also, just to reiterate, I like doing these and similar types of posts because for the most part English language text concerning Croatia on the internet revolves mainly around news, sports, tourism...stuff like that.  Items like this are usually just directed to Croatian readership, so hardly anyone else will even know about these kinds of events and happenings. (Various ethnic programs or channels on TV around here, especially on Sunday mornings, reporting on these and similar topics.  Even as I'm writing this, I have an Italian program on that's being transmitted from Little Italy in Toronto, I'm watching it for the football/soccer highlights. Throughout the day I can also tune in to local Chinese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Somali, Arabic, Farsi, Albanian, Philipino, Turkish, German, Macedonian, Ukrainian, you name it. I could watch Bollywood film trailers all day if I wanted to and that`s not even including the radio stations)  So I consider it my gift to mankind to let the world know what is really going in Croatia, what we're about, where it is, what they do there, etc and so on. Dispel any preconceived notions or just plain b.s. basically.  On that note,  grab a front row seat at the catwalk and enjoy the show)


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Schwarzkopf Cro A Porter will be held from 3 to 6 April, 2013 at the already iconic location Lauba gallery in Zagreb - a house for people and art

Image source:


The 21st season of the most long-living fashion project in Croatia this season will be held under the auspices of the mayor of Zagreb, Milan Bandic. In addition to leading and the well-known fashion names such as Linea Exclusive, locomotives, Teo P. for MAK, SONJA LAMUT, JET LAG, Arileo, Hippy, Born & FILS, Boris Pavlin's Matija, Juraj Zigman, MARY CVITANOVIĆ Zagreb audience will be four brand new design brand - fashion wardrobe winners Damir Begovic & Domagoj Stimac, winner of the Fashion Incubator TATJANA Pantos, fashion brand by VAIN AND IVAN BADANJAK Timy Šarec and MANUEL MALIGEC.

 Casting. Images:

As a curiosity within Schwarzkopf Cro A Porter will be held multimedia exhibition Fashion Studio Boudoir named "Immersive boudoir." It is a virtual art project in which this famous fashion designer duo has been working for four years. Through this exhibition, which is the first solo exhibition of studio Boudoir, you will experience a distinctive style and handwriting in two separate dimensions of creativity.

 Screenshot: CapTV

In four days of fashion events and lots of different fashion sensibilities will present the biggest names in the avant-garde scene XD XENIA DESIGN, MADAME DEMODE, Jelena Aleksic, TAMARA Bombardelli, Etna Maar SPIRIT BY TB DIORALOP, and various guests from the region and with the European fashion scene. From Berlin to us for the fourth time in Cro-A-Porter comes JOHN MANN, Slovenia MATEVŽ FAGANEL as his special guest will present a collection MARY PINJUH, designer fashion, which in its portfolio has cooperation with well-known brand Maison Martin Margiel. This rich repertoire of fashion once again be placed on the city of Zagreb, the European fashion destination folder.

Day 2 of  the event in Zagreb. More video footage at

Designers Close Up :: CRO-A-PORTER 2013

Schwarzkopf Cro-a-Porter / MAKING OF CAMPAIGNE 2013 ::OFFICIAL

Some footage from 2012, but I'm definitely liking a few of the pieces in this one.

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