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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Doctor Saves Football Club HNK Rijeka From 44 Yr Old Claiming To Be 28

I'm just quickly putting this amusing piece here filed under "Oddities", "Strange News", "Sports Hairstyles", "Strange Soccer Shennanigans",  something like that  ......whatever.  Anyway, it seems this claiming that you're younger than you really are is really nothing new with Nigerian footballers I found out. It''s all for the best probably though, without trying to sound like a fashionista which I'm not, I'm pretty sure his hair and ribbons would have clashed with the football jerseys and kit of HNK Rijeka  without a doubt. As a sidenote, it seems he's also gotten in some hot water even in his own country concerning some football school defrauding related news. (What's soccer school without a little defrauding hijinx?). The things people will say or do to get a football/soccer club contract signing these days I guess.

Besides, this would probably be just the tip of the ice-berg anyway. Next would be telling the ticket counter people at the theaters that he's really 12 years old just to get cheaper movie ticket prices, then probably at the restaurant telling the waiter that he left the money for the bill on the table before going to the washroom, "Honest I did, I just put it right there, somebody must have took it", then possibly even telling people that he was 65 just to get a cheaper seniors parking pass rate. Or at the downtown market... "Gospodin! Meeester, Ti nisi platio za moje grožđe"..."What?...You lying you bitch, those are my grapes, what are you talking about? I came to the market already with my own grapes in my own pocket, why would I need your grapes if I already got my own grapes in my pocket stupid! You think I don't know how to buy grapes?"...."Pa joj, nemoj meester, ja sam sama"... "Shut up lady! that guy over there took your grapes, now I'm late to the ballet because of your lying fat face! I outta pop a cap in your cracker ass bitch!."..."Pa joj, nemoj meester, ja sam sirota! Muž mi je umro i kčer je u bolnici več godina dana jer....sine!, gdje si?!......."..."You lyin' cabbage eater, what are you doin' at my stand anyway?, this is my vegetable stand and my grapes anyway, why the fuck would I steal my own grapes from my own fruit stand you crazy lyin' bitch.".... (A lot of people I've met say that's the way those types are, I've seen similar situations like that many, many, many times). Then of course telling everyone that he thought the 11 year old girl was 25. Then it would just be a matter of time before downtown Rijeka would look like a part of Rio or some Harlem street on a Saturday night or something, dancing and jumping around with with voodoo dolls, feathers, yellow thonged fat guys and all that. Can you imagine a freak like him walking around Rijeka, hanging around the downtown cafes, teaching the kids how to dance like some kind of electrocuted macaque all hopped up on some weird rainbow coloured candy that's sold by the ounce, shave and braid their hair with ribbons and then pimp them out to tourists, at the museums and art galleries? Puhleeez. Then it would be no time before the murder rate becomes the same as Nigerian murder rates, and other rates. The tourists by then would all have been creeped out and gone to Slovenia, Hungary or Italy then, because he probably would have brought in more of his people and then start a 'tween brothel somewhere. (I've seen it many times here, it's not like when a new Polish, German, Italian or Chinese store, barbershop or restaurant opens up in the area. If he or his people were to open up shop then you can kiss that neighbourhood bye and might as well start looking for somewhere else to live or move your business to, and keep a close eye on your kids when they go outside to play). It would have just been embarrassing for everyone involved,for him, for the team, for the market, especially the local Croatian and European fashion and music scene. I'm glad the keen doctor wasn't asleep on the job, because the last thing the Rijeka football team needs is a scandal, they're in the process of building a new stadium and surrounding area soon after all. You gotta think about the future.

He should actually try his luck in Canada though, they really don't care and take in just about anyone for any reason these days. (The Canadian government even gives money to Pro-Taliban jihad rappers, I kid you not, it's a crazy topsy-turvy vortex world and spinning piece of round dirt in space we eat our cake and drink our coffees on boys and girls. If you're a taliban supporter? no problem, come on in, here's a little Canada flag to wave for the picture-photos and pin to put on your shirt. You look just like a Canuck now eh and are officially a hoser. Have a great time at the terrorist supporting shindigs)  Anyway, I  did a previous post about HNK Rijeka's unusual yet cool Kantrida Stadium HERE in case you're interested, complete with my own personal pics included.  I'll be back with my usual stuff soon..........



Former Derby County and Plymouth player Taribo West has been accused of lying about his age.

The retired Nigerian defender who joined Serbian team Partizan Belgrade in 2002 after leaving Derby County told club bosses he was 28.

But now the former president of the Partizan Belgrade, Zarko Zecevic, has accused him of lying, saying the defender was actually 40.

"He joined us saying he was 28.

"We only later found out he was 40, but he was still playing good so I don’t regret having him on the team," Zecevic said.

But according to Croatian media, the former defender known for his colourful hairstyles also lied when trying to join Croatia’s Rijeka club.

At the age of 44, West told club doctors he was only 32.

It was only after an examination that the doctors raised suspicions with the club because West’s knees suggested he was older.

He wasn’t signed to the team but later joined Plymouth and later Iranian side Paykan FC where he ended his career at the age of 46 in 2008.

Today his wikipedia entry says he is 39.

After all, is this really the kind of customs and visuals you want your son or daughter to watch at soccer games or at the cafe or anywhere? Maybe you do, but I don't find it all that interesting or personally meaningful to me at all. 

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